15 Best Things To Do In Idaho Falls (With Photo & Map)

Table of Contents Show 1 15 Best Things To Do In Idaho Falls: 2 1. Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park 3 2. Collectors Corner Museum 4 3. Hell’s Half Acre 5 4. ARTitorium on Broadway 6 5. The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho 7 6. Idaho Falls Zoo 8 7. Idaho Brewing Company 9…


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15 Best Things To Do In Idaho Falls:

Idaho Falls is popular all over the area for its invincible way into the outdoors Nearby the Snake River in eastern Idaho. ID is a delightful city with various attractions for all families. 
The Idaho Falls River is a popular walker passage that presents a sight of the city’s namesake characteristics. Idaho Falls gives five miles of beautiful attractions on both sides of the Snake River.
Explore hiking trails around Idaho Falls. Bikers and Hikers can journey the city beside the Greenbelt, a smooth path that runs beside the river and passes the city’s downtown, a waterfall, and the market.
Culture, Art, and a celebration of history can be discovered in Idaho Falls elevation at places similar to the Museum of Idaho, the Japanese Friendship Garden at Sportsman Park, and The Art Museum.
All ages of tourists and Family-friendly can make fun things to do and discover interesting something at the East Idaho Aquarium, Collectors’ Corner Museum, and the Idaho Zoo at Tautphaus Park.
The Eastern Idaho Art Museum presents works by new artists and renowned, national, and local artists.
The Museum of Idaho rejoices local culture and history shows. Idaho Falls Zoo is one of the excellent zoos with animals from six continents in the country.

So what to do in Idaho Falls, You can take the scenic route and be wowed by Idaho’s offerings. Waterfalls, wildlife, and towering mountains make taking your time in Idaho a relaxing and inspiring adventure.You can visit Snake River Greenbelt, Japanese Pavilion,Tautphaus Park, Hell’s Half Acre etc.

The greatly predictable East Idaho falls aquarium is now open for tourists. Exciting Movies can add extra enjoyment the tickets are legal for, any day, and any movie at Edwards Grand Teton Stadium 14 showtimes.
Also, Idaho Falls has had a minor league baseball team. The team has been known as the Chukars. Chukars are a professional baseball club based in Idaho Falls.. The Chukars are a Minor League Baseball affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. They play their home games at Melaleuca Field, which has a seating capacity of 3,600.
You will find World-renowned places to visit surrounding the city such as Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park formulate Idaho Falls an international center for the journey. For more sightseeing ideas, read our list of the top things to do in the city of Idaho Falls.
tautphaus park idaho falls

1. Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park

Tautphaus Park is one of the biggest and oldest parks in Idaho Falls. Which is packed with family desirability. Greenspace and plentiful trees describe the attractiveness of the park.

It is complete with waterslides and carnival rides. This place is best for outdoor activities in Idaho Falls one can do picnic shelters, baseball diamonds in the Amusement Park. The Tautphaus Park Zoo is a pride and joy attraction of this park. The Idaho Falls zoo is home to not just American animals but those from all over the globe.

Their main attractions are their lions, snow leopards, and cute little penguins. It also referrers to enjoy host occasions during the operating season. The zoo also arranges family-friendly Boo at the Zoo celebration for Halloween fun. Any of these activities in Idaho falls are fine for anyone but are especially great for families to do together.

collectors corner museum collectors corner museum

2. Collectors Corner Museum 

Jim and Nida Gyorfy run their Collectors’ Corner Museum, home to 125 totally different collections of collectibles.
They decided to distribute their enthusiasm and launched the museum in 2003. The museum is situated in a previous grocery store, and it can go ignored except you identify where to look.
Once you are inside, you will be pleased with the decently arranged exhibits at the clear back glass.
The museum’s collections have Precious Moments figurines, Ron Lee clowns, coins and stuffed animal toys, hubcaps, model planes, troll dolls, mechanical monkeys.
Nida and Jim create them attractive and inserted them into their collection because not all of them were made as collectibles. Every so often, total strangers take their collections to distribute with the community.
Visiting the museum gets back youth recollections for older people, with Pez candies and other common forgotten toys.
Hell's Half Acre

3. Hell’s Half Acre

The lava plain Hell’s Half-Acre lava ground is about 25 miles from Idaho Falls and situated on the Snake River Plain. This massive 2,000-year-old plain of the hard lava flow is packed with sharp jagged rocks, Big open cracks, and other obstacles. The 68,760 acres of National Natural Landmark has been confirmed as a wilderness learning spot.
There are two trails noticeable by flags, and the site is a well-liked space for the hiker: A little half-hour one and a longer one that needs a complete day which leads to the central volcanic vent – a dark, low hill, about 700 feet long and almost 200 feet wide.
Thousands of years ago, the lava broke in this spot throughout the surface of the land. The trail is a beautiful, charming overlook beautiful, charming overlook and an exhibition area. If you arrive in the Idaho springs season, you will observe bright green lichens, clumps of wildflowers, plainly contrasting with the dark volcanic rocks and mosses.


ARTitorium on Broadway

4. ARTitorium on Broadway

ARTitorium is situated on Broadway in downtown Idaho falls attractions. Kids up to the age of 12 a system to experience art and draw their imagination. They can use art-making software to make murals, animation stations, noise-making projects, and a green screen studio.
This place is considered as an educational family and fun attraction. There are complete ranges of interactive art classes, a full range of interactive and hands-on exhibits.
Kids use creative materials for their art installations, such as pipe cleaners, scrapbook paper, and much more. They can look at more than 300 artworks presentation for motivation on six big touch-screens obtainable to the small artists in the Virtual Gallery.
things to do in idaho falls

5. The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho

The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho focuses on art education to encourage the visual arts throughout various inventive shows. The museum runs beside the Snake River in Idaho Falls and is situated beside the urban Greenbelt walkway. It has five galleries these are a gift shop, workshop area, an art classroom, and a kids town Idaho falls interactive art area. Visitors are free to join one of the tours, explore the museum, art lectures, family days, or studio classes. The museum’s exhibitions symbolize not only nationally regionally, and internationally renowned artists, but also talented local artists.

Idaho Falls Zoo

6. Idaho Falls Zoo

Idaho Falls Zoo includes an unbelievable variety of animals for a little zoo. More than 330 animals belonging to 120 types from all over the world survive in natural enclosures and hard work. The zoo is measured as one of the greatest little zoos in the country, is an element of the well-liked Park, one of the oldest in Idaho Falls and large Tautphaus Park. There are 28 African species, together with lions, zebras, and penguins. Sloth bears, sloth bears, and sloth bears appear from Asia. Golden eagles, otters, and While pelicans be a symbol of North America. The visitor will observe singing dogs, wallabies, and kookaburra can be found in the Idaho Falls Zoo. There is a children’s zoo as well with goats, pigs, and sheep that kids can pet and feed them.

Idaho Brewing Company

7. Idaho Brewing Company

The Idaho Brewing Company is popular all over Eastern Idaho for its lagers and appetizing award-winning craft ales. Their tasting room is placed on the scenic Snake River banks.
It is a well-liked area for the visitors and locals to take pleasure in the sights with the relax and flavorsome of the numerous very special styles of beer. There is a big outdoor deck beside the cozy indoor space to get pleasure from your brew and sit in the fresh air. If you are lucky, you will enjoy live music. Those attracted people can take part in the procedure of making beer in a brewery tour. At present, they prepare 18 different beer styles with their ten-barrel brew arrangement.

8. Japanese Pavilion

Tokai-Mura Japanese city is a sister city to Idaho Falls. The city made the Japanese Friendship Garden on a little island. It rejoices this friendship in the middle of the Snake River close to Broadway Bridge.
There is a footbridge that gives the right of entry to the island from both sides of the river. Tokai-Mura provided to Idaho Falls a big traditional stone lamp A few decades ago. This was set up in the Friendship Garden.
A community project was beginning and had the aim of making a Japanese Pavilion. Clarke Kido established landscaping the spot close to the lantern. Later many other volunteers joined by many other volunteers and Judy Sydel.
They made a trail, planted trees, deck, and bushes. A beautiful pavilion was built in the true Japanese tradition.
The pavilion was opened formally for the public in 2016. Now it is a peaceful oasis, a wonderful, shiny Japanese garden and celebrating the companionship between the two cities.

Museum of Idaho

9. Museum of Idaho

The Museum of Idaho is a large place to study about Idaho’s culture and history. However, the story of the museum’s making is attractive in its own right. The museum is addressed in progress in its life as a community library. The Village development civilization was established in 1898 with the assist of the Carnegie Foundation. A group of local women-run The Improvement Society they desired to bring culture to the little town, wild, dusty. When the library shifted to another place, they managed funds to modernize the old building and transformed it into a museum. Now return Idaho’s history and method of life with presentation such as A Journey to Our Future, Winter Festival, the Olde-Fashioned Christmas, and many others.
Carstens' Bakery

10. Carstens’ Bakery

Since 1968, Carstens’ Bakery has been providing Idaho Falls’ folks with tasty sweet pleasure. Shannon Carstens and Willi owned it, and they also operate Carstens’ Bakery. The European authority is perceptible in Willi’s famed tasty Danish pastries packed with fruits, cheese, and much more.
There are also cookies, doughnuts, pies, fruit bars, and all types of particular cakes for weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. The whole thing is prepared by the fresh daily, thus come up to hurry, or they may run out of your preferred goodies. If you want cakes for any party, order a day before in advance.

Idaho Potato Museum

11. Idaho Potato Museum

Idaho is illustrious for its potatoes over the world; therefore, it is likely that there is a potato museum. It is situated in the formerly housed the Oregon Short Line Railroad Depot. Nowadays, the museum displays the meaning of the potato industry for the region, the history, and the state throughout various shows. These consist of a Peruvian 1,500-year-old container prepared particularly to store potatoes, the biggest potato chip in the world, a potato timeline using up in America that takes in the French fries introduction to the White House throughout the time of Thomas Jefferson. The modernized station baggage claim room has been transformed into the Potato Station Café and presents potato-themed foods, together with potato chips dipped in coffee.

Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas


12. Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas

There are various traditions of exploring Idaho, and Llama is one of them. Llamas particularly bred and qualified to bring people and their unforgettable mountain journeys. Wilderness Ridge path Llamas breed pack llamas for rent hope to utilize them for adventures. Everyone has to go through a 45-minute direction who wants to attempt riding a llama on an adventure. Travelers have to learn about llamas, how and what to feed them, how to lead them and handle them, about their gear, and what to expect from them. You can just come to the pet llamas and llama ranch as well.
Snake River Greenbelt

13. Snake River Greenbelt

The Idaho Falls Greenbelt is a big technique to travel around Idaho falls population. This combined mission between the local resident volunteers and Idaho Falls covers 5 miles with the Snake River.
The Idaho Falls Greenbelt and River Walk tourist attractions have some of the most magnificent scenery of the city. It presents lengthily well maintained and landscaped, usually seen here are strollers, runners, and cyclists, as well as a group of people members.
It’s the main attraction in Idaho falls. Basically, it is a large place to bring a camera the landscape surrounds the Snake River Greenbelt modifies colors during the year.
Bikers and hikers can take pleasure in it. The smooth trail exceeds various local shops, restaurants, runs along with the farmers’ marketplace, and the renowned 600-feet large waterfall and beautiful restricted private gardens give right of entry to the Idaho Falls Disc Golf Course.
The city enlarges the trail in the summer season with a floating bridge to run under Hwy 20, involving it with the Freeman Park. The Greenbelt is utilized for the yearly Great Snake River Duck Race, prepared via the Idaho Falls Rotary Club.

Reeds Dairy Inc

14. Reed’s Dairy Inc

Since 1955 Reed’s Dairy has been supplying dairy products, milk, and cheese to Idaho Falls and the area. This 260 cow handler and the maker has dealt out the capability that bottles non-fat and total milk in half-gallon replaceable glass bottles and plastic as well as fewer environmentally responsive plastic bottles sold in stores. Their milk products and milk are growth hormones and free of artificial additives.

You can discover all sorts of delicious Reed’s ice creams on Broadway in Idaho Falls in their shop. All items are made with the traditional method with zero added but fruits, milk, sugar, and other delights peanuts and chocolate.

Villa Coffeehouse

15. Villa Coffeehouse

The Villa Coffeehouse and Cafe in city center Idaho Falls is where locals spend time relaxing, obtain their preferred cup of java, meet friends, or check their emails. They provide classic or fancy, a big range of coffee drinks, all roasted freshly by another home business. They make a unique home unify for Villa Coffeehouse. The atmosphere is cozy and relaxed, with comfortable sofas, high ceilings, and a big bar. You can acquire a dessert to depart with your coffee from their bulky menu. The whole thing is prepared freshly from scratch. There are always creative sandwiches and hot soups for lunch. People arrive and reside a while with no doubt.


The top-rated desirability of Idaho discovers the various beautiful regions of the cities and state like Boise provides numerous fun things to do. Other cities in Idaho attraction exploring together with Coeur d’Alene, Twin Falls, and Idaho Falls. All the top-rated rated resorts in Idaho offer comfortable stays and scenic backdrops for a fun overnight experience. Follow our travel tips to get a better travel experience. Discover outdoor adventures, determine the destinations that are Idaho known for, and be inspired.


Why you should visit Idaho Falls?

Idaho Falls is well known throughout the region for its unbeatable access to the outdoors. Hugging the Snake River, the Greenbelt is a system of trails with parks and a waterfall.

With western hospitality, a booming economic base, a diverse arts community, and a backyard filled with recreational opportunities, Idaho Falls is a great place for business and destination travel. Grab your planning itinerary because great adventure begins in Idaho Falls.

What can you do in Idaho Falls?

Idaho Falls is a city in Idaho. The Riverside Art Museum of Eastern Idaho showcases eclectic works. You can visit Snake River Greenbelt, Japanese Pavilion, Tautphaus Park, Hell’s Half Acre Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park, Civic auditorium, Yellowstone National Park, Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, Russ Freeman Park, Craters of the Moon National Monument & PreserveSportsman Park, Becker Pond, Lava Field, Giant Eagle Waterfall Nest

Is Idaho Falls a nice place to live?

Idaho Falls is a good place to live because it offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes.  Many families and young professionals live in Idaho Falls and residents tend to be conservative.

Idaho falls now growing its community engagement, it’s easy to access outdoor activities; and its growing medical, technology, and manufacturing trades. The public schools in Idaho Falls are above average.


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What to do in Idaho Falls in the winter?


  •  Ice Fishing- Fun activity that you can try is to go ice fishing. You will need a few supplies, but if you go fishing in the summertime, you will most likely have everything that you need already. Even if you have never tried it before it is sure to be a lot of fun. 
  • Go Skiing- If skiing is more your thing, you will want to check out Kelly Canyon Ski Resort. It is just a 30-minute drive from Idaho Falls and is the perfect spot to ski and snowboard.
  • Dip in Hot Spring- If a relaxing soak in a hot spring sounds like your idea of an ideal getaway, all you need to do is grab a pair of snowshoes and hit the trail. Because Idaho is home to more hot springs than any other state. 
  • Dog Sledding –  Ashton’s American Dog Derby is held in the third week of February every year. If you want to give it a try, you could always join the 100-yard Mutt Race and see if your dog has what it takes to win.

What are the best outdoor activities things to do in Idaho Falls?

  • Idaho Falls River Walk
  • Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park
  • Japanese Pavilion
  • Hell’s Half Acre
  • Tautphaus Park

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