Bora Bora – Unique Environment

Tahiti Surf | Tahiti, Surfing, Island

Today’s tourist is better informed & more discerning about travel destinations than any generation before. As more & more people travel, the quality of the environment has become a primary concern. Today’s tourist is more sensitive to polluted or environmentally degraded conditions than ever before. Such destinations have seen their tourist numbers evaporate. In the long …

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Surfing Bora Bora

French Polynesia: Tahiti, Moorea And Bora Bora

You must be able to surf in paradise …………….. Well, Bora Bora has got you covered! OVERVIEW An enjoyable outing especially for the surf nut; Check the huge lemon sharks ‘out the back, below you’ when surfing Teanvanui Pass; A ‘left’ but the chance of a ‘right’ in the ‘blowy’ season. During Captain Cook’s 3rd …

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Best Island Hike on Bora Bora


Hike on Bora Bora Amazing Experience: In my Raid Anei Report, I eluded to the logic behind climbing along the ridgeline from Matira to Mt Otemanu – specifically that as Bora Bora is the world’s most beautiful lagoon then could it be that to walk along the ridgeline overlooking these waters could be the world’s …

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