17 Best Things to Do in Union City (GA)

Union City is a town of about 7,000 people, located on the border of Tennessee and Georgia. It’s most famous for two things: the huge prison complex that dominates the surrounding area, and the bizarrely named “Weeping Water” creek that runs through town. Table of Contents Show 1 Top 10 Best Fun Things to Do…

Things to Do in Union City GA

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Union City is a town of about 7,000 people, located on the border of Tennessee and Georgia. It’s most famous for two things: the huge prison complex that dominates the surrounding area, and the bizarrely named “Weeping Water” creek that runs through town.

Georgia is the largest city in the County of Whitfield. Both Union City and Whitfield County are located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and are a popular location for outdoor recreation. Whitfield County and Union City are located near Lake Allatoona and are popular among anglers and boaters.

The area also has several parks and nature preserves, including the Allatoona Pass Battlefield and the Allatoona Pass National Battlefield. After all this outdoor activity, you’re probably going to want some food. If so, you’re in luck, since Union City is home to several dining establishments, including the Union City Deli, the Little Caesars Pizza, and the El Burrito Mexican restaurant.

Top 10 Best Fun Things to Do in Union City, near GA.

Situated where the borders of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina come together, Union City, Georgia is a suburb of Atlanta. While it’s a relatively small town, it’s an excellent choice for travelers looking for a quiet, historic getaway. The town’s most popular attraction is its outdoor garden, which is home to a number of beautiful sculptures. While the garden is open year-round, the best time to visit is during the spring, when the flowers are in bloom.

1. Delta Flight Museum

Delta Flight Museum Union City

The Delta Flight Museum is a non-profit organization located at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the largest private aviation museum in the world, and one of the world’s largest aviation museums.

The museum is open to the public daily, except December 25, with free parking. The Museum houses a collection of more than 150 vintage and modern aircraft and a large number of aviation artifacts, and also features displays of rotating exhibits.

2. Cochran Mill Park

Cochran Mill Park Union City
Source: atlantatrails

Cochran Mill Park, a local Union City, GA park, is a great place to take the kids on a hot day. There are jungle gyms, playground equipment, and plenty of grassy areas to enjoy a picnic lunch. If the weather isn’t cooperating, a virtual tour of the park on your computer is easy to find.

Cochran Mill Park is a city park built around a historic grist mill on the Chattahoochee River. The mill was built in 1835 and in its day, the mill was the hub of the small community that lived around it. After the mill closed in 1890, it remained mostly unused until the late 1970s, when it was restored and opened as a park.

The park is the perfect place for a stroll down memory lane. There are several lovely walking trails and you can learn all about the history of the mill and the town that once stood on the site from the many plaques planted throughout the park.

3. Farmers Market

Farmers Market Union City

There are several farmer’s markets in Union City, and they can all be found online. I prefer the Westside Farmers Market at the corner of Jonesboro Rd. and Hwy. 139 because it is the largest and has a great variety of fresh produce.

I also like that there are several food trucks where you can buy grilled chicken, pork ribs, and other delicious food. The wine and beer garden is also a nice added touch if you want to relax while you shop. I’ve never had a bad experience at a Union City farmers market.

The Farmers Market is the perfect place to shop for healthy, delicious, and fresh food. There are all kinds of vegetables to choose from, and you can find the freshest eggs and dairy products, as well as artisan bread and cheeses. Not to mention some of the best meat you’ve ever tasted, right from the farm.


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The market is also a great place to get some really unique products, like giant pumpkins, unusual colored peppers, and some great mushrooms. You can get some really fresh fish, as well as some exotic fruits, like mangos, papayas, and dragon fruit. The Farmers Market also carries a variety of prepared food, from salads to pies.

4. Boundary Waters Aquatic Center

Boundary Waters Aquatic Center Union City

If you’re a family looking for a place to cool down on a hot day, there’s no better place to visit than the Boundary Waters Aquatic Center. This popular water park, located right on the city’s waterfront, has 25 acres of slides, pools, and water attractions that will keep you (and your kids) coming back again and again.

As far as family-friendly attractions go, the Boundary Waters Aquatic Center is as good as it gets. This county park at the southern tip of Union City is designed for a wide range of ages, from tots to seniors, and includes an area with a shallow wading pool, a mini-water slide, and a larger slide where visitors can zip down into a larger body of water.

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, the center also includes a beach, where visitors can toss a Frisbee or build a sandcastle. In the summer, visitors can enjoy the sun as it sets over the lake.

5. Mayor’s Park

mayors park union city ga

Mayor’s Park, which is located in the downtown area. There is a stage on one side that is surrounded by food vendors. If you are in the area at the right time, you can listen to local bands that play on stage. There are also many vendors that sell food and drinks of all kinds. You can also sit in the park and enjoy the music, or play in the park.

6. Ronald Bridges Park

Ronald Bridges Park union city GA

The Ronald Bridges Park is a great place to visit if you looking for something fun to do with your family. The park has an amazing lake that is perfect for swimming, fishing, and boating. The park is also home to a playground and open field, so you have a number of things to do while there. The park is fairly large, so you can easily spend a day in the park. (The park also is home to a great hiking trail and a dog park).

7. Sweetwater Creek State Park

Sweetwater Creek State Park Union city GA
Source: Stateparks

Sweetwater Creek State Park is located in the heart of the city in Union City, just a couple of miles from the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The park is surrounded by the city, but you will feel as if you have left the city behind when you step inside. A trail that winds along Sweetwater Creek takes you past many beautiful stone outcroppings and cascading falls.

The park features a boat launch, numerous picnic areas, and a quarter-mile boardwalk. Visitors can rent canoes and kayaks for use in the creek. The park also contains a campground and is the starting point for many hiking trails in the area.

Sweetwater Creek is an urban oasis that offers a wide range of activities for a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Though it’s not as well-known as some other state parks, this hidden gem is one of Atlanta’s most popular destinations.

There are several hiking trails to choose from, as well as biking, birdwatching, and paddling. For a more laid-back experience, visitors enjoy a wide range of other activities along the riverbanks, including kayaking, fishing, canoeing, and picnicking.

8. APEX Museum

APEX Museum Union city GA

When you’re in the mood for a trip down memory lane, head to the APEX Museum in Union City, Georgia. The museum is the brainchild of one of the city’s prominent citizens, a man who didn’t want to see the area’s heritage and cultural history disappear. Opened in 2012, the APEX Museum is located in the old Union City train station, and it contains all sorts of artifacts and information about the region’s history.

The APEX Museum is a fascinating art museum in downtown Atlanta that focuses on modern art and has a tremendous collection that spans several decades. It houses an extensive collection of paintings, photo art, and sculptures, spanning numerous famous artists like Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Robert Rauschenberg.

The museum’s collection is very impressive, and it’s worth visiting if you enjoy art. The museum also hosts several events and exhibitions every year, so it’s worth visiting even if you’re not overly fond of art.

9. Candler Field Museum

Candler Field Museum Union city GA

The Candler Field Museum is a small air- and space-themed museum located on the grounds of the Georgia National Fairgrounds. There it houses a number of aircraft and spacecraft, including a replica of the Wright Flyer, and a replica of the Apollo 11 Lunar Excursion Module.

The museum is a tribute to the legacy of Asa Candler, a late 19th-century businessman, and philanthropist whose company would go on to produce Coca-Cola. Candler, who created Candler Field, was an early aviator, and his life-long fascination with flight is what led to the creation of the museum. The museum is a popular stop for tourists visiting the fairgrounds and the surrounding area, but most of its patrons are native

it is a great place for a day trip. It may no longer serve as a functioning airport, but the overgrown runways, dilapidated terminal, and massive hangar make for a great photo op. (The one catch is that it’s a bit of a hike to get there from the nearest MARTA stop, so you’ll need to drive or catch a cab.)

10. Southern Hollywood Film Tour

Southern Hollywood Film Tour Union city GA

Touring a city by bus is a fun way to see the sights and soak in the culture. Here’s the perfect tour for you: a day trip that explores the movies and film industry of the south. During the tour, you’ll go to the actual locations where some of your favorite southern movies, including The Blind Side, Soul Food, and The Longest Yard, were filmed.

You’ll also get a glimpse of the stars that made these movies what they are, thanks to your knowledgeable and entertaining driver. The tour will take you through some of the most beautiful parts of the southeast and is sure to leave you inspired.

11. Historic Banning Mills

Historic Banning Mills Union city GA
Source: Historicbanningmills

The town of Banning Mills, Georgia has hidden away on the northern end of Union City, an otherwise quiet, secluded town. About 30 minutes from Atlanta, the Banning Mills area is a historic location, which was once the heart of a bustling community. Today, the city’s old mill, which played an important role in Georgia’s cotton industry, has been preserved and converted into a museum.

This is what Banning Mills has to offer as a travel destination, it’s perfect for anyone who can’t get enough of the outdoors. This park is open 24/7, and there are two campgrounds for you to choose from. There are also plenty of hiking trails, and a real treat for those who love the cold, as this is the only place in the world where frozen waterfalls are visible in the summer.

12. SkyView Atlanta

SkyView Atlanta Union city GA

At first, glance, watching the sky in Atlanta might seem like a pretty boring activity. But if you know where to look, the view above the city is truly dazzling. For example, at the Atlanta History Center, you can take a look at the giant planetarium show “De-light!”, which gives you a look at the heavens as interpreted by civilizations throughout history.

If you have a little more time, take a walk outside. There you’ll find a telescope and a guide who will point out some of the brightest stars and constellations, like the Southern Cross, Orion, the Summer Triangle, and the Seven Sisters. (And if it’s a clear night, you might even catch a glimpse of the Milky Way!)

The attraction is well-known for its 360° views of the city, an opportunity that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Although it’s not quite like being in an airplane, the views are stunning, and the chances of spotting a few of Atlanta’s famous landmarks are high.

13. Douglas County Museum of History and Art

Douglas County Museum of History and Art Union city GA

For more than a century, the Douglas Country Museum of History and Art has played an important role in the county’s heritage. Located in Douglasville, Georgia, the Douglas County Museum of History and Art was established in 1898. Over the years, it has served as a place where local residents and visitors can learn about the area’s history and connect to its native culture.

The museum has amassed a collection of more than 12,000 items, and exhibits include exhibits on the Civil War, American art, Native American culture, and the history of medicine. In late 2013, the Douglas County Museum of History and Art added a new building to its campus, and the museum now has additional space to exhibit its collection.

Douglas County Museum of History and Art is a wonderful place to spend a weekend afternoon, as it’s packed with exhibits on everything from local geology to the history of the area’s Native American peoples.

One of the most popular displays is the replica of a large, pre-Colombian spirit house, built by the museum’s curator using old-growth Douglas fir. Visitors can walk through the replica and imagine the ceremonies that took place there hundreds of years ago.

14. Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags Over Georgia Union city GA

Six Flags Over Georgia is a great amusement park that is one of the best in the Six Flags chain. Even if you are not a roller coaster fanatic, the park offers many attractions that are worth a visit. The best part is that you can buy discounted Six Flags tickets online. The park has six different themed areas. This includes the 1980s-themed fiesta village and the old west-themed wild west frontier.

It opened on May 26, 1999, as the twelfth park in the Six Flags chain. The park features 10 roller coasters, including a wooden roller coaster, two steel roller coasters, and three “hyper coasters.”

15. Hampton-Beecher Nature Preserve

Hampton Beecher Nature Preserve Union city GA

The Hampton Beecher Nature Preserve is a 5,400-acre (2,200 ha) conservation area located in the U.S. state of Georgia, about 100 miles (160 km) east of Atlanta. It is named after Hampton P. Beecher, a successful businessman who founded U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh.

It is also in the same county where the movie Deliverance starring Burt Reynolds was filmed. The preserve is just outside the small community of White Plains. You can find the Hampton Beecher Nature Preserve, which is a park with hiking paths and beautiful scenic views.

The park is also home to the ruins of Fort Hampton, which was a Union fort used in the Civil War. The park is a great place to visit for any Atlanta resident, or anyone wanting to escape the city for a day.

16. National Center for Civil and Human Rights

National Center for Civil and Human Rights Union city GA

The National Center for Civil and Human Rights (NCCHR) is the newest attraction in the city of Atlanta. It opened on March 22nd, 2014, and has been a hit ever since. The museum is 12,000 square feet and is inspired by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Change and the Smithsonian Institution. An interactive museum, you can immerse yourself in history as you walk through the center to see exhibits.

The center is located directly across from the King Center (and is about a 15-minute walk from the heart of downtown Atlanta). The center is dedicated to learning about the Civil Rights movement and looking at how to move forward today.

17. Margaret Mitchell House and Museum

Margaret Mitchell House and Museum Union city GA

The Margaret Mitchell House and Museum marks the place where Atlanta native Margaret Mitchell wrote her classic novel, Gone with the Wind. The book, set against the backdrop of Sherman’s March to the Sea during the Civil War, became a bestseller in the 1930s and eventually went on to be adapted into an Oscar-winning film in 1939.

In her own home, Mitchell had a pet mockingbird named Mr. Oscar; the bird followed her around the house until Mitchell’s sister-in-law grew tired of the bird and sent it to the zoo (how could anyone be so cruel?). The home was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963, and today you can tour this iconic landmark to learn more about Mitchell and her writing.

Some Common Question People Ask About Union City, GA.

Is Union City GA Safe?

As a tourist in Union City, Georgia, you’re probably worried about crime rates. After all, that’s why you’re looking up the crime rates for the city, right? To be honest, in terms of violent crime, Union City is actually pretty safe. (It’s not quite as safe as the famously crime-free city of Sandy Springs, but Union City’s violent crime rate is still below that of the national average).

What is there to do in Union City for free?

If you’re planning to visit the union city of Georgia, you might want to know that there are countless things to do that don’t cost a dime. Sure, you can spend a buck or two on golfing, but if you’re interested in saving money, there are plenty of free or very cheap things to do in union city.

What is there to do in Georgia for free?

Georgia is a great state for those who love the outdoors and want to spend time in nature, and there are many options for travelers who want to spend a few days exploring without spending a dime. The western portion of the state features a couple of state parks that are perfect for a weekend of camping and hiking, while the middle of the state includes the city of Atlanta, which is a great place to spend time in museums and other cultural attractions, and the eastern portion of the state is known for its coastline and historic beaches.

How far is Union City from downtown Atlanta?

324 miles exactly, The distance between Union City and Atlanta is 324 miles and the road distance is 429 miles.

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