Things To Do In Minnesota In Autumn – Fall Activities In MN

Fall Activities In MN (Minnesota), a place full of the picturesque, vast wilderness that begs to be discovered. Suppose you are not a resident but believe that the wild’s call, it is a fantastic opportunity to get lost in some of the many dense forests, rolling hills, and beautiful lakes. In My opinion Minnesota, natural…

Fall Activities In MN

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Fall Activities In MN (Minnesota), a place full of the picturesque, vast wilderness that begs to be discovered. Suppose you are not a resident but believe that the wild’s call, it is a fantastic opportunity to get lost in some of the many dense forests, rolling hills, and beautiful lakes.
In My opinion Minnesota, natural beauty is at its best during fall, when the orange and yellow colors paint the entire landscape in a brand new light. Throughout the autumn, there are many unique festivals and events around Minnesota, and there’s never a shortage of things to see and do.

Here are some of our picks for the most amazing fall activities in MN you can try out:

Fall Activities in MN Apple Picking

There is excellent news if you love apple picking; the fall season for it is nowhere. Orchards in Minnesota are bursting at the seams with apple trees waiting for their pickers to take them home. Some orchards even have an abundance of apple cider right at hand, as people gather around to sample the local fall harvest. Many orchards will have a variety of apples on display for visitors to choose from and taste. If you do not live in or near a city, you can drive to one or two local markets to get some fresh apples. A simple trip to your local grocery store will produce plenty to go around, too. Many fruit vendors are selling all kinds of apples for pickings, but the real fun comes from going on apple picking trips in your area.
You may choose to go apple picking with your children and see how much fun they have. While it may be hard to convince them to stay home with you and their bags of apples, you will find that it is more of a bonding time for the whole family. If you have younger kids, let them help you pick. This can be a lot of fun, and they will learn how to work with others when they return home. You can also make some great family recipes from the apples that you picked. This is especially true if you buy locally grown apples since many of the orchards are close to farms.
Some people enjoy apple picking as much as the people who get to eat the apples. Some apple picking trips are so successful that they become a second full-time income. For example, some of the owners of several orchard-owned fruits and apple cider vendors will give away free apple picks to their customers. If you are interested in getting involved in this business, contact some of the farmers who own or operate farms. Or, you can join up with a local farmer association or apple-growing club. Most apple orchard owners will give you a great deal for giving them your business by talking with them about the best times to pick apples in your area. This will allow you to avoid the most stressful year when the weather is incredibly hot or cold.

Apples Are a really straightforward but distinctively beloved cure in Minnesota. There are many orchards where you could participate in apple picking and sample the fruit. Multiple festivals throughout the autumn attract many clients throughout the country. It is sometimes a lovely diversion a whole family can take part in.
If you are a tourist who is still Exploring Minessota, you can start in the Aamodt’s Apple Farm. These tours can be surprisingly elaborate for newcomers. They supply packages for school and church groups at a discount, have apple bakeries with apple-based treats along with other merchandise. Some even include hot air balloon rides around the premises!
Another option is the Afton Apple Orchard that also develops blueberries, cherries, and raspberries. This is an ideal one to bring your children for as they have a great playground and a petting farm.

Apple Picking
Apple Picking In MN (Minnesota)

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins Are just another local popular in Minnesota. You can explore different pumpkin patches as a part of the autumn fall ritual. The best patches stand out with the healthiest, plump pumpkins. This tendency kicks off annually, especially during Halloween, when pumpkins become a valuable commodity.
One of those pumpkin patches we can recommend is Very similar to apple orchards. These farms also offer other activities and snacks for you to grab. There are pony rides for children, hayrides, pumpkin bowling, and others. It is also possible to buy other vegetables here since the selection is not limited only to pumpkins.

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch in MN

Amazing Museums

Minnesota Is full of beautiful museums that should unquestionably be part of your path. The country’s rich rural culture gave birth to many regional curiosities, which means there is never a lack of material for exhibitions. There are several committed to Minnesota’s history in St. Paul, which means you can track the development through the years.
There is a lot to discover. Here, like the Native Americans’ history, the Rondo Community, or the earliest industry forms. The museum is known around the world for contemporary art pieces that attract substantial audiences to Minnesota annually. The displays are dynamic and change around often, so next time you visit, it might be an entirely different experience.
Another They make it very easy to love the beauty of Russia in the continent away.


Enjoy a Nice Drive and the Autumn Leaves

Minnesota Is arguably at its most beautiful in autumn. The diverse landscapes and terrain shine during this time of year and highlight the nation’s natural beauty. There’s also no lack of drives to choose from and a good deal of variety between them.
The Iron Range Loop goes around Minnesota’s most significant bridge and provides a backdrop of dense forests and a clean atmosphere. You can also research the Soudan Underground Mine on foot should you take a break on this drive. Then, the Oberg Mountain loop coils around hills and slopes with many smaller hiking paths.
There are many different avenues across Minnesota, all of which can be at their best fall activities in mn.

Nice Drive and the Autumn Leaves
Nice Drive and the Autumn Leaves

Live Music – Dakota Jazz Club

The club is also a restaurant, and their food is almost as famous as the club’s fantastic music.
You Can catch some big names like Ahmed Jamal, McCoy Tyner, or Ramsey Lewis in there. The club is situated in downtown Minneapolis, and it was opened in 1985. It’s been a favorite for jazz fans and musicians throughout the country ever since.

Craft Beer Tasting

The beer connoisseurs one of that find their way to Minnesota, make sure you check out the long-standing Craft Beer Festival. Beer as a drink has a historical tradition dating back thousands of years to the past. It was always a drink of choice for audiences and social gatherings, which remains true even now.
Many festivals are dedicated to this world-famous drink, and there you can indulge in beer tasting, interacting, and experiencing what the community has to offer you. It usually takes place in the Minneapolis Convention Center and hosts more than a hundred breweries. It’s not uncommon to find over 500 types of beer at these events.
There are few better chances to satisfy new people knowing there is at least something you’ve got in common.

Watch a Vikings Football Game

Minnesota Vikings will be the national sports team based in Minneapolis and so are well-beloved throughout the country. If you find yourself there, try to grab one of the games to witness the passionate crowds that frequently attend these events. This is essential for all lovers of soccer as the Vikings are a favorite team outside Minnesota.
There is also the Vikings. The museum preserves its long-standing tradition and is extremely popular with the fans, and if you are not a fan yet, it just may be enough to convert you!

Vikings Football Game
Vikings Football Game

Boom Island Park

Boom Island Park is a beautiful piece of character in the center of Minneapolis.
It casts a view about the downtown city area and the riverside with new air immediately noticeable upon birth.
The park includes many picnic areas to accommodate whole families, together with walking trails and bathroom facilities.
The playground is also an excellent alternative for riding a bicycle. There are multiple set paths for biking, where you’re still able to enjoy clean air in an urban atmosphere. Additionally, the 10th annual Minneapolis Bike Tour began and ended on the Boom Island, which affirms its value for all bike riders.
You Can also schedule birthdays around the island and receive a permit for half a day or a whole day. The prices are $125 and $250, respectively, and the place is popular with kids for all types of events.

Go Shopping!

Shopping Is an inevitable part of a journey, and can often be the most enjoyable one. Regardless of what you’re attempting to purchase, you can start your shopping trip in the Minneapolis / St. Paul region. There you may find various shops and boutiques, many possessed by local artists and designers.
If you intend to buy some unique Minnesota products and Souvenirs, or if you just like the support local talent, this would the place to get started. As the country is famed for its outside, the pine forests, and the lakes, most regional products adapt to the style.

Visit Local Markets

Minnesota Has a lot of fresh produce you can purchase in any local sector. The Farmers’ market in St. Paul is one such place, and there you can find secure and fresh local produce. These markets attempt to unite the locally grown food with the neighboring communities, all sold under the same umbrella.

Local Markets Minnesota
Local Markets Minnesota

Visit Minnehaha Falls

If You still crave a few organic beauty after your trip to Boom Island Park, Minnehaha Falls are an excellent option. It shares a similar setting and is one of the most magnificent urban waterfalls in the whole of the U.S. The best way to appreciate the area is to take a walking tour that will take you through the notable landmarks.
Minnehaha The falls are excellent throughout the year, and they mainly shine through winter. After the waterfall stinks, it produces a sort of an ice cave and reflects the rainbow-like colors inside. It is, in fact, a magical sight.
Another milestone you’ll notice is that the Home of John Stevens. He was the first non-Native settler to arrive in Minnesota, and consequently, his house is first authorized one in the whole land. There’s also the Minnehaha Garden, which provides a fantastic view of the waterfall itself.


Tours & Things to do hand-picked by our insiders


Taylors Falls Hiking in Interstate Park

Taylor Falls is just a brief drive away from Minneapolis, and it’s a paradise for all hikers and nature-lovers. The drops are part of the Interstate Park, which is partly located in Wisconsin too.
They have the So-called nature guards, who can help point you in the ideal direction to begin your hiking trip. Be sure to consult together as you will find are a couple of potholes you’re able to walk into if you’re not cautious. There’s a lot to explore this, and all of the trails are comparatively tame to walk through. Therefore it’s not too demanding.
You can climb the Rock faces with the provided equipment, cool off in the water slides, or participate in Free Falls and other water activities at the Wild Mountain Waterpark. To get a more relaxed quest, take a boat tour around the park with an accommodating captain for a guide.

Food Truck Festival

One Of Minnesota’s famous regional attractions is your food truck festival that occurs at St. Paul. As its name implies, this is among the most savory events you may attend. Acceptable hours begin at noon and shut down around 10 pm in the day. You’ll find the chance to sample different delicacies and flavors from a vast range of cuisines on offer throughout this time.
Besides the food, there also serve the British. Live music complements every whole occasion and adds to the air. Parts of the gain from these types of events usually go to charity via specific items or tickets you can buy.

Fall Festivals in Minnesota

Minnesota Has a plethora of festivals throughout autumn, all of which are sprawling social events that offer everybody something. The majority of them are family-oriented, and all are welcoming tourists from around the world. Therefore, don’t be afraid to attend any of these even if you are not a part of the community!

fun activities in mn
Fun activities in mn

Twin Cities Harvest Festival & Maze

This Festival provides the definitive fall experience in Minnesota. It observes everything that the state is already known for. It’s an excellent pick for a festival if you consider bringing your kids, as there are numerous actions they can appreciate. Matters like the corn maze, animal petting zoos, hayrides, giant slides into a corn pit are all children’s favorites.
There are live music and plenty of food and drink to go around. The Festival celebrates Minnesota in its best and highlights the authentic life. As its name suggests, it is celebrated in Minneapolis and St. Paul and goes on from September 21 through to October 27.


Another Festival that shines in Minnesota is Oktoberfest. It goes on for two weekends at the beginning of October, and it is celebrated throughout the country. It is a centuries-old festival which began in Munich, Germany, in 1810, and is still treasured today.
The main places that Oktoberfest in Minnesota often rank as the best in the country are worthy of your time. Various brands listen to, goods to buy, and many food and beverage to sample.

Oktoberfest fall activities in mn
Oktoberfest fall activities in mn


Halloween Needs no interruptions since it’s possibly the most favorite holiday in the whole world. It is best-experienced right in Minnesota, as the country’s entire aesthetic is a perfect fit for Halloween. Pumpkins, orchards, expansive woods, and areas all go hand in hand with the holiday spirit.
It officially starts on October 31, and actions begin around late night. You will start to see zombies, ghosts, mummies, and other ghoulish costumes pop up along with their cure baskets throughout that time. Halloween is famous both for kids and adults, as it allows them to relive childhood memories.
It’s possible to celebrate Halloween via a plethora of activities they provide. There is the Scream Town with its terrifying attractions, Wabasha Street Cave Tours, the Jack-O-Lantern Dramatic in a Zoo, the Haunted Basement cinema experience, and lots of more.

best pumpkin patch in mn
Halloween in Minnesota

Watch a Traditional Horror Movie

If You’re already celebrating Halloween at some of the festivals, you can take the opportunity to stop by some of Minnesota’s finest theatres and see some classic horror movies. It is the ideal time to immerse yourself in a terrifying atmosphere while costumed crowds drift outside. Some of the theaters we can recommend are The Parkway, Riverview, or the Uptown Theatre.

ValleySCARE: The Great Pumpkin Fest

Of all of the Festivals on this list, the Great Pumpkin Fest is your absolute best for children or anyone young at heart. There’s an infinite stream of activities, all with a different spin on Halloween. There are dancing shows with famous Halloween figures, Chateau Tours through haunted mazes with a friendly vampire guide, the Sinister Circus with costumed acrobatics, plus much more.
To participate in all actions, or a seasonal $90 gold move through Multiple smaller payments.

Autumn Woods Classic

Autumn Woods traditionally takes place every autumn and is a perfect case of a”fun for the entire family” kind of event. Everybody is welcome to join the marathon, both young beginners and experienced veterans. The whole affair has a light atmosphere where pleasure takes priority over competition.

The Race’s entrance fee is five at the lowest, and there’s not any prize money to further cement the casual tone of the Race. The very best thing about it’s that it takes place in the lovely Elm Creek Park Reserve near Minneapolis. The entire park excels during fall when orange leaves take over the picturesque scenery.

Fall on the Farm

This celebration intends to recreate older times back in 1900 when farmers held extended harvests to get ready for winter.

There Are all sorts of activities you may participate in, like pulling veggies from the gardens, pumpkin mask crafting, pressing cider, cooking on traditional wood stoves, and many more. Fall on the Farm occurs in the Eidem Homestead, and the cost is $6 with a reduction for kids.

This One is a slightly different spin on Halloween that is also suitable for the entire family. The festival occurs in Arbor Lakes in Minnesota and begins on the 29th of October late in the day. There’s everything you can imagine that is connected with Halloween.

Trick You can attend a costume competition that ought to provide you the incentive to get the funniest one at the festival. Additionally, there are non-profit organizations such as C.R.O.S.S, where you can donate long-lasting food items for families in need.

Banff Film Festival

For Film fans, there is the Banff Film Festival World Tour every November. The tour visits Minneapolis and continues for two weeks, with movies starting at 7:30 pm.

It’s open to everybody, including children elderly than seven-years-old, and also the tickets go for $15. Not all movies are appropriate for ages; however, So be sure to check ahead which ones you should attend.

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