THE 19 BEST Things to Do in Mammoth, Near California

Top 19 Things To Do In Mammoth – Must Visit Top attractions

Adventure is available all year round in Mammoth Lake. Read on to check out the must-visit places and best things to do in Mammoth Lake.


1. Devil’s Postpile

Devils Postpile is an unusual rock formation of columnar basalt. Its columns tower 60 feet high and display an unusual symmetry. Here you will experience mule deer grazing along the edges of the San Joaquin River black bears nibbling on thickets of berries for breakfast at daybreak.


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You can plan your hike for early morning or evening dusk if you’re more into wildlife. The hike up to devil’s post pile is pretty easy and you may also get to experience rainbow falls. Go keep your camera ready for some amazing shots.

2. Hot Creek Trout Hatchery

Just south of Mammoth Lakes is the Hot Creek Trout Hatchery. It is a historic site of trout production and a major supplier of trout for excellent fishing in nearby lakes. If you’re a fishing fan make sure to keep this place on your list. You will enjoy seeing the different stages of fish growth here. If you stop by during the feeding time then you will get to see thousands of trout writhing and jumping together in order to eat pellets.

3. Hot Creek Geological Site

Hot Creek is a geological phenomenon containing dozens of natural hot springs bubbling up within the rocky walls of the river gorge, fumaroles and geysers emerge from below the earth’s surface.

4. Scenic Loop in Mammoth Lakes

The Mammoth Scenic Loop is the perfect way for visitors to get a closer look at the local scenery. It’s a rolling, bending road that is a favorite out-and-back cycling route in Mammoth Lakes. While making your way up toward Mammoth Mountain, turn right onto the Mammoth Scenic Loop. Drive up to this scenic loop winds through the beautiful June lake loop and the perfectly imperfect Earthquake fault.

5. The June Lake Loop Best Things to Do in Mammoth

June lake loop has the most dramatic and beautiful mountain setting. It’s situated against the west rim of the Great Basin and Range Province. Here you will find various recreational facilities including lodging, camping, winter ski, summer marinas, horseback rides, art and photography galleries, a great brewery, and most of all welcoming faces to make your stay comfortable.

6. Minaret Vista & Minaret Mountain Range

This is one of the most breathtaking viewpoints in Mammoth Lakes. It offers the view of the signature skyline of Mammoth Lake, the Minarets which is also a part of Ritter Range. If you head here around dusk you will get to experience the most amazing sunset over the Minarets. A perfect way to end a day in Mammoth.

7. Yosemite National Park and Tuolumne

Tuolumne is one of the largest high-elevation gentle, dome-studded, sub-alpine meadow areas in the Sierra Nevada. It’s at the east entrance of Yosemite National park. Takes less than an hour to drive here from Mammoth Lake.

Mainly popular for its giant, ancient sequoia trees, and for Tunnel View, the iconic vista of towering Bridalveil Fall, and the granite cliffs of El Capitan and Half Dome.

You can check out the Yosemite Village shops, restaurants, Yosemite Museum, and the Ansel Adams Gallery. You can spend a few days camping or lodging in Yosemite or spend a lazy day fishing in Tuolumne meadows. Either way, your trip will be worth every second!

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8. Bodie Ghost Town

Bodie, California is a town out in the middle of nowhere. It’s one of the most preserved authentic ghost towns. It’s so famous, they built a state park around the town recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

It is also said to be haunted, so totally worth the visit if you’re into that kind of thing. It’s a 1-hour drive from Mammoth Lake. It’s a genuine California gold-mining ghost town.

So when you reach there, walk around to each of the different sites to learn about this historic gold mining town with all its unique characters.

9. Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is home to some of the oldest trees in the world. This healthy and growing forest is located high in the White Mountains above Bishop in Inyo County in eastern California.

Here you will get to see some bristlecone pines that are more than 4,500 years old. The forest’s one-of-a-kind landscape. The views out across the Owens Valley complete with unbelievable views of the magnificent Sierra Nevada.

Viste this place and feel a sense of awe peace walking on the trails of old and young bristlecones. And get lost in your imagination wander at the passage of time.

10. Mono Lake and Lee Vining

Mono Lake is a giant, ancient lake and the gateway to Yosemite is near the community of Lee Vining, California. It’s worth a visit to hike around. Cruise for ten minutes to the west shore of the lake where the Twenty Lakes Basin hike begins. Yes, it is as wonderful as it sounds.

Some of the Eastern Sierra’s most dramatic scenery can best be viewed from the water. Make a stop in Lee Vining after the hike. And grab some ice-cream at Mono Cone, to cool off from the Summer heat.

11. Hike to Heart Lake

Be graced with a gorgeous reflection of California’s most spectacular mountain by climbing high above Castle Lake to diminutive Heart Lake. This hike is less than a mile long (one-way), which will take you to 500 feet above. It’s rare to get to experience several lakes and such scenic mountain views from just a short one-mile hike.

12. Rainbow Falls and Lower Falls

Rainbow Falls is a very popular hike in Devil’s Postpile National Monument. It is the highest waterfall on the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River.

It is a moderate downhill grade to the falls, the upper falls are surprisingly impressive, and the lower falls are small but beautiful with a great swimming hole beneath the falls.

The entire hike down to Lower Falls is 1.7 miles one way and roughly 450 feet of gain. You will be able to see a rainbow in the midst of the fall which is always a bonus.

13. Minaret Falls Via The Minaret Falls Trail

An amazing trail through meadows along a creek underneath the Minarets. This hike is about 2.6 miles round trip with minimal gain. The waterfall cascades some 200 feet and can impress when water volumes are high, but definitely diminishes when water levels are low. Follow the John Muir Trail as it climbs above Minaret Falls to the junction near Johnston Meadow.

14. Waterfall on Emerald Lake Trail

Emerald Lake Trail is 5.3 kilometres. The trail is fairly empty the majority of the time. The trail is primarily used for hiking. About a half-mile past, Emerald Lake is a really beautiful waterfall. Definitely recommend an amazing winter hike!

15. Yost Meadow Trail

Yost Meadow is about a mile north of Yost Lake. This Yost Meadow Trail is a pristine choice for a weekend getaway. It’s just a big beautiful field of grass with a pond in the middle. This trail is tough and demanding, but SO worth it.

16. Kayak at Mono Lake

Mono is a beautiful lake to visit when you visit Sierra Nevada on the Eastern Side. One of the best ways to explore Mono lake is by renting a kayak or canoe and exploring on your own. While motorboats are prohibited on the lake, canoes, paddleboards, and kayaks are permitted and even encouraged.

17. Convict Lake

Convict Lake amidst by far one of the most beautiful scenic lakes in Sierra Nevada. It is known for its turquoise-blue water, the dramatic mountains that surround it. Spend a day here to experience world-class hiking and fishing.

18. Owens River

Owens River is famous for the fight over its water. Throw some tubes and rafts on the water and float down the smooth winding river water.

19. Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is located in the Horseshoe Lake Wild Forest. Horseshoe Lake covers about 22 acres. You can rent electric bikes at a local shop in Mammoth and cruise your way up to Lakes Basin with ease.


  • Adventure is available all year round in Mammoth Lake.
  • Read on to check out the must-visit places and best things to do in Mammoth Lake.
  • Just south of Mammoth Lakes is the Hot Creek Trout Hatchery.
  • While making your way up toward Mammoth Mountain, turn right onto the Mammoth Scenic Loop.
  • Takes less than an hour to drive here from Mammoth Lake.
  • It’s a 1-hour drive from Mammoth Lake.
  • Horseshoe Lake is located in the Horseshoe Lake Wild Forest.

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