31 Fun Things to Do in Indianapolis (Indiana)

Table of Contents Show 1 1. Monument Circle is the heart of Indianapolis 2 2. Indianapolis Museum of Art 3 3. White River State Park 4 4. Indianapolis Zoo 5 5. Lilly House and Gardens 6 6. Bad Axe Throwing 7 7. Duckpin Bowling 8 8. Tappers Arcade Bar 9 9. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum…

Things to Do in Indianapolis (Indiana)

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Things to Do in Indianapolis (Indiana)

Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana. It was founded in 1820 on an overgrown prairie and has grown into a bustling metropolis. Indianapolis is the 13th most populous city in the U.S. and ranks as one of the world’s largest cities by metropolitan area population.

If you are looking for things to do in Indianapolis, there is no shortage of things to keep you busy. Whether you want a family-friendly activity or one that will make your adrenaline pump, Indy has it all! From visiting the zoo and taking a tour of beautiful homes on Monument Circle, to exploring underground caverns and enjoying live music downtown – there is something for everyone.

The city is home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where a historic race called “the Indy 500” takes place each year. Other notable sporting events hosted by the city include basketball’s NCAA Final Four and soccer matches for international teams.

Indianapolis offers travelers many things to see and do like great museums or stay at a great hotel downtown with kids, stroll through White River State Park downtown, explore zoo or go shopping in Circle Centre Mall – one of America’s largest malls.

Here are the list of Best 31 Things to Do in Indianapolis, Indiana:

1. Monument Circle is the heart of Indianapolis

Monument Circle Indianapolis

Source: Monument Circle, Indianapolis.

Monument Circle is a public art and history museum that lies at the center of downtown Indianapolis. It was created in 1874 to honor those who served during the Civil War but has since grown to include monuments for several other wars as well.

The circle features five historic buildings (Indiana State Capitol, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Old City Hall, Roberts Centre Theater & Embassy Theatre) surrounding an open-air plaza; each building tells its own story about things like politics or theater. This is one place you can’t miss.

This is a hot topic in the city by presenting itself in the middle of Indiana. It is a 284.5 ft tall monument honoring sailors and soldiers who bravely fought and served in the military.

Address: 111 Monument Cir #250, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States

2. Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Van Gogh “The Lume” Indianapolis Museum of Art

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is a large art museum located downtown. The museum is one of the country’s top things to do in Indianapolis. It boasts six art galleries and hosts over 30,000 square feet of indoor galleries.


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It features a variety of things to see and do for visitors: The American collection, European painting, and sculpture, Asian art from Korea, China, Japan, India, and Tibet, African and Oceanic art, photography from 1850 to the present day as well as American modernism (1940-1950).

The Indianapolis Museum of Art offers things to see and do for everyone. For children, it provides an interactive art discovery center called “Make It.” Kids can design their own posters, stop-motion animations, comic strips, or storybooks on computers in the studio space then have them printed out right before their eyes.

Address: 4000 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46208, USA

3. White River State Park

White River State Park

White River State Park

White River State Park is the perfect place for things to do in Indianapolis for those who enjoy being outdoors. It is the largest urban state park in the United States and includes a full-size running track, an outdoor pool, and a fishing pier near Geist Reservoir.

The park offers things to do for families with things like bike rentals, a BMX track, disc golf course, volleyball courts, horse riding lessons, cross country ski trails in winter, and biking trails all year round.

If you are looking for things to do in Indianapolis that are more on the adventurous side of things – this is one of the things you can do.

Address: 801 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA

4. Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo is one of the things to do in Indianapolis that appeals to both children and adults. It features things like a gopher tortoise exhibit, a new flamingo lagoon with a sandy beach, a giraffe feeding platform, and a cheetah habitat. The zoo also offers things for all different ages – from things to do in Indianapolis with kids to things to do in Indianapolis with your grandparents.

There are things to see and go such as the Rookery – home of the largest flock of whooping cranes on the continent, Jungle Jack’s Landing – an exotic animal-themed playground, or a ride on the carousel.

If you are looking for things to do in Indianapolis with your kids, the Indy Zoo is one of many things that will be appealing. It offers a wide variety of things to see and go on from seeing animals up close to or playing at an exotic animal-themed playground.

It’s also easy to get around as it has a tram system which takes visitors past all of the exhibits – this is perfect if you don’t want any walking!

There are always things going on like presentations about hatching baby turtles, cooking demonstrations using indigenous ingredients, live music by local bands, and so much more. There really is something for everyone here!

Address: 1200 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA

5. Lilly House and Gardens

Lilly House and Gardens

Lilly House and Gardens

The Lill House and Gardens is a gorgeous mansion built in 1887 for the widow of Eli Lilly. It is surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens, ponds, and trees. Visitors can explore the rich culture and history, as well as artworks, musical performances, theatrical productions, and curated exhibitions that are all things to see and do at the Lilly House.

The Lilly House and Gardens are one of the things to do in Indianapolis for people with an appreciation for beautiful things. It has a variety of things to do including artworks, music, performances, exhibitions, and things to see or even catch a movie.

The gardens are perfect for things to do in Indianapolis when the weather is nice. It also offers things for all different ages including things to do in Indianapolis with kids.

The Lilly House and Gardens are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Address: 4000 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46208, USA

6. Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing is a new thing to do in Indianapolis that is opening up in February 2018. Bad Axe Throwing offers things to do and see for everyone. For those who enjoy things to do in Indianapolis with friends, Bad Axe Throwing is perfect for you!

There are things to go on such as ax throwing or just spending time hanging out with some friends. The experience of ax throwing includes 10 throws later followed by a 20-minute game show where players compete for glory and prizes. There will also be food trucks on-site for those who are hungry after things to do in Indianapolis like ax throwing.

Address: 235 S Meridian St #211, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA

7. Duckpin Bowling

Duckpin Bowling

Duckpin Bowling

Duckpin bowling is a fast-paced game. It was created in Baltimore in 1902 and has been gaining popularity ever since! The pins are smaller at about 1/3 the size of tenpins, and the lanes are shorter. This makes it much more challenging, as you have to throw harder on each shot than you would with 10-pin bowling.

It’s similar to regular bowling, but with a vintage twist that makes it Indianapolis’ favorite sport. The game centers on small pins, balls, and lanes. It’s an old-fashioned pastime that many people enjoy because it reminds them of Indiana decades ago.

One dissimilarity is that the game does not follow the usual scoring rules as regular bowling, but it is an easy enough sport to pick up. Many will find that duckpin bowling is not as difficult as they think, but it might be a little more challenging than what an avid bowler would expect.

There are over 100 lanes at Action & Atomic Duckpin Bowling where players compete every day during normal hours Monday-Saturday from 12:00 PM – 11:00

Address: 1105 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46203, USA

8. Tappers Arcade Bar

Tappers Arcade Bar

Tappers Arcade Bar

Tappers Arcade Bar was created by two guys who have a true passion for video games. They wanted to create a place where people could celebrate and enjoy the games that they loved. Tappers offer an amazing selection of over 300 machines including classics like Donkey Kong and pinball machines like The Addams Family. They also offer a wide selection of console games, and you’ll find some really rare machines like the original Nintendo World Championship cart.

Tappers Arcade Bar has been featured on Nickelodeon’s Splat, which is one of my favorite shows for kid content. So if you want to watch your kids have fun at Tapper’s while having an adult beverage or two then this place is perfect. If arcade games are not enough for you they also serve amazing food from big burgers to killer nachos with more than 30 toppings to choose from.

You can get everything from chicken wings & fries, Buffalo tenders & bleu cheese sauce, pulled pork sliders, chicken fries (chicken strips), Philly cheesesteaks, and tacos.

Address: 501 Virginia Ave #102, Indianapolis, IN 46203, USA

9. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

It is the home of the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400. The Speedway also offers several special events throughout the year including Military Appreciation Night, NASCAR race weekends, and much more.

The museum has a variety of interactive exhibits including behind-the-scenes tours that allow you to see all aspects of race day at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You will be able to see how a pit stop works, get a ride on a pace car, and even sit in the driver’s seat of an Indycar.

Some of the more popular exhibits in the museum are a four-seater Indycar, an interactive racing simulator that you can race against your friends and family – even members from different countries. There is also a special exhibit for kids with games like “Pit Stop: The Game” where they can pit stop one of three cars on display.

If you ever find yourself in Indianapolis then it would be worth checking out this amazing exhibition to celebrate our rich history as well as future endeavors at IMS!

The museum is broken down into three sections:

-Speedway Tour – provides free admission to walk through an iconic collection of race cars

-One Century of Racing – the exhibit features various racing models from around the world

-Brickyard Crossing – features exhibits on the history of racing at Indy.

Address: 4750 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA

10. Eiteljorg Museum

Eiteljorg Museum

Eiteljorg Museum

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is one of the many places in Indianapolis that is fun and offers something for everyone. It holds a collection with more than 3,000 paintings, sculptures, and sketches with the most famous being Frederic Remington’s “Bronco Buster”. The Eiteljorg Museum also has an art education program that uses art as a vehicle to expose students to the cultures of other places.

This Museum is known for its wide variety of artwork on display, ranging from different Native American art forms to Western-style paintings. The Eiteljorg Museum provides a great opportunity for visitors who want to learn more about Native American tribes and their culture.

The Eiteljorg Museum is home to the most famous painting by Frederic Remington called “Bronco Buster” which captures the spirit of adventure in the Wild West with its depiction of cowboys rounding up wild horses. Visitors will also be amazed at Alexander Julian’s colorfully painted mural “Indiana”.

Address: 500 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA

11. Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium

Lucas Oil Stadium

The Lucas Oil Stadium is a venue for football. It opened in 2008 and the building cost was around $720 million. Lucas Oil Stadium has been used for NFL games, NCAA Football, and concerts.

I’d like to give you an example of one adventure that I had in Indianapolis when I visited Lucas Oil Stadium with my family. Lucas Oil Stadium was hosting a football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos. When we got there, we were able to watch the players warm up on the field.

The Lucas Oil Stadium has an indoor and outdoor seating area so we were able to find seats close to the field inside or seats out in front of Lucas oil stadium near the end zone on the outdoor seating area.

Address: 500 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA

12. Indiana State Museum

Indiana State Museum

Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum is a place to learn more about Indiana’s past and explore Indiana’s connections to the rest of the country. Indiana has a rich history with many historically important landmarks worth visiting. You can find many Indiana state museums from Indianapolis, Evansville, Richmond, Bloomington, Terre Haute, and beyond.

You can explore Indiana’s rich past while learning about Indiana in its past, present, and future by visiting an Indiana state museum. Indiana has an Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis that is open to all.

I have been to Indiana’s Indiana State Museum a few times and had some really good experiences there. The Indiana State Museum is three floors high and made from a mix of glass, brick, and steel. The museum also has an impressive architecture with over 452,000 artifacts collected on the premises. It is meant to represent all of the 92 counties in Iowa.

The Indiana state museum in Indianapolis has different galleries for you to explore Indiana history, archaeology, science & technology, pioneer life, the art of the American West.

Address: 650 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA

13. Holliday Park

Holliday Park

Source: Holliday Park

I have been to Holliday Park many times and it is one of my favorite places to go for recreation. Holliday Park is a public park that is located close to downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Holliday Park has a lot of features including a paved walking track, a basketball court, picnic areas, playgrounds, and more. Holidays Park also has an amphitheater that can host various events such as concerts or weddings.

You can visit Holliday Park anytime to participate in activities like tennis, volleyball, fishing along Holliday Lake (a man-made lake), horseshoes, ice skating in the winter, or to watch the Pacers play basketball at Bankers Life Fieldhouse which is very popular with locals.

Holliday Park is also a great place to spend time with family. You can bring your children, take pictures for family members who are far away, or just have some quiet time on the walking track while reading and listening to nature around you.

Address: 6363 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46260, United States

14. Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

Source: Indianapolis Cultural Trail

If you’re in Indianapolis, be sure to take a walk along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. There are many interesting historical statues and pieces of public art along the trail. Indianapolis is in the process of creating a bi-national linear park with Indianapolis’s sister city, Guadalajara.

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail will be extended to Mexico one mile at a time and eventually connect Indianapolis to all twenty Latin American countries via an interactive public art experience that highlights regional cultural heritage along the way.

The trail goes through Indianapolis’s beautiful neighborhoods, giving you a chance to enjoy the Indianapolis skyline and many local shops. There are also plenty of food options along the way as well, depending on what you’re craving.

If that wasn’t enough for your inner adventurer, there’s even an art park at one end of the trail with sculptures created by Indianapolis-based artists.


15. K1 Speed

K1 Speed

K1 Speed

If you’re looking for some indoor Karts racing, K1 Speed Indy is the place to go. K1 Speed Indy is a chain of electric Karts tracks that offers Karts racing for all levels of experience. K1 Speed also has great food so it will be a day well spent! K1 Speed Indy is located at 300 Kossuth Street in Indianapolis. They are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm every day except Fridays and Saturdays when the hours are 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

K1 Speed is a chain of indoor Karts tracks with locations across the country. The mission of K1 Speed is to provide people with a safe, fun, and exciting Karts racing experience. Kars race on a high-powered electric Kart that can reach speeds of up to 45 mph. Karts are available for all skill levels, from the most novice to professional racers.

You can also see authentic race memorabilia that is very interesting. Of course, other racetracks offer the same experience, too. Speedway Indoor Karting and Pastimes are great choices, depending on your location.

Address: 9998 E 121st St, Fishers, IN 46037, USA


16. Market Street Catacombs

Market Street Catacombs

Market Street Catacombs

The Market Street Catacombs are approximately 20,000 square feet of underground passageways on the northeast corner of Market and Delaware streets in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Market Street catacombs have been abandoned for nearly 200 years and to see the insides is a spooky experience. Many people believe it’s haunted by many souls that were victims of medical experiments that took place here.

The Market Street Catacombs are a great place to visit for those that love Indiana history. It’s free and opens to the public on Saturdays from noon until dusk, rain or shine.

While Indianapolis has its fair share of attractions, there’s also a special place for those who like the spooky side. One such place is the Hancock Tower Haunted House where you can explore “various environments full of creepy creatures and jump-out moments.”

There are only a few access points available to the facility. However, because they’re not open most of the year, you may need to incur additional expenses for entry.

It is a good idea to have an appointment scheduled before speaking with someone at the call center. Tourists and locals alike are taking advantage of the newly opened City Market by hosting more events in late summer and fall, including Halloween festivities.

Address: 222 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA

17. Eagle Creek Park

Eagle Creek Park

Eagle Creek Park

Eagle Creek Park is about 100 acres of land in Indianapolis. Eagle Creek Park is home to a wide variety of outdoor activities including tennis, basketball, soccer, and swimming. Eagle Creek Park also includes Eagle Creek Golf Course which offers high-quality golf and is ranked as one of the best golf courses in the country.

Eagle Creek Golf Course provides a lakeside setting with a beautiful view of Eagle Creek Reservoir. The Eagle Creek Golf Course features three 18-hole championship courses that offer challenging play for all skill levels. Eagle Creeks Golf Club offers tee times seven days per week for only $69.

The city of Indianapolis has a lot to offer when it comes to fun activities for people of all ages.

The hiking trails in the Indiana Dunes are some of the best hiking trails around and not too difficult because they’re mostly flat. They can also be rented out by schools or organizations, so if you want your group event to be unique, hiking is a great choice.

Fishermen will love Eagle Creek Park with its fishing pond and hiking trails that are perfect for birdwatching in the winter months. – If you need an escape from the everyday grind of your life (or just want to get outside), take a trip to Brookville Lake for some boating, hiking, or fishing.

Address: 7840 W 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46254, USA

18. Indianapolis Art Center

Indianapolis Art Center

Indianapolis Art Center

The Indianapolis Art Center is an art center located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The Indianapolis Art Center was founded in 1934 by the Works Project Administration during the Great Depression as the Indianapolis Art League.

It is a non-profit that provides Indianapolis with world-renowned exhibitions and educational programs for artists of all ages and skill levels. It is the largest art museum in Indianapolis and one of the most influential art institutions in America.

As a nonprofit organization, Indianapolis Art Center relies on donations to provide programming, exhibitions, and events to Indianapolis residents for free.

Address: 820 E 67th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, USA

19. Goose The Market

goose the market Indianapolis

Source: Goose The Market, Indianapolis.

Goose The Market has plenty of options for foodies, picky eaters, and those that need to be gluten-free. Goose the Market offers some great lunch specials for quality food at a nice price.

Goose the Market also offers catering for special occasions like graduations or weddings. Goose the Market is a cozy gourmet market and butcher shop serving craft sandwiches, plus a wine bar downstairs.

Goose the Market is also an environmentally friendly company. Goose The Market offers a variety of organic products or at least uses environmentally-friendly methods to produce their product. Goose the Market has plenty of options for any occasion, and it’s just as good for grabbing some food to go after work as it is for having a date night out on the town.


20. Indiana Medical History Museum

Indiana Medical History Museum

Indiana Medical History Museum

The Indiana Medical History Museum is a monumental Indiana monument to the beginnings of psychiatric medical research. It is located on the grounds of what was formerly Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane, later shortened to Central State Hospital.

It features several unique Indiana artifacts and displays from Indiana’s rich history, including a sculptured replica of Ellis Island, replicas of Indiana buildings and landmarks, Indiana funerary sculptures and paintings, and Indiana regional artwork.

The Indiana Medical History Museum was founded in 1966 by the Indiana Medical Association Foundation under the guidance of Dr. William H. McCartney as an educational resource for Indiana residents and schools.

It offers visitors an interesting tour of life in 19th century Indiana and serves as an Indiana educational resource for Indiana residents and schools.

Address: 3270 Kirkbride Way, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA

22. White Rabbit Cabaret

White Rabbit Cabaret

Source: White Rabbit Cabaret

White Rabbit Cabaret is a well-known landmark in Indiana. White Rabbit Cabaret features the White Rabbit Theatre, White Rabbit Cabaret, and White Rabbit Lounge. It has been entertaining Hoosiers for over 100 years.

White Rabbit Cabaret is a successful nightclub and dinner theater that offers great food and live performances from touring bands, stand-up comedians, burlesque acts, and more nightly.

White Rabbit Cabaret is one of the most famous nightclubs in Indianapolis. White rabbit offers food from local restaurants and serves as a hub for arts education and productions.

White Rabbits hosts numerous events every week like open mic nights on Mondays or comedy on Wednesdays.

It also hosts exhibitions by local artists that range from painting to dance and more. White Rabbit Cabaret is a one-of-a-kind Indianapolis landmark that offers something for everyone.

Address: 1116 Prospect St, Indianapolis, IN 46203, USA

23. Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library

Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library

Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library is dedicated to championing the literary, artistic, and cultural contributions of Kurt Vonnegut. The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library houses Kurt’s life work in a 5,000-square-foot space.

Kurt’s donations include copies of his books, drawings, and other personal items. Kurt donated all these items to the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library because he wanted them to be shared with as many people as possible. Kurt said that “I’m glad my children are doing this for me.”

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library is a place that celebrates Kurt’s contributions to the world. Kurt wanted people to enjoy his work, so he donated it for all of us to be able to explore in person or online, at any time we want.

Address: 543 Indiana Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202, United States

24. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the world’s largest children’s museum. It is located at 3000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States in the United Northwest Area neighborhood of the city. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis was developed by Lilly Orchard School and opened its doors on November 16th, 1977 as a free institution.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a place where children can explore science, culture, and the arts. It provides families with fun and educational activities through its exhibits, live programs, special events, camps, and outreach initiatives in Central Indiana communities. The Children’s Museum inspires creativity by providing hands-on experiences that respond to children.

Children are the museum’s priority. Children are entitled to participate in all of the activities on the exhibit and have access to every room, hallway, and exhibit. Children are encouraged to touch, explore, and be curious in this space where they can learn through their senses and by using their imaginations.

Address: 3000 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208, United States

25. Fountain Square District

fountain square Indianapolis

Live music at Fountain Square District

Just southeast of downtown,  Fountain Square is a quirky neighborhood with several galleries. This funky Indianapolis neighborhood has a vintage duckpin bowling alley and a laid-back world of independent eateries that serve everything from contemporary Mexican to the classic smokehouse, live music and performance, working artists with a vibrant arts scene, an offbeat nightlife includes indie music, comedy, and burlesque clubs, craft cocktail bars and retro dance nights at the Fountain Square Theatre.  The one-of-a-kind stores that sell vinyl, comics, and small-batch chocolate, fashion, musical instruments, fresh flowers, and so much more.

Visit Fountain Square any time of the day or night, It’s always a fun time here in this quirky neighborhood.

26. Fort Harrison State Park

Fort Harrison State Park

Fort Harrison State Park

Fort Harrison State Park is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fort Harrison State Park spans 2,000 acres and is Fort Harrison’s largest park. Fort Harrison offers two fishing lakes for angling and canoeing.

Fort Harrison also has a nature reserve with over 100 acres of land. Fort Harrison’s equestrian trails are perfect for hiking or biking while Fort Harrison has a 6-mile scenic bikeway system running through it.

Fort Harrison also offers a boat launch on the O’Bannon Woods Reservoir along with trails and pavilions.

There are only one organizational headquarters at Fort Harrison is the Forest Recreation Division, Department of Natural Resources of Indiana Parks and Planning Commission.

Fort Harrison was first established in 1936 by President Franklin D Roosevelt as Fort Benjamin Harrison National Cemetery. Fort Harrison is the final resting place for more than 75,000 veterans from all of America’s major wars.

Address: 6000 N Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46216, United States

27. GRT Glass Design

GRT Glass Design

GRT Glass Design


GRT Glass Design is an organization that provides services to both the public and private sectors. GRT Glass Design prides itself on being one of the most innovative glass design firms in the world.

GRT offers a range of project experience including major commercial projects, residential projects, architectural and interior design opportunities, retail stores for both national chains and local entrepreneurs, museums and art galleries, hospitality designs (hotels, restaurants), and sustainable design.

Glassblowing classes are something Indianapolis locals engage in regularly and GRT Glass Design is one of the best! It is a studio that specializes in designing and manufacturing a variety of items such as glass art and more.

They became the leading name in their community, and have since expanded to become a leader across the United States.

Address: 6400 S Brookville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46219, United States

28. Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery is one of the world’s largest cemeteries. Crown Hill took form in 1866. Crown Hill Cemetery has a funeral home on location and a columbarium that contains 13,000 niches for cremated remains.

Crown Hill is an outstanding example of 19th-century horticultural artistry with its stone, iron, and bronze decorations. Crown hill has had many famous visitors including President Dwight D Eisenhower, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., comedian W. C. Fields, actor John Wayne, author James Whitcomb Riley, to name just a few.

This reportedly is one of the most haunted places in the country, so ghost-lovers near Indianapolis should visit! More than 200,000 graves fill the cemetery.

Some speculate that these sites are the final resting places of famous leaders, playwrights, criminals, authors, generals, and soldiers. Still, others believe that they were filled with the bones of more anonymous souls.

Address: 700 38th St, Indianapolis, IN 46208, United States

29. Victory Field

Victory Field

Victory Field

Victory Field is a baseball stadium in Indianapolis that opened in 1996. Victory Field is the home of the Indianapolis Indians and Victory Field is part of the Victory Complex.

Victory Field has a capacity of 10,200 people and Victory Field has an official surface of natural grass. Victory Field has hosted games for some of the city’s major teams including Butler University, Indiana State University, and Indiana University.

The stadium is named for its sponsor, Victory Auto Wreckers, which sponsored the naming rights throughout the stadium’s construction.

The main entrance for Victory field faces north into downtown Indy before all other sections. The east side features four gates that are placed at 90-degree angles to each other with two on each side of the stadium. Victory Field also has a Hall of Fame and Museum that is free to enter.

Address: 501 W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, United States

30. Rhythm! Discovery Center

Rhythm! Discovery Center

Source: Rhythm! Discovery Center

Rhythm! Discovery Center was first opened in 2009 by the Percussive Arts Society.

The center is devoted to percussion and offers an interactive exploration for all ages. Within this facility, visitors will find exhibits, performance spaces, workshops, and more.

Guided tours and exhibits on the history and culture of percussion are available. Besides drums, you will get to do lots of fun things such as trying your hand at a gong drum measuring eight feet in diameter or joining the drum circle.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art Social Learning Center also boasts a wide range of instruments that aren’t just from Indiana, but from all around the world.

In addition to the easy location, this museum is also great for percussion enthusiasts with a variety of exhibition halls.

Address: Claypool Court Building, 110 W Washington St A, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States

31. Bakersfield Tacos, Indianapolis, IN

Bakersfield Tacos, Indianapolis, IN

Bakersfield Tacos, Indianapolis, IN

This Bakersfield Taco location is in Indianapolis, IN. Bakersfield Tacos has two locations in the Indianapolis area. Bakersfield is a Mexican Restaurant that offers a variety of tacos.

Bakersfield also offers fresh tortillas and taco fixings. Bakersfield Tacos doesn’t just offer tacos but breakfast is also offered along with salads, burritos, and more.

Bakersfield Tacos is open for lunch Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm and Bakersfield features breakfast Friday through Sunday from 8 am to 11:30 am.

Bakersfield Tacos, a small Ohio-based chain that opened its Indy location in 2013 is located downtown on the Mass Ave strip.

Address: 334 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204, United States

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