11 Best Florida State Parks Perfect for an RV Trip

Best Florida state parks such as RV camping ultimate list. If you love nature and finding new areas, you’re likely to love this list. Table of Contents Show 1 1. Coastline RV Resort 2 2. Best Florida State Parks Flamingo Campground 3 3. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground 4 4. Pelican’s Landing Resort 5…

Best Florida State Parks For RV Camping

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Best Florida state parks such as RV camping ultimate list. If you love nature and finding new areas, you’re likely to love this list.

Never attempted RV camping ahead? It is the time! This is why:

Freedom! If you decide you need a rest from civilization, it’s time to go biking. An RV is your best ally. When you plan out your path, the only thing stopping you from exploring all the natural beauty around you is a little bit of gas.

This is why RVs are a prized Benefits for so a lot of men and women. Rather than needing to book flights or tours, you can push and bring your entire family along. The advantage they provide alone makes an effort worthwhile. In the US, there are a ton of camping opportunities throughout the nation. It is possible to either select a state or create a country-wide trip, seeing as many places as possible.

If you’re still unsure about where to begin Your RV camping trip, we heartily recommend Florida! As a state, Florida is famous for its beaches and tropical landscapes, but it also has some of the most beautiful camping spots in the whole nation. State parks are usually the go-to places for camping and picnics, and here we’ll examine the most spectacular parks for RV camping you’ll be able to see in Florida.

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Here are the list of Florida state parks we find best:

Coastline RV Resort
Coastline RV Resort

1. Coastline RV Resort

Beginning in East point, Florida, Coastline RV Resort Is a great five-star park with all of it. It offers a rural setting but gives a luxurious atmosphere. It’s ideal for families and anyone looking to relax and soak in the gorgeous shore views.

The Hotel is on the Apalachicola Bay coast and has a direct view of St. George Island, the Dog Island, and bigger neighboring islands. All camping spots have been positioned in a way to permit easy accessibility and also the best view possible. It is also equipped with advanced facilities and has plenty of space during busy seasons. The Park promises to offer “good old Southern hospitality,” and deliver entirely on such a promise.

For RV camping, this Resort is among the best you can find. There is a fitness center to recoup from a long drive and a well-stocked kitchen that serves delicious meals every day. You can stay the night.

The primary selling point But is relaxation. You can enjoy the beautiful views from rocking chairs on the local patios and feel right at home. Additionally, there are opportunities for a history tour around nearby towns.

Coastline RV Resort has approximately 30 RV sites, and rental prices range from $39 to get a daily remain or up to $599 for a monthly visit.

Flamingo Campground
Flamingo Campground

2. Best Florida State Parks Flamingo Campground

The area is famous for its trendy bay winds, which are more than welcome during the warmer seasons. It’s 234 driving areas, 55 of which have a close view of the Florida Bay. Flamingo Campground is at the southern Everglades and is mostly composed of vast, open fields.

This Park is among the best options in Florida for hikers and nature buffs in general. There is a variety of paths for hiking and jogging, and spots for saltwater fishing. The camping grounds have showers and give rentals for canoes and kayaks.


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There Are over 300 species of birds you can see in Everglades National Park. Aside from being a bird-watcher paradise, it’s also abundant in other types of wildlife. There are crocodiles and manatees from the sea area, where you could rent a ship to further explore the area.

You Can make bookings starting from $20 per night for those places without electric hookups. There are full RV hookups, together with both 30 and 50 amp plugs, but there’s no Wi-Fi or mobile coverage.


Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground
Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground Source: https://imgur.com/a/ZLQ8UXq

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3. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Disney Parks are among the most popular tourist attractions in Florida. They strive to recreate the magic outdoors found in typical Disney films, and they did it always hit the mark. There are deer, ducks, and rabbits everywhere, using cypress forests so far as the eye can see.

Its many walking paths may interest even those who aren’t fans of hiking. Disney’s Fort Wilderness includes a “something for everybody” sorts of approach. Aside from the hiking trails, there are also pools with waterslides, golf carts, and even a ton of other activities like horses, horse riding, canoeing, and lots more. You can cover the entire park area at a golf cart with up to 4 people or unwind at the fort-themed water park when you are done researching.

Concerning RV camping, the Park has nearly everything you can wish for. Four types of campsites can accommodate up to ten guests per site. All of these offer privacy, full RV hookups with electricity, water, and cable tv. Most camping areas are pet-friendly, together with primary conditions like having to maintain your pet on a leash.

There’s even a special Most of the Park has Wi-Fi protection and reliable call reception. For RVs, there are both 30 and 50 amp plugs to make the most of your vehicle.

Pelican’s Landing Resort
Pelican’s Landing Resort

4. Pelican’s Landing Resort

Pelican’s Landing Is just another 5-star resort perfect for RV Campgrounds. The Park is surrounded in a dense forest of pine trees, most of which are more than a 100-years-old. The woods make way for the camping hotel, which is nestled on the Indian River Lagoon. There’s a panoramic picture of stumbling into an oasis of this Pelican’s Landing after leaving the woods, that’s worth the trip.

And it is a perfect option for RV camping for all the water lovers of you. Its location at the edge of a lagoon brings itself to various watersports in addition to sailing and fishing. You can grab some incredible sunsets and sunrises over there, and in these moments, the playground can seem like a paradise.

A wide variety of local birds may serve as your private alarm clock each morning. In case you decide to wake up early, you can grab some stunning websites which prove irresistible for all of the photographers who come to see. Some campsites have their docks, so try to get to book among those to possess the lagoon as your backyard.

As for Conveniences, all RV sites are landscaped, include 30 and 50 amp services, and have full hookups. There are also patios, picnic tables, hammocks, and charcoal grills available. Pets are also permitted but not near the showers, and there is both Wi-Fi and mobile reception.

Oleta River State Park
Oleta River State Park

5. Oleta River State Park

Oleta River Park near Sunny Isles Beach is regarded as the most significant urban Park in Florida. It’s popular because of the miles of mountain biking trails and its kayak and canoe rentals. Just 30-minutes away from downtime Miami, the playground is a natural oasis of subtropical forests. It is the perfect escape if you crave Character in city limits.

You will find meandering nature trails, a swimming area, and a fishing pier. The Park can easily accommodate a complete family with ample opportunities for everyone. If you’re planning a family picnic, you can choose one of many scenic places along the Biscayne Bay. The bay region has a feeling of tranquility that’s hard to find in an urban environment.

The Park includes 14 small Cabins with covered porches and picnic tables, each armed with double beds and ac. Cabins don’t have kitchens or bathrooms, but baths with hot showers and picnic pavilions with grills next door.

There are three sewer camps In Oleta that may accommodate up to 30 campers each. They’ve campfires, tables, toilets, and cold showers. RVs can not be parked at the cottage area, unfortunately, and have a separate parking lot. Cabin rental starts from $55 per night, and you may reserve them up to eleven months beforehand.

Florida Caverns State Park
Florida Caverns State Park

6. Florida Caverns State Park

Something just a little bit more unique, there’s the Florida Caverns State Park. This is only one of those few parks acceptable for RV camping, where you can explore cave systems in all their atmospheric beauty. There are special tours that can familiarize you with their inner structure and every nook and cranny. You’ll be seeing limestone stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and all similar rock formations.

The camp also includes a ton of other activities you can take part in. There are bike and golf classes, geo-seeking swimming pools, and paddling to prevent you from ever becoming bored.

Florida Caverns State Park was struck by Hurricane Michael back in 2018, and many of its centers were damaged. Ever since that time, the reconstruction effort has been in place with maximum efficiency, and now, almost everything is restored to its initial beauty.

The Cave network includes a brand new state-of-the-art LED system that illuminates them flawlessly without damaging the ecosystem. Flashlights are no longer necessary inside the caves, and you can explore easily without any distractions.

Guided tours are available throughout the year, but Be sure to arrive early as the tickets sell out fast. Groups of up to 20 people may head inside, and the prices are $10 per person for adults with discounts for children.

The playground has 35 RV sites with full Hookups, back-in, pull-through websites, and 30/50 amp plugs. Daily rates start from $20, so the Park is on the affordable side, despite the top-notch services.

Anastasia State Park
Anastasia State Park

7. Anastasia State Park

This Location is in the near vicinity of downtown St. Augustine and contains a solid exotic feeling. You’ll only be a few 3 kilometers from the oldest town in the whole US! That is not to say that the Park requires any introductions.

Lush, lush foliage surrounds the camping Grounds, providing privacy in addition to color during warmer hours. There’s several wildlife to be found inside the Park’s limits, such as many birds species. For all avid bird-watchers considering RV camping, this one is a safe wager.

There Are many bicycle riding nature trails and the beach, which is within walking distance in the Park. It is also possible to find some excellent restaurants in the area, such as Osprey Tacos or even the Old Coast Ales, if you’re following drinks. If it comes to local attractions, there’s the St. Augustine Lighthouse, the Alligator Farm, Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, and many others all nearby and generally full of tourists.

The Rental prices move from $28 per day, and you could also reserve a weekly or a monthly remain, but the costs can fluctuate. There are 139 parking websites with complete amenities for RV camping, including hookups, 30/50 amp plugs, and back-in websites.

Lake Magic RV Resort
Lake Magic RV Resort

8. Lake Magic RV Resort

Lake Magic park Is situated on Lake Davenport. Also, it’s very close to the Walt Disney World Resort. Additionally, it can be a fantastic anchor point if you anticipate vising the Disney Resort or the surrounding region.

The Resort itself is also rather beautiful and offers a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere for its visitors. For RV camping, there’s everything you can hope for in a park.

Complete hookups using the standard 30 and 50 amp plugs providing power, water, and sewage disposal. You can get cable TV directly in your vehicle, and they support each of the RV sites. The Park includes as many as 471 parking websites, all equipped with showers, showers, Wi-Fi, and mobile reception.

You can stay in the Lake Magic RV Resort for more than a year if you want. They deliver on the “home away from home” atmosphere they market. Daily rental rates are $38, whereas a monthly remain will cost you approximately $613.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

9. Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

This Park was named after its quartz dunes that resemble ship sails as they rise over its white beaches. You will find freshwater dune lakes, aquatic wildlife, and old pine forests, all existing in unison.

The Contrast of sandy scrubland, wetlands, and the deserts paints a unique and impressive sight. It led to the increase of the almost alien-looking pitcher plants or rare animal species like the Choctawhatchee beach mouse. The Park may be a real hiking paradise because the scenery is indeed memorable and spectacular.

The Charms of white sandy beaches and the turquoise water will probably be apparent as soon as you arrive. The playground is pretty close to Santa Rosa Beach, and there’s a tram service that may take you directly there. You should also definitely check the Seaside area.

The campsite rent is $42 before taxation, while the tents go for $24, so it’s firmly on the other hand but well worth the price.


Lion Country Safari KOA
Lion Country Safari KOA

10. Lion Country Safari KOA

The Lian Country Safari Park is a thing to behold. As its title states, it is essentially a small safari right in the heart of Florida! Granted, it is more of a theme-park version of an African safari, but it is, without a doubt, the next best thing you may find. The camp is dispersed over 320 acres of preserved wilderness, so there is a great deal of ground to cover for any hiking or running lovers.

It is a stunning combination of a Drive-through wilderness preserve and an amusement park. You can hand-feed giraffes, check out the petting zoo or the creature theater and even observe a dinosaur exhibit. The actions are virtually endless, along with all the associations that a safari attracts. You will find riding carousels, golf courses, and an entire host of sports to perform like basketball, volleyball, shuffle boarding, and lots more.

The Park is a paradise for kids, and can easily make adults feel like children. If long to visit Africa, you might consider Lion Country Safari a type of a “trailer” of what to expect. The very best of all is the Park completely supports RV camping with all the necessary facilities and conveniences.

They offer full hookups, the 30/50 amp service, pools, Hot baths, and showers. The essential camping sites without hookups cost $9, whereas the wholly outfitted ones are $50 per night. Hookup campsites can house up to 6 people per site so that they support an enormous household. The Park has unlimited Wi-Fi and cell reception and churches, malls, and all contemporary facilities.


St. George Island State Park
St. George Island State Park

10. St. George Island State Park

Finally, We are going to have a peek at the beautiful St. George Island State Park. Being on an island has many benefits, such as absolute solitude, peace, and quiet. It’s probably the best choice of them all if your main aim is to lay back and enjoy the swaying waves.

The Island Park also has a slew of perks for the enthusiast of water sports and activities. It is the ideal Location for fishing, shelling, swimming, and stargazing, seeing how the night skies are clear over the island. It’s the camping ground of choice for beachgoers who love RV camping.

Swim around playfully. The waters of rich in saltwater fish, and additionally, there are hiking trails through pine woods. The forest has its mini-ecosystem with woodpeckers and an occasional bald eagle.

St. George Island State Park has complete RV camping support, just like all the parks we mentioned. They’ve pull-through and back-in sites, full hookups with showers, and permit pets around the island.

There Is cell reception but no Wi-Fi, unfortunately, although if you are looking for a break from urban life, that might be a massive bonus! The rental prices start at $24 to get a daily reservation, and there are 60 RV sites in total.

RV Camping Final Thoughts

It’s No secret that Florida is among the most popular destinations for RV camping fans, especially in the winter season. It’s simple to find parks in Florida that will fully accommodate RVs, and there’s everything from conventional retreats to luxury resorts that are private.

Every Day, more young couples and families are discovering this life and falling in love with it. It’s an incredible feeling to visit the road and start the vacation in your terms. Some folks are fully dedicated to this lifestyle and forever reside in their RVs, living the fantasy.

This might be the perfect time to consider these Alternative holidays, and some of these parks have offered you On the notion of RV camping at the Sunshine State.

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