5 Best Places to Visit on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast

I don’t know about you, but I’m daydreaming pretty hard right now about the perfect tropical vacation. sigh Sparkling turquoise waters, endless beaches surrounded by lush green jungles, fresh seafood and fruit that tastes like it was made in heaven…could life get any better? Table of Contents Show 1 Dreamy Desert Dunes & Epic Kitesurfing…

The Ultimate Guide to Paradise on Colombia's Caribbean Coast

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I don’t know about you, but I’m daydreaming pretty hard right now about the perfect tropical vacation. sigh Sparkling turquoise waters, endless beaches surrounded by lush green jungles, fresh seafood and fruit that tastes like it was made in heaven…could life get any better?

Well, my friend, it totally can – and I’ve got just the place! Colombia’s stunning Caribbean coast has it all. 😍 From totally chill vibes in bohemian beach towns to action-packed adventures discovering ancient civilizations, this area is just beginning to be your next travel destination. And no worries, there are plenty of affordable ways to experience paradise without breaking the bank. fist pump

So buckle up because I’m about to break down 5 wicked awesome spots that you simply MUST add to your Caribbean Colombia bucket list. Let’s gooooo!

Dreamy Desert Dunes & Epic Kitesurfing Await in Cabo de la Vela

Alright folks, our first stop is the spectacular semi-desert region of Cabo de la Vela. I’m talking miles of magical sand dunes, salty lagoons that look incredible at sunset, beaches surrounded by cacti instead of palm trees…and even flamingos if you’re lucky! flamingo emoji

This place is straight out of a dream, I kid you not. The landscapes here look like something from another planet. 🤩 And there are SO many super cool things to do:

  • Riding around the desert dunes on a buggy has got to be high on the list. That wind in your hair, the views for days…ahhh perfect!
  • If you’re a water baby who loves adventure (like me!), then you definitely need to try kitesurfing. The winds here are just right for catching insane air on the water. WOOT! 🏄‍♀️
  • Make sure to visit the indigenous Wayuu communities and learn about their culture. The handicrafts they make by hand are simply beautiful.
  • And you absolutely CANNOT miss watching the sunset here with a cocktail in hand. As the giant orange sun sinks below the desert, it looks kinda magical, ya know? Le sigh. 🍹☀️

Lodging in this magnificent desert dreamscape totally fits a backpacking budget too. You’ve got super artsy hostels made of seashells and driftwood, barebones campgrounds right on the beach (which I LOVE btw), or you can go total Robinson Crusoe by pitching a tent anywhere you want.

The only downside is that restaurants are few and far between here. But that gives you a chance to connect with locals and try fresh seafood like fish and lobster cooked up by indigenous chefs. YUM!! 🦞🐟

Alright amigos, ready to have your mind blown by this Narnia-looking snow-white desert? Then pack your bags…Cabo de la Vela is waiting for you!

Lose Yourself in Paradise at Tayrona National Park

Suppose your ideal vacation involves jungle treks, swinging in hammocks on secluded beaches, and spotting monkeys in the wild. In that case, Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona is about to be your new happy place! 🐒🌴

This legendary national park packs a punch when it comes to jaw-dropping scenery. We’re talking lush green rainforests straight out of the Lion King, golden sandy bays with crazy blue waters perfect for snorkeling, and misty mountains towering above it all. cue singing angels 🏝

An overnight here literally feels like you’ve discovered paradise. I’m telling ya, once you make it to those hidden beaches after an awesome hike through the jungle, you won’t EVER want to leave!

And while Tayrona totally looks like something from the Garden of Eden, it somehow gets even better because:

  • You can set up a hammock to relax in between palm trees while eating fresh tropical fruit that tastes ah-mazing.
  • If you time it perfectly, you might get to see sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach at night!! How cool is that? 🐢
  • There are awesome eco-friendly places to stay inside the park, like hammocks with mosquito nets or private cabañas. And I don’t know about you, but I’d pick camping on the sand over a stuffy hotel any day!

The only tough part is choosing which slice of paradise you want as your homebase because there are so many perfect bays and beaches. But hey, that just means you gotta stay longer right? 😉🚨 Pro Travel Tip – Reserve your Tayrona camp spot WAY ahead of time because they sell out fast.

Alright amigos, I can picture it now…you unwinding in a hammock, smoothie in hand, not a care in the world. The beaches of Tayrona are calling your name!

Catch a Wave & Watch the Sunset in Chill Palomino

Sometimes you just gotta get away from it all and PALOMINO is the ultimate spot to chilllllll. We’re talking suuuuper laid-back vibes here folks. takes deep breath in and exhales Ahhhh.


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This used-to-be hidden gem has blown up with backpackers and surfers looking to catch a wave, ride horses on the beach at sunset, or splurge on epic seafood dinners after a day of adventuring.

And while Palomino is tiny, that little beach town makes up for it with gorgeous scenery. Seriously, the sunsets over the ocean here look like a dream! All those pink and purple pastel colors reflecting off the water is enough to make your heart skip a beat. 💖

So what awesome stuff can you get up to here? Welllll….

  • If you’ve always wanted to try surfing, Palomino is perfecto for beginners! The Caribbean waves here are super smooth and there’s plenty of surf schools with boards for hire. Cowabunga dudes! 🏄‍♂️
  • Tubing down the river through the jungle is another classic activity that will tickle your adventurous spirit. Just beware of getting a wicked sunburn! 😎
  • Galloping down the beach at sunset on horseback is 100% a must-do. With a cocktail in hand watching that giant fireball dip into the ocean? Uhhh YES PLEASE! 🐎🍹
  • And if you’re a total foodie like me, you absolutely have to try the catch of the day here – whether it’s red snapper or maybe some shrimp, they grill it up fresh and serve it with coconut rice and wowzers…I can almost taste it now! 🦐😋

As for places to crash while livin’ that Palomino dream, there are a buncha funky eco-hostels and guesthouses with vibrant paint colors and lush courtyards hiding behind those secret garden gates. We’re talkin’ less than $10 USD if you just need a hammock or dorm bed! Can you say budget win? 🙌

Whelp, I’m already craving a beach cabana drink topped with fruit and little umbrellas! How about you? Palomino is calling our names, my friend!

Quest to Ciudad Perdida for an Epic Ancient Ruins Adventure

Alright Indiana Jones wannabes and adventurous spirits…rubs hands together in excitement This next spot needs no introduction! I’m talking only about the most legendary LOST CITY in Colombia. 😱*cue dramatic music*😱

Deep in the steamy jungles of the Sierra Nevada mountains lies Ciudad Perdida, an insane 800-year old archaeological site packed with mossy stone temples and staircases left behind by the Tayrona indigenous people.

Back in the 70s this place was hidden for centuries before it was uncovered and deemed the Machu Picchu of Colombia. How mysterious is THAT?! And now (lucky for us thrill seekers!), you can trek through the rainforest for 4 epic days until you discover these mystical ruins for yourself. 🥳

Let me tell ya…when you first lay eyes on Ciudad Perdida after that tough hike, it’s an Indiana Jones dream come true!

This adventure has got it all:

  • River crossings over rickety bridges 😱
  • So many waterfalls to swim underneath 💦
  • Camping with new friends every night 🌄
  • Passing through tiny local villages 🏡
  • Spectacular views of the Sierra Mountains 🗻

Plus there’s just something so special about spotting those towering jungle temples and lost staircases reclaimed by the rainforest after all those years. It’s seriously goosebumps-inducing when you think about the history!

And I know what you might be thinking…an epic 4 day trek sounds expensive. But guess what? It’s actually pretty dang affordable thanks to all costs (tents, food, guides etc) being included in one package. Sign me up babyyy! 🙋‍♀️

Adventurers who are down to get their Indiana Jones on – fly to Santa Marta Colombia and let the Lost City work its ancient magic! This is one for the bucket list, trust me folks. 🏆

Soak Up 500 Years of History in the Colonial Town of Mompox

Alright history buffs and fans of perfectly preserved colonial architecture – all those colorful buildings and ancient churches are calling your name in * sing song voice* Mompox!

Nestled alongside the muddy Magdalena River, this little town legit looks like it came straight out of the 1700s. In fact, tons of Colombian ancestry can be traced back here!

So what’s the big deal with Mompox you ask?

Well amigo, UNESCO gave this place special props for being one of the best surviving colonial towns in all of South America! 🏆 We’re talking cobblestone streets lined with churches older than your abuelita, beautiful plazas shaded by mango trees, kids playing barefoot in the streets…it’s all just dripping with nostalgia!

And while there may not be blow-your-mind beaches or nightlife here, Mompox still totally dazzles thanks to its colorful history:

  • All the churches here are still active so you can wander inside to see some gorgeous baroque altars and architecture details from centuries ago! ⛪
  • If you visit during Semana Santa (Holy Week), the elaborate religious parades and celebrations transport you back in time.
  • The food here also slaps, especially the freshwater seafood stew that locals swear cures all health ailments! 😋
  • And if you stay at one of the vintage posadas or converted mansions, you’ll feel like Colombian royalty lounging on all that antique furniture. 💺

The only catch is…you gotta take a long *ss bus ride to get here since Mompox is isolated between branches of the Magdalena. But hey, that just means fewer tourists right? 😎

Alright history buffs, all those perfectly preserved colorful colonial buildings awash in nostalgia await! Who’s down for a slice of history in Mompox? 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

Let Your Spirit Soar on the Caribbean Coast 🦜

As you can see folks, Colombia’s sensational Caribbean coastline has something for every type of traveler under the sun. We’re talking exotic desert landscapes ripe for adventure, national parks overflowing with jungle magic, laid-back surf towns, ancient civilizations shrouded in mystery…and so much more paradise just waiting to be uncovered! ✨

So what are ya waiting for amigo? Let your spirit soar and come soak up those crispy ocean breezes, neon sunsets, fresh flavors, new friendships, and good times that this wildly diverse coastline has to offer! This perfect mix of affordability and boundless natural beauty makes Colombia’s Caribbean one of the hottest up-and-coming destinations that needs to be on your bucket list ASAP.

No matter which little slice of coastal paradise you choose for your next adventure here, one thing’s for sure…you’ll leave with lifelong memories that will forever have your heart yearning for Caribbean Colombia’s magical buzz!

So pack those bags and get ready my friend. Paradise awaits on Colombia’s sensational Caribbean coastline! ✌️🌊☀️

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