15 Best Things to Do in Bradenton (FL)

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Things To DO In Bradenton

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Things To DO In Bradenton

Best Things to Do in Bradenton (FL)

Located south of Tampa overlooking the Manatee River, Bradenton is a sunny, friendly city that offers a wealth of attractions, activities, and outdoor recreation.

Bradenton has a vibrant old Florida history with beautiful architecture, green parks, and nature preserves, and has a warm and inviting atmosphere that draws tourists to enjoy the many sights and sounds.

Explore the vibrant artistic community of the Village of the Arts, which features an eclectic collection of colorfully restored homes from the 1920s and 1930s, and the lively downtown; stroll along the Riverwalk and enjoy the beautiful views.

Discover the history of Bradenton, Florida and Manatee County with a visit to the South Florida Museum; or get out into nature at Robinson Preserve, the fishing village of Cortez or DeSoto National Memorial Park. CDC Travel Information. Hours/availability subject to change.

1. The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is famous for its unique collection of models and statues of pre-historical animals that had been extinct many years ago. A lot of people especially the kids visit this museum around the year.

The museum is a great tourist place for history lovers and those who want to have research about the pre-historic era. The museum is a great combination of scientific and natural elements.

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

Source: The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

Address: 201 10th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205, USA

2. Florida Railroad Museum

Florida Railroad Museum is one of the most remarkable and influential placements in Bradenton. It displays the extincted history of Bradenton and brings their vanished history to life.

The museum contains a huge amount of information about the pre-historical civilization that was a great source of knowledge for history lovers. Not just for visiting, but the students of history can also visit the museum and take their necessary information about the historical civilization.
That apart, the spot also contains information about the history of Bradenton and how it developed over the past few years.
Florida Railroad Museum
Source: Florida Railroad Museum
Address: 12210 83rd St E, Parrish, FL 34219, USA

3. Lake Manatee State Park

Lake Manatee State Park is located beside the lake manatee. It is like other ordinary parks with so many features. The park is located inside the seashore. There is a beautiful tennis court in the park. A lot of trees made this place a beauty for the tourists.

There are small wooden houses that increase the beauty of this beach. Also, the resthouse is available for your rest. You can have a rest just under the shade during the travel.

Lake Manatee State Park

Source: Lake Manatee State Park

Address:20007 FL-64, Bradenton, FL 34212, USA


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4. Gamble Plantation Historic State Park

Gamble Plantation Historic State Park is another eye-catching spot in Bradenton. It is basically a public park, for spending free time with friends or family. Most of the visitors of this place are the kids as it contains a child-friendly environment

The park is also famous for being the hosting spot of different festivals and events including annual country fairs are held here. It is a place where you can take your pets or kids for a walk or you can enjoy your leisure time alone.

The park contains numerous statues of different plots. You can enjoy your camping or tailgating period or can have a bike ride with your friends.

Gamble Plantation Historic State Park

Source: Gamble Plantation Historic State Park

Address: 3708 Northeast, Patten Ave, Ellenton, FL 34222, USA

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5. Florida Maritime Museum

A place where you can have every kind of knowledge about modern art and design. If you love sculpture and interior design or if you are a fan of art and painting, the Florida Maritime Museum is a perfect place for you to have a visit.

The museum contains beautiful statues of many historical figures. Also, contains beautiful paintings and home decorators. You can bring your children to let them experience the outstanding view of modern art and design to increase their creativity.

The overlook of the museum is stunning, it will be great to have a picture standing in front of it and keep it as a memory. That apart, the museum is surrounded by different kinds of trees that give it a natural look.

Florida Maritime Museum

Source: Florida Maritime Museum

Address: 4415 119th St W, Cortez, FL 34215, USA

6. Manatee Village Historical Park

Manatee Village Historical Park is located in the south part of Bradenton. There is a river that is completely covered all around by the forest. The whole area looks like a mangrove forest. Different animal species like birds and crocodiles are found in this river.

If you love boat ramping then this place is an ideal pick for you. That apart you can do great photography here if you are a wildlife photographer. The blue water will charm your mind and you gonna come here again I assure you.

Don’t waste time thinking about it. Just put it into consideration for your next trip.

manatee village historical park

Manatee Village Historical Park

Address: 1404 Manatee Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34208, USA

7. Lewis Landing Park

Lewis Park is a complete place for both the children and the adults. The spot remains overcrowded most of the time of the year. However, the beautiful sea beach just beside the town looks stunning in the evening when the sun sets into the horizon.

The place will give you an amazing feeling when you walk beside the riverside while a gentle breeze is blowing. A great place to spend some lonely time.

Lewis landing Park fl

Source: Lewis landing Park

Address: 630 SW 9th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA

8. Manatee Mineral Springs Park

Manatee Mineral Springs Park is the most beautiful place on this list. A beautiful bay went by the side of the shore and the place is excellent for couples and friends to sit down on the bench and have a gossip.

There is a kid’s park just beside the shore. Also, the adults can visit the place. There is a car parking place. A bridge that went through the bay almost in the middle is a great place to enjoy the sunset standing on.

Manatee Mineral Springs Park

Source: Manatee Mineral Springs Park

Address: 1312 2nd Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34208, USA

9. Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church

Lady Queen of Martyrs Church looks likes the other churches from the outside, but actually, it’s not. The church contains a full natural view. The trees all around the church give it a charming look. There is also a beautiful swimming pool near the church.

The pool is surrounded by palm and coconut trees. The whole area of the church remains so quiet that you will feel peace in mind. The church is located in the west part of Bradenton. It is one of the 367 churches on the spot.

our lady queen of martyrs church

Source: Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church

Address: 833 Magellan Dr, Sarasota, FL 34243, USA

10. John H. Marble Park

John H. Marble Park is the easiest to access among all other tourist places in Bradenton. You can be a proud visitor to the most beautiful Park in the City. A park is a small place inside the lake.

Unlike other lakes, it is located just beside the town. The shore comes and falls in from of the sand just beside the buildings. There is also a playground for the kids.

The park seems like a beautiful scenario just like a movie scene. You can enjoy being a para, maybe with friends or maybe alone or you can also hire a yacht by spending a few dollars and enjoy your ride. Don’t worry there will be a professional trainer to help you out.

John H. Marble Park

Source: John H. Marble Park

Address: 3675 53rd Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34203, USA

11. Manatee Palms Park; Things to Do in Bradenton

Manatee Palms Park is an excellent place to visit if you love to have a fun time with water seals, and dolphins. This place is perfectly decorated for the visitors to have a great experience. You can bring your kids here to make them build a friendship with sea seals and dolphins.

The adventure park also contains glass protected undercover room where you can see the lower portion of the water and can enjoy the beautiful scenario of the creatures swimming around. The palm trees are the reason behind the name of this place.

Manatee Palms Park

Source: Manatee Palms Park

Address: 6510 1st Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34208, USA

12. Whitfield Park

A Fully preserved tree forest park, where you will found numerous species of trees. They are fully preserved and well-taken care of. A walking path has gone through the forest. Pine trees are the prime attraction of the spot.

You will also find here the lucy Tobias birds which are extremely rare and one of the most beautiful bird species. That apart, different types of birds are available to increase the beauty of the spot.

The park holds some trees that are so old, are near to extinct. The place is worthy of a visit in the vacation with family or friends.

Whitfield Park

Whitfield Park

Address: 7100 12th St E, Sarasota, FL 34243, United States

13. Creekwood Park

Creekwood Park narrates the history of the town to the viewers. The historical society works to preserve the history and the heritage of the local area.

It is a great place for history lovers as they can know about transportation, tourism and a lot more about the city.

The park is located at the center of Bradenton. A lot of local people come here every day during the opening season. It is also famous among outsiders as well.

Creekwood Park

Source: Creekwood Park

Address: 7025 44th Ave E, Bradenton, FL 34205, USA

14. Buffalo Creek Park

Buffalo Creek Park will give you a taste of visiting a child-friendly place with a lot of trees in a pile and well-formed forest. The park has a particular playground for the kids. There are some walking paths where there are trees on two sides of the pathway.

We give you the guarantee you will love to hear the chirping of the birds while walking inside the park.

Bring your friends along with you if you love to have an adventure together, you will surely pass a great time on your vacation, we ensure you.

Buffalo Creek Park

Source: Buffalo Creek Park

Address: 7550 69th St E, Palmetto, FL 34221, USA

15. Ward Lake

You won’t know how supreme the beauty of nature is if you don’t visit Ward Lake. A mind-boggling place for nature lovers. The full lake is covered by trees, hills, and lands containing resting benches and playgrounds.

The prime interest of Lake Ward is the wooden bridge that joins the two side parts of the lake. You may do fishing if you want to. The Lake looks fantastic in the evening when the sun is about to set and the red reflection falls into the blue water.

Winter is the best season to visit the lake when the trees have full of green leaves. A place worthy of visiting with friends, family, and loved ones.

ward lake

Ward Lake


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