15 Best Things to Do in Roswell – New Mexico

Things To Do In Roswell - New Mexico

Roswell is a mysterious city in New Mexico. It is best known as the site of a so-called UFO crash in 1947. However, you will find much more to Roswell than the myth of aliens and UFOs. Roswell has an array of ancient archaeological and historical sites, excellent museums, galleries, cultural institutions, and outdoor activities. Here you will find the best things to do in Roswell nm. Some attractions may need to be temporarily closed or reserved in advance. Some of the restaurants here are currently offering pickups only to tourists. Hours/availability of places may vary.



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1. Pecos Flavors Winery, Rosewell, New Mexico

Pecos-Flavors-Winery Roswell Nm

It was founded in 2004 by Paul and Cindy Ragsdale. Pecos Flavors Winery produces various local wines, including Compadres, a New Mexico Cabernet / Sirah blend. The winery has a testing room in downtown Roswell where New Mexico wines and products are available. The place allows tourists to taste the best vintages of the estate.

Decorated with Southern New Mexico farms and farm decorations, the testing room will feature a 100-year-old bar found in the Hondo Valley and a statue of Billy the Kid.

The flavours include more than a dozen labels, a variety of New Mexican wines from over 80 blends, and an excellent selection of New Mexican treats, including chocolate, nuts, coffee, sauce, and cheese. Testing is conducted Monday through Saturday and includes a selection of New Mexico-made beers here.

Address: 412 W 2nd St, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-627-6265

Website: https://pecosflavorswinery.com/


2. Mescalero Sands North Dune OHV area

Mescalero Sands North Dune Ohv Area, Roswell Nm

The Mescalero Sands North Dune Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV), a 600-acre hill, has a huge mound field of quartz particles ideal for all-terrain bicycles, mountain carriages, and sand rails. The area also has mature cottonwood trees that thrive in arid environments.

The southern part of the hills is accessible by the Cottonwood site, and the northern region through the Bowl parking area, which includes the “Bowl,” a significant depression surrounded by hills. You will find picnic tables, grills, and shelters in the Bowl parking area, the Cottonwood site, and the lounge.

However, water is not available here. Activities you can enjoy in this area include off-highway vehicle use, motorcycling and picnicking, and RV camping in the north, central, and south parking lots.

Address: Roswell, NM 88203, United States

Phone: +1 575-627-0272

Website: https://www.blm.gov/visit/mescalero-sands-north-dune-ohv-area

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3. Roswell Community Little Theater


The Rosewell community entertains the Little Theater community and the general public through drama, generating, encouraging, and inspiring interest in live theatre. In addition, it provides a variety of opportunities for both youth and adults to participate in all aspects of theatre.

The theatre’s productions include The Wizard of Oz, To Kill a Mockingbird, Sherlock Holmes, The Final Adventure, and The Mystery of Irma Vap.

The Roswell Community Little Theater also presents a range of educational and youth workshops for the community. Other types of theatre-based entertainment, such as Mystery and Dinner Theater are organized here.

Address: 1717 S Union Ave, Roswell, NM 88203, United States

Phone: +1 575-622-1982

Website: https://roswelltheatre.com/


4. General Douglas L. McBride Military Museum

General Douglas L. Mcbride Military Museum, Roswell Nm

General Douglas L. The McBride Military Museum is dedicated to showcasing the New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) and the corps of cadets. It was first built in 1918 as a natatorium. It was later converted into a museum.

The magnificent McBride Military Museum is located on the second floor of the Enrollment and Development Center.

Tourists will see various exhibits focusing on the history of the New Mexico Military Institute, including the NMMI Hall of Fame.

Featuring a growing collection of outstanding alumni, the Hall of Fame recognizes the achievements of NMMI graduates as they live up to the motto: “Duty – Respect – Achieve.” Admission is free here.

Address: Luna Hall, 101 W College Blvd, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-624-8050

Website: https://www.nmmi.edu/campus-attractions/museum/


5. Roswell Symphony Orchestra and Pearson Auditorium

Roswell Symphony Orchestra And Pearson Auditorium, Romantic Activity In Roswell Nm.

The Roswell Symphony Orchestra (RSO) provides an annual concert season for the people of Roswell and southeastern New Mexico. These include the best orchestral literature and music education programs for children and young adults.

Beginning its 55th season, the Rosewell Symphony Orchestra promises a season featuring a special subscription concert series of five classical concerts presented at the beautiful Pearson Auditorium, including a variety of children’s free shows for elementary students from Rosewell, Dexter, and Hagerman. Here you will find Labor Day concerts at Spring River Park and Zoo.

Pearson Auditorium is home to the Rosewell Symphony Orchestra and hosts various other events throughout the year. These include corps events such as drama presentations, concerts, special speakers, dance recitations, speakers, and presentations during the annual UFO. The festival is held in July every year.

Address: 1717 W 2nd St #205, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-623-5882

Website: https://roswellsymphony.org/


6. Walker Aviation Museum, Fun Things To Do in Roswell NM

Walker Aviation Museum, Roswell, New Mexico

The Walker Aviation Museum is an all-important military base located at Walker Air Force Base. It provides tourists with historical information about the men and women serving in their country from this base. The Roswell Army Air Field and Walker Air Force Base were the strongest fighting force bases of the Strategic Air Command, Atlas Missile, and Enola Gay.

Located inside Rosewell International Airport, the Walker Aviation Museum will house a wide range of exhibits, including the 579th Missile Squadron Reunion Group and WWII-era Russian, German and Japanese rifles and bayonets. You do not have to pay for the entrance to the museum.

Address: Airport Terminal Building, 1 Jerry Smith Cir, Roswell, NM 88203, United States

Phone: +1 575-347-2464

Website: http://www.wafbmuseum.org/


7. Historical Society for southeastern New Mexico

Historical Society For Southeastern New Mexico

The Southeast New Mexico Historical Society was established to preserve and interpret the history of southeastern New Mexico. It was also created to promote greater interest, understanding, and appreciation for the region’s rich past.

The Society is housed in the 1912 prairie-style mansion of local rancher James Phelps White. The building’s interiors have been carefully restored to their early 20th-century furnishings, furnished with furniture and artwork from the period.

The house is located on North Lea and West Second Street and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It has the opportunity to be used for special occasions such as weddings, receptions, and other events.

The Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico also has an archive of rare and historical books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, memorabilia, and thousands of photographs. Here too, you have the opportunity to enter for free.

Address: 200 N Lea Ave, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-622-8333



8. Bottomless Lakes State Park, Roswell, NM

Bottomless Lakes State Park, Roswell, Nm

Located 14 miles southeast of Rosewell on the banks of the Pecos River, Bottomless Lake State Park is named after the nine small, deep lakes that line the park along with the eastern scorpion of the Pecos River valley.

The limestone cliffs of the mountains are formed by a continuous erosion river, with seven lakes surrounded by high cliffs, while Leah Lake has a large, sandy shoreline to the west.

The cliffs around the lazy lagoon have been completely removed. The deep, circular lakes, known as the Cenotes, attract many visitors each year for various outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, swimming (only one lake is allowed), fishing, and wildlife watching.

Address: 545A Bottomless Lakes Rd, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-988-3638



9. Spring River Park and Zoo, Roswell, New Mexico

Spring River Park And Zoo, Roswell, New Mexico

Spring River Park is a beautiful green park in Rosewell. It is home to a small modern zoo covering 34 acres of pristine parkland. The zoo has five distinct areas, including the Captain Trail, where you will find an array of animals that live in New Mexico.

It is a special zoo area for children, where children can get up close and personal with many child-friendly animals. It is an exhibition of animal husbandry traditions, A visitor service area with a mini train and antique wooden horse carousel, And a World Safari Exotics area.

Among the small zoo’s highlights are the River Bottom Exhibit with raccoon, fox, bobcat, black bear and mountain lion with mountain habitat, and an ancient wooden horse carousel in the centre of the park. Also, in the park, you will find a small quiet lake, a shady picnic area, a children’s playground, and beautiful old trees.

Address: 1306 E College Blvd, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-624-6760

Website: https://www.roswell-nm.gov/1422/Zoo


10. Better Lake National Wildlife Shelter

Better Lake National Wildlife Shelter

Resting on the banks of the Pecos River in two separate divisions of Central Chavez County, Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a wildlife sanctuary and a perfect haven for a wide variety of mammals, birds, fish, and insects. Founded in 1937 to provide habitat for thousands of migrant sandhill cranes and waterfowl, Beater Lake is one of the region’s most biologically important wetlands.

On the banks of the Pecos River, where the Chihuahuan Desert meets the Southern Plain, the habitat is home to various wetlands surrounded by arid desert environments.

Valuable water systems can attract a plethora of unique and rare animals and plants, such as the Peacock Popfish, Noel’s Amphipod, Green Throat, Darter, and Rosewell Spring Snail, as more than 80 species of dragonflies. Mammals and reptiles found on dunes, native grasslands, and red-rimmed plateaus include scaled quail, rhododendrons, and horned lizards.

Address: Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, 4200 E Pine Lodge Rd, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-622-6755

Website: https://www.fws.gov/refuge/bitter_lake/


11. Roswell Museum and Art Center

Roswell Museum And Art Center

Founded in 1935, the Roswell Museum and Art Center showcases American Southwestern art and history to tourists through a variety of outstanding exhibitions and exhibitions. It has been established as a cultural and educational centre for the local community. This 50,000-square-foot facility will find paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, decorative art, and historical monuments across 12 galleries.

The centre is home to the Patricia Luben Bassett Art Education Center, the Dr Robert H. Goddard Planetarium, and an excellent research library. It also offers a variety of educational programs and classes for children and students of all ages.

The Roswell Museum and Art Center is one of the premier museums in southern New Mexico. The American Association of Museums has praised its exhibitions, performances, and collections. If you’re wondering what to do on a rainy day at Roswell, NM, visit the Roswell Museum and Art Center.

Address: 1011 N Richardson Ave, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-624-6744



12. Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

Anderson Museum Of Contemporary Art

The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art exhibits works of art created by former artists of the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program (AMOSA). The museum was established in 1994.

This remarkable museum is dedicated to the handiwork of the artists who participated in the program. It now stands as a source of encouragement and inspiration for the local community.

The 22,000-square-foot museum consists of nine galleries. It showcases more than 400 varied and unique works of art to visitors.

These include paintings, prints, photographs, drawings, sculptures, and other symbolic and non-objective visual arts. The museum has a small shop that sells art-based items, photos, books, and other products and organizes various events throughout the year for different visitors.

The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art is open Monday through Sunday.

Address: 409 E College Blvd, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Website: https://www.rair.org/about-amoca

Phone: +1 575-623-5600


13. Downtown Historic District, Roswell, NM

Downtown Historic District, Roswell, Nm

Spring, located at the confluence of the Hondo and Pecos rivers, Rosewell’s Downtown Historic District stands as an important place for human habitation throughout history.

Once the birthplace of the Mescalero Apache and Comanches tribes, the region was first settled in 1867 by Anglo-Ranchers of Texas, who established the first animal husbandry industry in southeastern New Mexico.

With the advent of railways in the mid-1890s, population growth began with various architectural styles. These include Queen Anne, Bungalow, Victorian, Prairie, Italian, and Tudor styles, which are still evident today.

Visitors can enjoy guided tours around the Downtown Historic District of Roswell by the Historical Society of Southeast New Mexico.

Address: 3607 N Main St, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Phone: +1 575-623-5151


14. International UFO Museum and Research Center

International Ufo Museum And Research Center

The International UFO Museum and Research Center are set up to investigate the 1947 Roswell crash and its aftermath and other alleged UFO incidents in the United States and worldwide. The museum was established in 1991.

It was opened to explore world-famous events. At that time, one finds hundreds of feet wide metal ruins and huge moats outside Roswell. Located in a former 1930s movie house, the museum became one of the most popular tourist attractions in Roswell, New Mexico.

It brings viewers a wide range of exhibits, exhibits, and information about the history of UFO encounters, as well as an extensive library of content. You will find a gift shop in the museum with unique UFO-inspired souvenirs and many books on the subject.

Address: 114 N Main St, Roswell, NM 88203, United States

Website: https://www.roswellufomuseum.com/

Phone: +1 575-625-9495


15. J. Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary and Nature Center

International Ufo Museum And Research Center

Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary and Nature Center tourists who like birds are waiting for them. You can come around with your family.

The Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary and Nature Center is a beautiful place to connect the residents of Chaves County with nature. Residents of Chaves County are also invited to learn more about this diverse ecosystem and the conservation needed to protect wildlife.

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the Spring River Trail during their stay here. The Spring River Trail is a 4-mile trail that is fully paved and suitable for walking or cycling.

It can be a comfortable addition to your travels.

Address: 401 N Sycamore Ave, Roswell, NM 88201, United States

Website: http://www.roswellbirds.org/

Phone: +1 575-622-7163

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