15 Best Things To Do In Punta Gorda [FL]

Table of Contents Show 1 1. Ponce De Leon Park 2 2. Gilchrist Park 3 3. Harborwalk 4 4. Charlotte Harbor Environmental 5 5. Laishley Park 6 6. Military Heritage Museum 7 7. Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park 8 8. Edgewater Park 9 9. Prairie / Shell Creek 10 10. Webb Lake 11 11. Trabue…

things to do in Punta Gorda

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things to do in Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda offers many natural attractions, waterfront shopping and quiet walks on the Harborwalk and Fishermen’s Village in Charlotte Harbor.

Punta Gorda is easily accessible from I-75 on the south-central Florida Gulf Coast, and its streets are lined with huge royal palms, old Florida-era tin-roofed homes with wide porches, brick railings and street lamps, and benches that leave an almost tangible sense of old Florida.

The A.C. Freeman House Museum in Punta Gorda is an authentically restored and decorated late-Victorian house. Near Punta Gorda’s historic district is the Fishermen’s Village. This unique seaside destination features gift, clothing and specialty shops, seven restaurants, a military heritage museum, a 98-boat marina and fully furnished luxury villas.


1. Ponce De Leon Park

Ponce De Leon is one of the most beautiful Parks you could ever imagine. The blue water is the pure reflection of the sky. The park is surrounded by green forests. The white sand is a great view and the crystal water will bring happiness out of your heart.

You can experience boating. The bay is surrounded by high hills with green trees. Just imagine you are passing the water with your boat and there are hills on both sides of you. Isn’t it an outstanding feeling?

You can also have a swimming session if you want. Just don’t hesitate to pay a visit to this beautiful place.


2. Gilchrist Park

Gilchrist Park is the easiest to access among all other tourist places in Punta Gorda. You can be a proud visitor to the most beautiful Park in the City. A park is a small place inside the lake.

Unlike other lakes, it is located just beside the town. The shore comes and falls in from of the sand just beside the buildings. There is also a playground for the kids.

The beach seems like a beautiful scenario just like a movie scene. You can enjoy being a para, maybe with friends or maybe alone or you can also hire a yacht by spending a few dollars and enjoy your ride. Don’t worry there will be a professional trainer to help you out.


3. Harborwalk

Every time I look at the pictures of this place, it reminds me of a festival. The beautiful city is decorated beautifully with festive lights. The town remains crowded even at night.

The whole town is located beside the lake. During the sunset, the whole town looks amazingly beautiful. There are street-side food stalls for the passerby. The place is worth visiting.


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4. Charlotte Harbor Environmental

Charlotte Harbor Environmental is just an amazing place to visit. The traditional design of the bridge makes the scenario more attractive and eye-catching.

You will find beautiful monuments to see and can enjoy the lucrative view visiting the place. The garden contains plants of different species.


5. Laishley Park

Laishley Park is another eye-catching spot in Punta Gorda. It is basically a public park, for spending free time with friends or family. Most of the visitors of this place are the kids as it contains a child-friendly environment

Pocahontas park is also famous for being the hosting spot of different festivals and events including annual country fairs are held here. It is a place where you can take your pets or kids for a walk or you can enjoy your leisure time alone.

The park contains numerous statues of different plots. You can enjoy your camping or tailgating period or can have a bike ride with your friends.

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6. Military Heritage Museum

The place is only for army lovers as the people who find no interest in the history and the heritage of the army will not find this place very charming.

The museum is full of information about the history of the US military. Also, there is a lot of sculptures of different weapons like tanks, missiles, army jeeps, and jets.

You will find this place a house of information about the army if you really want to gather knowledge about it. Don’t forget to visit this place.


7. Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park

Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park is a nice combination of forest and water. The deep dense forest is just near the narrow sea source. The place will make you feel like you are having an adventure deep inside the jungle.

However, you need to have a tourist guide here with you in case of safety. Also, there are some venomous snakes that live inside the forest. But don’t worry. Most of the snake species that are found here are non-venomous. You just need to be a little bit careful.

Pink flamingo, White neck eagle, and alligators are the prime animal diversity here.


8. Edgewater Park

Edgewater Park is a complete place for both the children and the adults. The spot remains overcrowded most of the time of the year. However, the beautiful sea beach just beside the town looks stunning in the evening when the sun sets into the horizon.

The place will give you an amazing feeling when you walk beside the riverside while a gentle breeze is blowing. A great place to spend some lonely time.


9. Prairie / Shell Creek

Prairie Creek or Shell Creek is completely different from any other spots on our list. The place is famous for a morning walk. You will just feel the heavenly beauty when you have a jogging session in the morning. The place is covered with different kinds of trees and long species of grass.

Spring is the best time to pay a visit to this place. The whole place is covered with yellow flowers. The is also a historical museum which holds some historical figures for the future generation to know about this place briefly.


10. Webb Lake

This is my personal choice from this list. The lake is just a piece of heaven on this earth. The whole lake is surrounded by land with trees of different species. The breeze remains gentle throughout the day and the water flows gently.

When you stand beside the lake you will feel the wind and the sound of the water which will take you to another world. There are some beautiful wooden houses beside the lake. Fishing is permissible in this lake.


11. Trabue Park

Trabue Park looks like a kid’s playground covered with a deep forest. There are beautiful rides for the kids in the middle of the park. The whole spot is surrounded by a deep forest with beautiful trees.

The pile of trees is decorated side by side. There is a wooden bridge which went through the forest so that you can walk.

There is also a small waterfall inside the forest. But be aware to drink the water. It could be harmful to your health as the fall is not well preserved. The wooden bridge is also a great place for cycling.


12. Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Punta Gorda. Although there are very few churches available here, Sacred Heart Catholic Church is special for its excellent beauty and interior design.

The roof of the church is high and the wall is well decorated. The chandeliers increase the charm of this church. The church is surrounded by different kinds of trees. Christmas tree is one among them.


13. Bayshore Live Oak Park

Bayshore Live Oak Park is the most beautiful place on this list after Webb Lake. The beautiful bay went by the side of the shore and the place is excellent for couples and friends to sit down on the bench and have a gossip.

There is a kid’s park just beside the shore. Also, the adults can visit the place. There is a car parking place. A bridge that went through the bay almost in the middle is a great place to enjoy the sunset standing on.


14. South County Regional Park

South County Regional Park is a complete kid’s park. The whole park is full of different rides and swimming pools. The place is a charm for the kids. There is also a narrow highway in the middle which is great for cycling.

There is a resting shade with benches where you can sit or have a rest while gossiping with someone. Most importantly, there is a tennis court which is the only entertaining place for the adults.


15. Gilcrist Bridge

This bridge is just a piece of excellence. You can’t believe the beauty of it at night when the whole bridge is decorated with purple lights and the vehicles move on through it. The lake underneath is always calm and the water flows gently.

You should visit this bridge at night when the charm increases double. However, the bridge joins multiple highways and you may not identify the roads easily. For that reason, you should follow the guideline on the board which will clearly direct you to your destination.

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