How To Travel From Manila to Maldives – My Journey

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How To Travel From Manila to Maldives

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How To Travel From Manila to Maldives


Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a city on the island of Luzon. It is the most densely-populated city in the world, with more than 24 million residents within the city proper and more than 30 million in the metro area. Manila borders Manila Bay to the north and Laguna de Bay to the south. The Marikina River runs through Manila, with Mosquito Island in its mouth.

The Pasig River runs through the center of the city. When it comes to travel, Manila is a top destination for many people. This city is known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. It is also known for its active nightlife, with many different bars and restaurants to choose from.


The Maldives is known as the smallest Asian country, and the lowest one too! It is a collection of islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. It is like a paradise, and most of the tourist and local people agree with that.

If you are a local tourist, and you want to visit the Maldives, then it’s a very good idea to hire a local tour guide to help you enjoy your trip there.

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway that’s not too crowded and not too expensive, then you should consider heading to the Maldives. This collection of islands in the Indian Ocean is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and palm tree-lined shores.

How long is the flight from Manila to Maldives?

If you are flying from Manila to the Maldives, you will have to fly for about 14 hours. The trip from MNL to Malé International Airport takes, on average, 13 hours and 42 minutes. That will put you in the Maldives around 11:30 am local time.

Booking a trip to the Maldives from Manila will have you depart from Ninoy Aquino Intl, the city’s only airport. The distance between Manila’s downtown and Manila Ninoy Aquino Intl (MNL) is 10.9 kilometers.

There are about 171 Manila to Maldives flights every day and 1200 flights every week. The plane takes off from Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport and lands at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. This flight is operated by Philippine Airlines.

How much is the plane ticket from the Philippines to the Maldives?

The cheap flight from Manila to Male is $191. On average it cost 299$ for a one-way flight and the cheapest flight cost 141$. There are a number of factors to consider when determining the price of your Manila to Maldives plane ticket.

First, which airline do you fly to? Different airlines offer different amenities. Consider AirAsia, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, or Emirates when booking your flight. Flights from Manila Airport to Male Airport are also available on Saudia, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, and three other airlines.

You may also want to consider flying in a non-peak season since ticket fares are generally higher in peak travel periods.

These may include the summer, spring break, and major holidays. Finally, you should consider the number of stops you will have to make before you reach your final destination.

How to travel from Manila to Maldives

Within 72 hours of the flight time, all arriving and departing travelers via airports and seaports must complete the Traveler Declaration Form.

The cabin erupted with gleeful cries as the plane prepared for its final approach. Passengers who were lucky enough to get window seats effortlessly stretched their necks to see the view thousands of feet below.


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Meanwhile, I rolled my eyes in envy because from where I was sitting, the only view I had were the bobbing heads of two noisy ladies who sat beside me and blocked the small plexiglass frame.

It wasn’t until the aircraft tilted a few degrees on its side that my eyes widened in awe after getting a glimpse of what caused all the excitement.

Manila to Maldives
Manila to Maldives My Journey


Maldives is an island nation comprised of 1,192 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls, making it one of the world’s most dispersed countries.


Atolls are ring-shaped coral reefs that encircle a lagoon

Atolls are ring-shaped coral reefs that encircle a lagoon. In the Maldives, some of these atolls consist of islands and sand bars rising from the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Hulhumalé is a reclaimed island located next to the International Airport

Hulhumalé is a reclaimed island located next to the International Airport and was created for the housing and commercial development demands of Male.


We landed at Male International Airport half past noon and were instantly seared by the midday sun. Set on its own island, the airport is completely separated from the city capital whose high-rise buildings marquees past our windows during the aircraft’s descent.

Even though the airport interiors looked bland, once I found myself outside surrounded by an endless pool of aquamarine blue, happy expletives involuntarily escaped from my mouth. I have never said ‘putangina‘ with such a wide smile on my face.

outside Malé International Airport

For a moment, I forgot about how flamboyant people with invisible fairy wings like moi is considered illegal in this country for being… way too fabulous. But I was willing to put the flair in my fingers aside for five days in exchange of sun, sand, and sights of sexy European men in skimpy swim shorts.

I was stunned to see the pristine waters outside Malé International Airport. A view worth the 8 hours of travel time!

Malé International Airport water taxis

Since the airport is situated on a separate island, these water taxis will take you to the actual city of Male. Just be ready for a wet and bumpy ride!

When I read news about the Maldives slowly sinking into the Indian Ocean, I never imagined I could actually physically get there before the country’s expiration date. I had written it out of my bucket list because the place is just so high expensive for me.

Even if it doesn’t go under the sea, I figured I still won’t be able to afford it in my lifetime. But there I was, standing on one of its 1,192 islands, sweat trickling down my face and building up under my armpits due to the insane heat, but ecstatic for the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just luck of the draw, I guess!


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