17 BEST Day Trips from Phoenix, Arizona (UPDATED 2024)

Arizona is a spectacularly diverse state with vibrant cities, stunning natural landscapes, and a rich history and culture. It’s no wonder that Arizona is a hugely popular travel destination, attracting millions of visitors every year. Table of Contents Show 1 17 Best Day Trips from Phoenix 2 1. Sedona 3 2. Prescott 4 3. Grand…

Day Trips from Phoenix, Arizona

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Arizona is a spectacularly diverse state with vibrant cities, stunning natural landscapes, and a rich history and culture. It’s no wonder that Arizona is a hugely popular travel destination, attracting millions of visitors every year.

One of the best ways to experience Arizona is to take a day trip from the major cities like Phoenix and Tucson. With so many incredible places located a reasonable driving distance away, you can pack a lot into just one day while avoiding lengthy stays in hotels.

In this ultimate Day Trip guide, we will cover 17 exciting day trips from Phoenix, Arizona and provide all the information you need to plan your ideal road trips.

17 Best Day Trips from Phoenix

1. Sedona

Phoenix Sedona

Distance from Phoenix: 1.5 hours.

With its famous red rock formations set against pine forests and the azure backdrop of Arizona’s skies, Sedona is one of America’s most picturesque small cities.

This beautiful destination lies amongst a spectacular natural backdrop which looks like something out of a wild west movie.

Sedona is located just a 90 minute drive from Phoenix through the desert landscape before entering the start of the majestic Oak Creek Canyon. Here are the must-see sights and activities to include on your Sedona day trip:

  • Uptown Sedona – This vibrant area features art galleries, restaurants, shops set amongst impressive red rock views.
  • Red Rock State Park – Features stunning hiking trails past red rock buttes, arches and creeks.
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross – This church built right inside the red rocks offers spiritual tranquility.
  • Pink Jeep Tours – The best way to experience Sedona’s red rock terrain is through an off-road tour.
  • Slide Rock State Park – Cool off sliding down natural rock water chutes at this fun swimming hole.
  • Cathedral Rock Trail – Iconic Sedona hike featuring insane red rock views.
  • Devil’s Bridge Trail – Eerie natural sandstone arch attracting amateur photographers.

Sedona sees its peak tourist seasons during spring and fall when temperatures are mild. Summers can be very hot while winters bring chilly nights.

While there’s certainly enough to keep you captivated for longer, Sedona works perfectly as an Arizona day trip if you make the most of your time.


2. Prescott

Prescott Phoenix

Distance from Phoenix: 100 miles.

With its scenic setting, historic downtown and pleasant weather, Prescott makes for a popular destination for Phoenix locals looking for a high country escape.

Nestled amidst the largest stand of ponderosa pine in the world, Prescott enjoys mild weather and much greenery compared to the arid metro Phoenix area. Here’s how to spend an enjoyable day trip in Prescott, AZ:


Tours & Things to do hand-picked by our insiders


  • Whiskey Row – Historic downtown strip with Old West saloons and eateries still lined with original 1800s buildings
  • Courthouse Plaza – Attractive public square featuring gazebos, lawns and special events
  • Prescott Brewing Company – Quality craft beers and good pub grub overlooking the plaza
  • Sharlot Hall Museum – Informative displays on Arizona history, artifacts and Governor’s Mansion
  • Watson & Willow Lakes – Scenic lakes set against granite boulders offering hiking and kayaking
  • Thumb Butte Trail – Short hike rewarded by panoramic views over Prescott Valley.

July and August are very warm in Prescott while November through March brings cold nights and a chance of snowfall. Late spring and early autumn are great times to visit this historic Wild West town.

Prescott offers a serene natural setting with comforts of civilization and glimpses into Arizona’s past – making it an easy and popular day outing from Phoenix.


3. Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

Distance from Phoenix: 3.5-4 hours.

As one of America’s most iconic national parks and natural wonders of the world, it would be almost sinful to visit Arizona without setting aside a day to venture to the breath-taking Grand Canyon.

A day trip allows you to take in the awe-inspiring South Rim viewpoints and get a real taste of the immense scale and beauty of this natural phenomenon. Some must-see aspects for your quick Grand Canyon tour:

  • Grand Canyon Village – Orient yourself and soak up views at the park’s central hub.
  • Bright Angel Trail – Hike down into the canyon for epic sweeping vistas over changing rock layers.
  • Hermit’s Rest – Hop aboard the park shuttle bus out west to spectacular canyon viewpoints.
  • Hopi Point – My personal favorite panoramic Grand Canyon viewpoint to photograph the endless formations and depths.
  • Grand Canyon Skywalk – Cantilevered glass bridge offering gutsy views 4,000 feet down to the canyon floor.
  • IMAX Movie – The perfect way to learn about the history and geology of the Grand Canyon.

With sweltering temperatures in summer and cold winters with potential snowfall causing road closures over winter, late spring and early fall are the best seasons to visit.

While extra days would allow you to hike deeper down or explore the North Rim, you can still see the key Grand Canyon sights in just one action-packed day.


4. Jerome


Distance from Phoenix: 2 hours.

The winding drive up Cleopatra Hill leads you to the town of Jerome, Arizona – once known as the “Billion Dollar Copper Camp” before becoming an abandoned ghost town, and now a thriving artist community.

Featuring a maze of streets overlooking stunning Verde Valley views, this historic mountain hamlet makes for a fun day trip back into Arizona’s past. Top attractions to hit on your Jerome day expedition include:

  • Gold King Mine Ghost Town – Living history exhibits provide eerie insight into the town’s mining heydays and decline.
  • Jerome State Historic Park – Museum providing an overview of the town’s complete history and mining impacts.
  • Audrey Headframe Park – Insta-worthy snaps with the town’s iconic mining headframe still standing tall.
  • Jerome Art Walk – Downtown galleries displaying creative works from local visual artists.
  • Jerome Grand Hotel – Have lunch or dinner at this 1929-built former hospital with stunning views.
  • Haunted Hamburger – Satisfy your fast food cravings at this horror-themed burger joint.

Jerome can be visited year-round but avoid coming in monsoon season from July-September when heavy downpours happen regularly.

Featuring paranormal intrigue, striking scenery and artists charm, the mountaintop hamlet of Jerome makes for an easy and eclectic day out from Phoenix.


5. Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Distance from Phoenix: 5 hours.

Bundling highlights Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend together makes for the ultimate day trip from Phoenix for photography enthusiasts. Both are found around Page in Northern Arizona near the Utah state border.

Formed by water rushing through sandstone over millions of years, Antelope Canyon’s smooth curving rock walls feature stunning orange, pink and purple tones that glow under rays of sunlight piercing down from above.

Meanwhile Horseshoe Bend is an impressive meander of the Colorado River which has carved a perfect U-shaped curve into the plateau. Here are some Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend trip tips:

  • Lower Antelope Canyon – More accessible and affordable option requiring a guided tour through Native American land.
  • Upper Antelope Canyon – Involves climbing several flights of stairs but offers more photogenic beams of light.
  • Midday Light – Try to schedule canyon tours at midday when light shines directly down for the most vibrant colors.
  • Horseshoe Bend Viewpoint – Best photographed during early morning or late afternoon when the sun accentuates the rock features.
  • Lake Powell – Extend your stay to enjoy scenic desert lake activities like sightseeing cruises or kayaking.

With extreme heat in summer and potential snow storms in winter, spring and fall are the prime seasons. Avoid visiting Antelope Canyon if any chance of rain is forecast.

This scenic duo offers Arizona’s most Instagrammable landscapes – making it an epic albeit long photography day trip.


6. Tucson


Distance from Phoenix: 113 miles.

As Arizona’s second largest city, Tucson serves up a vibrant mix of culture, history, cuisine and natural sights – making it a fabulous day trip option from Phoenix.

Tucson lies within the Sonoran Desert but its higher elevation delivers slightly cooler temperatures along with incredible sunsets and dramatic mountain views in all directions. Popular things to experience in Tucson for the day include:

  • Mission San Xavier del Bac – Ornate Spanish Catholic mission church dubbed the “White Dove of the Desert”.
  • Sabino Canyon – Stunning desert oasis featuring reflecting pools and excellent hiking under soaring rock walls.
  • University of Arizona Campus – Wander the attractive red brick university grounds established in 1885.
  • Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum – Part zoo, botanical garden and natural history museum with local plants and animals.
  • Tucson Botanical Gardens – Displaying gorgeous desert flora across 5 themed areas on 2.5 acres.
  • Pima Air & Space Museum – Enormous private aircraft collection including many exotic military jets.

Tucson enjoys pleasant weather for most of the year outside mid summer when extremely hot temperatures set it. It rarely rains in Tucson.

Offering the perfect blend of culture, history and nature, Tucson makes an excellent destination for a one day road trip from Phoenix.


7. Tombstone

Tombstone az

Distance from Tucson: 72 miles.

For an exciting glimpse into Arizona’s Wild West and silver mining history, look no further than a day trip to the legendary town of Tombstone from Tucson.

This historic town was once a booming mining settlement known as “The Town Too Tough To Die” where silver prospectors rubbed shoulders with the likes of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Today, Tombstone has turned back the clocks to the 1880s frontier era. Must-see old west attractions here include:

  • Historic Allen Street – Board sidewalks featuring saloons, gift stores, ice cream parlors and the OK Corral.
  • World’s Largest Rosebush – Tombstone’s proud 12,000 square foot rosebush attraction dating back to 1885.
  • Historic Town Tour – Fun walking tours to explore Tombstone’s legendary frontier past inhabited by bandits and lawmen.
  • Bird Cage Theatre – Infamously rowdy Old West saloon, gambling hall and brothel packed with bullet holes.
  • Boothill Graveyard – Wander amongst the tombstones of Tombstone’s most notorious Wild West personalities and undesirables.

Tombstone can be visited comfortably year round but summer months are extremely hot while winter nights get rather cold. I recommend early autumn as the prime season.

Whether you’re an Old West history buff or simply looking for a rootin’ tootin’ good time, Tombstone offers big entertainment wrapped up as a fun day trip from Tucson.


8. Saguaro National Park

 Saguaro National Park

Distance from Tucson: 15 minutes west.

You simply can’t visit Southern Arizona without stopping to admire the iconic giant saguaro cacti which can grow over 40 feet tall and live 150 years. For the best opportunity to see these magnificent succulents, spend a day at Saguaro National Park located right on the outskirts of bustling Tucson.

Split over two sections either side of Tucson, a day is ample time to experience some of the park’s highlights:

  • Cactus Garden Trail – Stunning saguaro numbers right beside the visitor center. A great introductory hike!
  • Signal Hill Trail – Sweeping views over the Tucson basin and lots more mature saguaros.
  • Cactus Forest Loop Drive – Scenic 7 mile paved road revealing incredibly dense groupings of saguaros.
  • Ancient Arizona Trail – Showcasing remnants of a 4,000 year old Hohokam village who once inhabited this land.
  • Wildlife Spotting – Look out for birds, lizards and the super rare endangered Sonoran Pronghorn.

Saguaro National Park can be visited year-round. Summer months are extremely hot while winter is pleasant during daylight hours but chilly at night. Also beware of monsoon storms between July and September.

With more saguaros than you can count set before epic desert panoramas, Saguaro National Park makes an awesome natural escape just minutes from downtown Tucson hustle and bustle.


9. Phoenix Day Trips

Phoenix Day Trips

As Arizona’s thriving capital and largest metropolis, Phoenix serves as the central gateway to exploring the state’s many natural and cultural wonders.

Here is a quick list of the top places for memorable and easy day trips from Phoenix:

North of Phoenix

  • Sedona (1.5 hours drive)
  • Jerome / Verde Valley Wine Country (2 hours)
  • Flagstaff & Northern Arizona (2.5 hours)
  • Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe Bend (5 hours)

East of Phoenix

  • Tonto National Forest / Roosevelt Lake (1 hour)
  • Apache Trail Historic Road & Goldfield Ghost Town (1.5 hours)

South of Phoenix

  • Picacho Peak State Park (1.5 hours)
  • Tucson (2 hours)
  • Tombstone (3.5 hours)

West of Phoenix

  • Wickenburg / Vulture Mine (1 hour)
  • Arcosanti Experimental Town (1.5 hours)
  • Lake Pleasant (1 hour)

With so many incredible places easily accessible for day trips from Phoenix, you’ll want to stay extra days to experience the capital more.

However, Phoenix also makes the perfect home base for those short on time to venture out on Arizona’s top road trip routes stopping at all the highlights before circling back.

10. Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon

Distance from Sedona: 15 minutes south.

While Sedona offers jaw-dropping scenery, neighboring Oak Creek Canyon impresses with lush greenery, creeks and swimming holes that seem worlds apart from red rock country.

Located between Sedona and Flagstaff along scenic route 89A, Oak Creek Canyon provides close access to refreshing swimming holes for cooling off during hot Arizona summers. Top things to do here in just one day:

  • Slide Rock State Park – Iconic natural water slide hollowed out of the slick canyon rock walls.
  • Grasshopper Point – Cliffs offer fun jumping and diving into deep clear blue waters.
  • West Fork Trail – Stunning creekside hike leading to the impressive Devil’s Bridge sandstone arch.
  • Call of the Canyon Café – Dine creekside on the patio at this popular restaurant also stocking souvenirs.
  • Enchantment Resort – Posh 5 star hotel perched right over the canyon and winding Oak Creek. Stop by for lunch or a spa treatment.

As Sedona’s stunning cousin, Oak Creek Canyon could be visited any time of year with each season offering its own charm. But avoid mid summer when temperatures get rather hot.

Blending impressive nature with refreshing swimming opportunities, Oak Creek Canyon provides the recipe for a perfect summer escape wrapped up conveniently as a quick day trip from Sedona.


11. Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Distance from Page: 2 hours.

Recognized in countless western movies and TV shows for its iconic sandstone buttes rising from the desert landscape, Monument Valley provides a cornerstone Native American experience in Northeastern Arizona near the Four Corners region.

Located right on the Arizona/Utah border and Navajo Tribal Park, almost all of Monument Valley falls within the Navajo Nation reservation requiring entry permits and guided tours. Here is how to experience those legendary Wild West landscapes and Native American culture all within a day.

  • Valley Drive Loop – Take in sunrise over the Mittens and Totem Pole rock formations before the crowds arrive.
  • Navajo Tribal Park Visitor Center – Stop to enjoy exhibits explaining geology and Navajo traditions plus iconic photos from movie sets.
  • Backroad Tour – Bumpy but breathtaking guided drive on unpaved roads used as classic western film sets with dinosaurs and Ewok villages.
  • Explore Independently – Drive around freely admiring views after paying your entry permit – make sure to gas up beforehand!
  • Traditional Navajo Dinner – Savor a traditional meal of mutton stew with frybread at the View Hotel close to the Utah border.

The desert climate brings hot summers and cold winters, so spring and fall are best for day trips. Remember Monument Valley becomes extremely isolated after dark so schedule adequate drive time to return before sunset.


12. Bisbee


Distance from Tucson: 92 miles.

The historic mining settlement of Bisbee clings to the slopes of the Mule Mountains in Southern Arizona, not far from Tucson. This charming small town features stunning scenery, fascinating mining history, quirky shops and galleries, and wonderful lodging and dining options.

Top attractions and activities for a satisfying day trip to Bisbee include:

  • Exploring the Lavender Pit – An immense abandoned copper mine with striking colors that makes for incredible photos
  • Visiting the Queen Mine Tour – Don a hard hat and headlamp before descending into what was once one of the richest mineral sites in the world
  • Wandering historic Brewery Gulch – Get a glimpse of Bisbee’s legacy as a major copper producer in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Shopping for arts, crafts, jewelry, and more along Main Street – Bisbee is well-known today for its thriving artist community
  • Relaxing at one of Bisbee’s cafes, breweries, or restaurants – Enjoy Outstanding cuisine, coffee, and craft beer

Since Bisbee sits at over 5,000 feet elevation, it enjoys mild weather year-round, making it an pleasant day trip anytime. But summer afternoons can get rather warm.


13. Flagstaff & Northern Arizona

Flagstaff & Northern Arizona

Distance from Phoenix: 2.5 hours.

Arizona attractions

As Arizona’s prime alpine retreat, Flagstaff serves as a perfect base for exploring the diverse landscapes, iconic sites and adventure activities found across the state’s stunning northern reaches.

Must-see destinations for an action-packed Flagstaff area day trip include:

  • Walnut Canyon National Monument – Spectacular cliff dwelling ruins built over 700 years ago into the canyon walls.
  • Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument – Walk among twisted volcanic rock formations and craters from eruptions 900 years ago.
  • Wupatki National Monument – Explore well preserved stone pueblos and artifacts left by ancestors of the Hopi Tribe.
  • Lowell Observatory – Where Pluto was discovered! Peer through vintage telescopes at Flagstaff’s dark starry skies.
  • Arizona Snowbowl – Ride the scenic skyride up this popular ski mountain for sweeping forest views (summer only).
  • Historic Route 66 – Cruise a preserved section of the classic Mother Road featuring classic Americana.

Outside midsummer when thunderstorms are frequent, Northern Arizona offers moderate weather year-round perfect for active outdoor adventures. But snow is common in winter.

With ancient dwellings, volcanic remains and stellar stargazing alongside alpine forests and adventure thrills, Flagstaff provides a lifetime’s worth of excitement to fill any Northern Arizona road trip.

14. Patagonia & Tubac

Patagonia & Tubac

Distance from Tucson: 60 miles.

Nestled below the Santa Rita Mountains along the meandering Santa Cruz River lie the charming small towns of Patagonia and Tubac which both warrant a leisurely day trip south of Tucson.

These peaceful artists havens feature charming local shops and galleries within historic districts connected by a scenic bike path – perfect for whiling away an afternoon strolling around. Top attractions here include:

  • Tubac Center for the Arts – Creative hub with galleries, workshops and musical performances.
  • Patagonia Lake State Park – Watersports, hiking and birdwatching around the popular state park reservoir.
  • Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve – Excellent bird watching along the creek banks.
  • Tubac Golf Resort – 36 scenic holes winding through pecan groves with views of the Santa Ritas.
  • Santa Cruz Chile & Spice Company – Sample Mexican-inspired spice blends at this factory store.

Fall through to spring are the most comfortable seasons here when citrus fruits and wildflowers are blooming. Summers can be rather hot. But pleasant year-round compared to the rest of Arizona!


15. Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park

Distance from Phoenix: 3 hours.

Venture back in time amongst the Triassic Period fossils preserved within the Martian-like landscape of the Petrified Forest National Park in Northeastern Arizona.

Containing an overwhelming volume and variety of fossilized wooden remnants up to 225 million years old painted in vibrant mineral hues, the Petrified Forest offers a geology enthusiast’s dream. Top sights perfect for one day here include:

  • Giant Logs Trail – Wander amongst whole fallen ancient tree trunks heavier than steel.
  • Blue Mesa Trail – Alien badlands scenery displaying the most colorful concentrations of petrified wood.
  • Agate House – Ancient pueblo containing petrified wood incorporated into its infrastructure.
  • Rainbow Forest Museum – Life-size dioramas depicting the Late Triassic era environment and dinosaurs.
  • Route 66 Petroglyphs – View rock art etched by Native Americans 500+ years ago.
  • Historic Route 66 – Drive a preserved stretch lined with 1950s Americana relics.

Petrified Forest National Park sits at an altitude over 5,000 feet so features comfortable weather most of the year. But summer temperatures can still exceed 100°F! Best to visit in spring or autumn.

Offering windows both into Arizona’s deep past and more recent history, the Petrified Forest National Park with its badlands scenery provides the recipe for an exciting geology-focused day trip in Northern Arizona.


16. Kartchner Caverns State Park

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Distance from Tucson: 90 miles.

Arizona is home to some incredible underground cave systems, with Kartchner Caverns containing some of the most breathtaking and pristine limestone formations accessible to the public.

Still actively growing, this wet cavern system remains filled with astonishing variety of stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, columns, draperies and even rare formations less common elsewhere. Two guided tour options worth building a day trip around from Tucson include:

  • The Big Room Tour – Highlights here include the world’s longest soda straw stalactite at 21 feet 2 inches, the 16-foot high Kubla Khan column and the delicate red flowstone draperies.
  • The Rotunda / Throne Tour – Gawk at the 59-foot high Throne column guarding over the Rotunda room featuring a mind-blowing array of unique and intricate formations.

Year-round tours explore Kartchner’s magical subterranean world with most impressive sights during the hotter months when seasonal seep waters run to accentuate the views. But avoid visiting during July and August when peak thunderstorm activity happens.

Offering an awe-inspiring world of underground wonders, Kartchner Caverns presents an unforgettable experience for all ages wrapped up perfectly as a day trip while based out of Tucson.


17. Havasupai Waterfalls & Havasu Creek

Havasupai Waterfalls & Havasu Creek

Distance from Flagstaff: 3.5 hours.

Saving the best for last, no compilation of Arizona’s top natural attractions is complete without the fairytale Havasupai Waterfalls found deep inside the Grand Canyon feeding stunning blue-green pools.

Over thousands of years, mineral-rich waters have flowed over cliff edges here to form some truly magical cascades. The most spectacular easily reached along Havasu Creek within Havasupai Tribal Lands in just one day are:

  • Havasu Falls – Iconic 120-foot tall waterfall with vibrant blue-green pools perfect for swimming.
  • Mooney Falls – Requires climbing down a narrow tunnel to view but rewards with mystical views.
  • Beaver Falls – Remote multi-tiered falls with more beautiful blue-green waters for splashing around in.

Permits are required for entering Havasupai tribal land, strictly limiting visitor numbers. Availability is very scarce (sometimes selling our within hours of release) so plan 6+ months ahead. But it’s worth all the effort for what’s arguably Arizona’s most magical day trip!

That completes this mammoth list of the best places for memorable Arizona day trips to take your breath away and create lasting memories amidst the dramatic desert landscapes and rich frontier heritage.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next road trip adventure across the spectacular and diverse Grand Canyon State today.



How many days is enough in Arizona?

For a good overview, plan at least 5-7 days to see top highlights like Grand Canyon, Sedona, Phoenix, Antelope Canyon and Tucson. But 2 full weeks allows time to explore more thoroughly.

Can you do Grand Canyon as a day trip from Phoenix?

Yes! The South Rim is ~4 hour drive from Phoenix making it feasible to see the main sights in one very full day before returning. Leave early and be prepared for a long day.

Is there anything fun to do in Arizona?

YES! Arizona offers tons of epic outdoor adventures like hiking, boating, star-gazing alongside vibrant cities, fascinating Old West history, incredible geology and stunning scenery.

What is best for a day trip?

For great Arizona day trips, consider Sedona, Jerome, Prescott and Flagstaff from Phoenix or Tucson and Tombstone from Tucson. Lots of sights easily seen in a full day!

Is Arizona cheap or expensive?

Arizona offers options to suit most budgets. You can find affordable accommodation and dining if traveling on a tighter budget while luxury resorts and activities are also available for those looking to splash out.

What month is the best time to visit Arizona?

Spring (April/May) and fall (September/October) have the mildest temperatures. But better avoiding summer months June-August when intensely hot. Winters are mild in the desert but very cold and snowy in the high country.

Is Grand Canyon day trip worth it?

Yes! You can see amazing views and get a great feel for the immense scale of Grand Canyon even without going below the rim or hiking deep down inside it. Perfect for a long day trip from Phoenix.

Is Las Vegas to Grand Canyon a day trip?

The South Rim is ~4.5 hours drive from Las Vegas so can be done as a very long day trip. But staying 1 night allows more relaxed exploration without rushed driving.

How far apart are Phoenix and Grand Canyon?

The South Rim of Grand Canyon is approximately 225 miles or 3.5-4 hours comfortable drive time from central Phoenix.

What is a full day trip?

A full day trip is around 8-12 hours allowing enough time to comfortably drive to a destination, explore the top attractions, eat meals/snacks, and return back home.

How do I plan a day trip itinerary?

Research opening hours of your top sights and plan to visit those first. Schedule driving time and build in meal breaks and relaxation. Prioritize the most important activities in case you run short on time.

How do I choose a good trip?

Consider your interests, ideal distance, driving times, budget and weather/seasons. Read reviews of highlight attractions at potential spots. Craft an itinerary mixing must-see sites with fun activities for well-rounded experience.

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