Best 12 Sunny Destinations to Escape the Cold

As Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose and icy winds send chills down your spine, many snowbirds and digital nomads pack their bags and fly off towards sunny destinations. But with so many warm destinations to choose from, making the ideal winter escape can get overwhelming. Table of Contents Show 1 Top Sunny Destinations…

Sunny Destinations

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As Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose and icy winds send chills down your spine, many snowbirds and digital nomads pack their bags and fly off towards sunny destinations. But with so many warm destinations to choose from, making the ideal winter escape can get overwhelming.

That’s why we have cherry-picked 12 of the world’s best places to escape wintery weather based on sunny skies, warm seas, cool attractions, and reasonable costs.

So brace yourself as we whisk you away from those frigid winter months to some fabulous tropical and coastal wonderlands across the globe!

Top Sunny Destinations to Beat the Winter Blues

1. Phuket, Thailand: Topping the Charts for Island Life

 Phuket, Thailand- 12 Sunny Destinations to Escape the Cold

Kicking off our list at numero uno is none other than the fabulous “Pearl of the Andaman” – Phuket, Thailand! From December to February, daily temperatures on Thailand’s largest island hover between balmy highs of 88°F (33°C) and pleasant lows of around 77°F (25°C).

Phuket wows with over 30 dazzling beaches tucked between lush rainforests and rocky headlands. Whether you’re looking for happening beach clubs, romantic hideaways, awesome aqua adventures, or local culture by the truckloads, Phuket delivers.

The island suits all budgets too. Cozy bungalows can cost under $500 per month while luxury villas with infinity pools go for over $3,000. Either way, your dollar stretches far thanks to super cheap Thai street eats like pad thai and mango sticky rice!

2. Santa Marta, Colombia: A Coastal Gem with Beach Vibes

Santa Marta, Colombia- 12 Sunny Destinations to Escape the Cold

Trading winter boots for flip flops, Santa Marta on Colombia’s Caribbean coast makes a magnificent escape from blustery weather. From December to February, this colonial city stays balmy with averages between 89°F (32°C) and 75°F (24°C).

Beyond superb weather and beaches, Santa Marta thrills with outdoor adventures like hiking to ancient ruins, rafting, and swimming at the foot of snow-capped Sierra Nevada peaks. Quaint plazas, waterside restaurants, and buzzing nightlife heat up the downtown area.

The laidback lifestyle here won’t break the bank either. Expect to pay around $1,000 monthly for a nice apartment near the beach. Hit up local markets to feast on low-cost Colombian staples like arepas (corn cakes), empanadas (stuffed pastries), and fresh exotic fruits.

3. The Canary Islands, Spain: Europe’s Exotic Winter Wonderland

The Canary Islands, Spain- 12 Sunny Destinations to Escape the Cold

Part of Spain yet located off Africa’s northwest coast, the Canary Islands flaunt a fine Mediterranean climate all winter long. Average December and January temperatures range from pleasant days around 73°F (23°C) to mild nights of 63°F (17°C).

With seven main islands to pick from, the Canaries offer incredible diversity in a condensed area. Lively Las Palmas on Gran Canaria provides city comforts and wild Atlantic beaches.


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Peaceful La Gomera attracts nature lovers with lush laurel forests crisscrossed with hiking trails. Quaint Santa Cruz de Tenerife – the Canaries’ capital on Tenerife – delights with sunny plazas, seafood eateries, and the stunning Mount Teide volcano.

The only downside is the Canaries are popular so costs run higher in winter. But enjoying a prime European destination without bracing against icy gales? Priceless!

4. Aruba: A Dutch Caribbean Playground

 Aruba- Best Sunny Destinations to Escape the Cold

Looking for guaranteed sunny skies, spectacular beaches, and lively resort towns? Then set your sights 17 miles north of Venezuela on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba!

Come December, temperatures stick around 82°F (28°C) accompanied by gentle easterly trade winds. Watersports like windsurfing and kitesurfing turn epic thanks to warm seas and gusty conditions.

Ashore, Aruba offers world-class golf, casinos, luxury malls, and Dutch-inspired architecture in the capital Oranjestad.

Being outside hurricane and earthquake zones makes Aruba an exceptionally safe pick too. Just expect higher holiday rates for hotels, meals, and activities in peak season.

5. Queensland, Australia: Beautiful One Day, Perfect The Next!

Queensland, Australia

As winter descends across North America and Europe, bask in endless summer up north across the globe in Queensland, Australia.

Nestled below the Great Barrier Reef, this northeast state blends vibrant big cities, gorgeous beaches, romantic countryside, and warm welcoming people known affectionately as “Queenslanders.”

December through February heat up to delightful averages of 84°F (29°C), making Queensland perfect for water sports, jungle treks, or just bronzing on the beach! Costs run reasonable too at around $2,000 monthly for a nice apartment.

Down Under does get rain in December but Aussies just call that “liquid sunshine,” throw on flip flops, and grab umbrellas for impromptu dances in the street!

6. Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico: Maya Magic & Caribbean Dreams

 Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico: Maya Magic & Caribbean Dreams

Craving margaritas on the beach after romping around Mayan ruins all day? Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula promises pyramid rich adventures and nonstop aquatic amusement come winter.

Cancún makes a convenient base to explore the region’s hotspots. Then savor life in a slower lane across the peninsula in places like artsy Mérida, boho Tulum, and tranquil Isla Holbox with its whale shark tours.

December and January deliver hot sunny weather in the 80s Fahrenheit (high 20s Celsius) with occasional brief showers.

Prime holiday times though so prepare to pay top peso. Budget savvy travelers can still swing around $2,500 monthly for a nice apartment and fun in the Yucatán sun!

7. Cape Town, South Africa: Big City Sophistication Meets Small Town Charm

Cape Town, South Africa

As one of the southernmost major metropolises on Earth, Cape Town, South Africa skips frigid winter weather. Summer falls between December and February with warm days typically topping out around 82°F (28°C) and cooler nights around 61°F (16°C).

Nestled dramatically between the Atlantic Ocean and rugged Table Mountain, Cape Town impresses with awesome outdoor adventures, award-winning vineyards, pulsating nightlife, eclectic dining, and breathtaking scenery around every corner. Nearby cute coastal villages boast their own charms too.

South Africa deals incredible bang for your buck as well. Expect around $1,500 monthly to land a nice pad in Cape Town to use as your basecamp for exploring the stunning Cape Peninsula.

8. Mauritius: A Multicultural Haven in the Indian Ocean


For a cosmopolitan yet cooperative vibe, the sun-soaked island nation of Mauritius makes an excellent escape from winter’s wrath.

Situated 500 miles (800 km) east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius stays balmy in December and January with typical highs around 86°F (30°C) and lows of 75°F (24°C).

Beyond glorious weather and beaches, Mauritius woos with bustling street markets, Hindu temples, Creole mansions, Chinese pagodas, mosques, churches, and more reflecting the population’s diverse roots. Day trips reveal spectacular waterfalls, extinct volcanoes, and fabulous nature walks.

Costs vary across the island but most snowbirds can swing $1,500 – $2,000 monthly to live pleasantly. And English works as the unofficial first language here too!

9. Dubai, UAE: Where Futuristic Meets Fabulous

Dubai, UAE:

As winter sweeps through the northern latitudes, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates retains pleasant temperatures between December and February. Daily highs average around 79°F (26°C) while nights dip to 57°F (14°C).

Beyond flawless weather, Dubai dazzles as a premium global destination fusing Arabian grandeur with over-the-top luxury. Fancyx staying in the world’s tallest building?

Sipping cocktails atop a palm tree-shaped island? Skiing down an indoor mountain? Anything goes in this city where outlandish rules!

Being a tourist hotspot means Dubai leans pricey, especially in peak season. Budget about $3,000 per month for a basic single bedroom apartment. Splurging on five-star hotels and Michelin starred restaurants can crank costs much higher!

10. Magdalena Department, Colombia: Undiscovered Caribbean Gem

Magdalena Department, Colombia

Stretching along Colombia’s exquisite Caribbean coast, Magdalena Department offers a peaceful paradise packed with history and natural beauty. In Santa Marta –its capital and crown jewel – warm nights dip no lower than into the 70s F (mid 20s C) in December and January.

By day soak up rays on sandy beaches then get your culture fix in Santa Marta’s downtown exploring quaint plazas and churches dating back to the 16th century. Don’t missstralianmare fresh produce overflowing from local markets too!

With fewer foreigners than the rest of the Caribbean coast, Magdalena provides a authentically Colombian experience on the cheap. Expect costs around $1,000 per month. Your money stretches further inland outside Santa Marta in places like Minca – a mountain village turned digital nomad hideout!

11. The Bahamas: Islands in the Stream

The Bahamas

Sunny skies? Check! Pristine beaches? Double check! Festive fireworks and music for an epic New Year’s Eve? Oh yeah! Come December, the Bahamas shine as a magnificent nearby choice to flee from Old Man Winter’s grip up north.

Spanning 700 islands and cays scattered 50 miles southeast of Florida, this Caribbean hot spot flaunts fantastic weather with lows in the 70s F (20s C) and cheery highs in the 80sF (30C). Temperatures stay suitable year-round for lounging on silky sand beaches or plunging into pleasantly bathwater-warm seas.

Nassau on New Providence makes the Bahamas’ biggest and busiest gateway while smaller Out Islands exude outer island adventures and tranquility.

Just prepare for holiday price hikes across accommodations, dining, and activities for winter’s peak visitor season! Best deals in 2024!

12. Sri Lanka: Spice & Nice

Sri Lanka

Last but certainly not least on our round the world tour of balmy winter getaways brings us to alluring Sri Lanka. After the southwest monsoon rains depart by early December, the teardrop-shaped isle dries up and heats up just in time for the holidays!

Through February, beach destinations down south like vibrant Galle and mellow Ahangama treat visitors to highs approaching 90°F (32°C) with evening temperatures rarely falling below 70°F (21°C). Mix in low costs, fascinating culture, and engaging locals for a perfect winter escape!

Find Your Tropical Bliss – Escape Winter to Paradise!

And with that final stop in the magnificent Indian Ocean, we complete our world tour of 12 marvelous destinations to defrost from winter’s wrath without going broke. Each impresses with sunny skies, warm shores, and unique adventures at costs meeting a wide range of vacation budgets.

So stop shivering already and hop online to book flights to your chosen winter wonderland! In no time, you’ll trade dreary days and long johns for sunshine living in shorts and flip flops. Then as loved ones back home battle frostbite, you’ll be happily sipping tropical cocktails beneath swaying palms counting the days until spring.

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