All The Best Hikes In Bora Bora [+Tips] 2024

Bora Bora is a famous island in Pacific Ocean popularly known for it’s turquoise lagoons, stunning beaches, luxury resorts, beautiful coral reefs and some of the most mesmerizing views that you will witness in your life. Table of Contents Show 1 6 Best Hikes in Bora Bora: Discover Paradise on Foot 2 1. Mount Otemanu…

best hikes in bora bora

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Bora Bora is a famous island in Pacific Ocean popularly known for it’s turquoise lagoons, stunning beaches, luxury resorts, beautiful coral reefs and some of the most mesmerizing views that you will witness in your life.

And the best way to enjoy these mesmerizing views is from some of its highest points which can be reached by hiking.

Therefore buckle up your hiking shoes and get ready to witness the unparalleled panoramic views that Bora Bora has to offer!

This volcanic island must not be the most famous place to hike but you must go hiking if you want to get the ultimate experience of Bora Bora Island as it is home to some of the best hiking trails in the Pacific.

6 Best Hikes in Bora Bora: Discover Paradise on Foot

1. Mount Otemanu Hike

Mount Otemanu Hike
Insane view of the Mount Otemanu Hike

Mount Otemanu is one of the most challenging hikes as it is the highest peak in Bora Bora. Conquering the summit of Mount Otemanu takes you to 2,385 feet (727 meters) above sea level from where you get to see the spectacular views of Bora Bora’s nature along with surrounding motus and islands like Tahaa and Raiatea which makes the hike worth it.

The hike starts at the base of Mount Otemanu, and it lasts for about 2, 2.5 hours with an experienced guide.

The mountain is a remnant of the old volcano that formed the island and it’s possible to hike up the mountain to a certain point.

It’s not possible to do the hike without a guide, since the trail passes through private land and certain permissions are required. 

2. Valley of the Kings Hike: The Majestic Anau Valley

Valley of the Kings Hike- best hikes in bora bora
Serene atmosphere of the hiking trail

Next comes the Anau Valley, more popularly known as “King of Valleys”. This hike is sort of underrated and is quite a peaceful escape from the other popular hiking routes in Bora Bora.

It takes you both through a lush jungle and some of the most sacred places that have a deep significance in Bora Bora due to the history behind it. 

You start off hiking near the charming village of Anau and proceeding forward will keep taking you deeper into the jungle full of vegetation and native flowers.

The view of the lagoon and nearby Motu islands become more and more captivating as you go higher. The Anau Valley Hike takes you to a viewpoint from where you can see the ethereally beautiful island with Mount Otemanu standing tall in the distance.

This hike really brings you closer to nature and makes you appreciate it even more. It’s considered as one of the best things to do in Bora Bora

3. Mount Pahia: Most Mesmerizing Views

Mount Pahia hike
The most insane bora bora hike

Mount Pahia can give you one of the most thrilling experiences as it is the tallest  mountain in Bora Bora.

It is important to note that the level of fitness and experience with hiking matters a lot when it comes to hiking in mount pahia as with an elevation of 2,159 feet (658 meters), it is best suited for intermediate to advanced hikers.


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The trail takes you through dense rain forests and steep inclines, providing a sense of adventure as you ascend towards the summit of mount pahia.

The most challenging part of this hike and the reason it gets rated as very difficult is the climb to the mountaintop. Experienced guides lead you throughout the whole journey.

If you can hike to the top, the satisfaction and witnessing the awe-inspiring views of Bora Bora’s twin peaks and the mesmerizing hues of the lagoon hits even more intensely because of the difficulty level of the hike.

4. Mata Pupu Hike: Hidden Gem for Hiking

Mata Pupu Hike best hikes in  bora bora
The view of Mata Pupu Hike

Mata Pupu is located in the southeastern part of the island. If you are seeking a quieter and more peaceful hiking adventure, it is the perfect hiking destination for you!

The journey of this hike begins near the village of Anau welcomed by the flora and fauna that adorn the trail.

As you wind your way through the lush green forest, the trail slowly reveals sceneries which are no less than the places that are described in fairytales.

The melody of the native birds and the vibrant colors of the blooming flowers all come together to create the perfect harmony of the nature and you just stand there and witness the beauty of this incredible island of Bora Bora.

5. Faanui WWII Guns Trail

Faanui WWII Guns Trail
Surreal view of the WWII gun trail

Faanui is another popular landmark in Bora Bora. the USA chose Bora Bora as a key military supply post during World War II and decided not to bring the heavy stuff home with them when they left.

Eight enormous cannons were erected high on the slopes at Bora Bora and they’re still there, spread over four locations. While some are hidden, others are just waiting to be found if you’re prepared to look.

Discovering these cannons will reward hikers with breathtaking views of Bora Bora’s famous lagoon. It will need around 10 minutes of uphill walking once you exit the sealed circle island road, but the vistas of the motus (little islands) in the lagoon will make you forget about your aching calves.

The excitement of actually discovering the guns will also be present, even if one of the barrels has vanished.

Finding trailheads in Bora Bora can be challenging due to limited signs, but this one is relatively easier. It is important to note that this hike can be done without the need for a guide as it’s possible to hike locating it on Google Maps near Tereia Point in the northwest of the main island.

If you’re driving clockwise on the circle island road, head towards the Pearl Beach Resort ferry departure, which is a few kilometers past Faanui (look for the sign to the ferry).

The track to the cannon site is just around 30 meters (98ft) further up the road on the right. Moreover, you can also find the relics of ancient Polynesian temples while hiking through the lush jungle.

6. The Bora Bora Loop

The Bora Bora Loop
the lush green of The Bora Bora Loop

The bora bora loop is the hike that you can start from anywhere on the island and finish at the same point, making it a loop.

It can be challenging for a lot of people as this trail has an elevation gain of 1000. In order to make the hike easier, it’s wise to be well prepared with all the essential hiking gears and start the journey from the southern part of the island as it covers the most critical part of the trial, mount Pahia, earlier in the journey.

Afterwards the hike gives you the opportunities to see beautiful beaches and Bora Bora mountains and so many more awe-inspiring views.

Tips for Hiking in Bora Bora Island

1.You should choose trails that are suitable for your fitness level and health. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be fun but it’s very important to keep in mind the limits of your body and the levels of pressure your body might collapse in. Carry enough water to stay hydrated throughout the whole journey. Last but not the least always keep a first aid in your bag for emergencies.

2. The safest option to hike in an unfamiliar place is always to book a guide who can help you get the ultimate experience. A local guide can guide you through the dangerous guiding situations that you might face during climbing. Just not that but also, help you learn more about the island, it’s history, it’s significance and help you discover underrated places that you wouldn’t be aware of with a google search.

3. Be respectful and mindful around the Bora Bora’s nature. It is a common phenomenon around the tourists that they often neglect this factor but it’s very important to do so in order to preserve places as beautiful as this. Additionally, it is also important to be respectful towards the local traditions and community as Bora Bora is a part of French Polynesia with its unique customs and cultures.

4. Before you go hiking in Bora Bora, always make sure to check the weather conditions. The best hiking trails in Bora Bora become significantly riskier in bad weather due to the slippery ground therefore keep an eye on the weather forecast before heading out. Tropical climates can change quickly, so it’s essential to be prepared for any weather changes and choose the right time to explore the pleasures across Bora Bora. 

5. Forgetting your camera can be a big miss because with all those stunning views around you, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to capture them along your hike to keep them in your traveling album.

Importance of Essentials That Are Recommended for Bora Bora Hiking: Hiking Gear, GPS, a Map

best hikes in bora bora

Having the right hiking equipment is crucial for a successful and enjoyable hiking experience to explore Bora Bora.

Since hiking can be sometimes out of your comfort zone it’s essential to be well-prepared and equipped to have a proper tour of the island without any difficulties or discomfort.

Don’t be one of those visitors who wear flip flops and expect to hike; instead, invest in proper hiking gear e.g. waterproof hiking boots. Take a jacket that is easy to carry, it will come handy when it rains or you feel cold.

Map and GPS is one of the most essential tools that you should carry around throughout your journey especially if you are visiting the island for the first time.

Whether you are traveling on the main road, highways or mountains, Maps and GPS will have your back. Your tour guide will help you with the navigation but it’s always wise to have your own resources as a back up to be aware of the location of the places that you are visiting.

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