Bora Bora During Wwii Trips: Complete Guide For Travelers

Nature and History coexist harmoniously on Bora Bora Island, part of French Polynesia. It is one of the incredible places to relate to the second world war.

During the war, Bora Bora served as a strategic location for the U.S. military. After the world war ended, the island returned to its status as a peaceful island paradise, attracting tourists worldwide. 

If you are also on a plan to explore the breathtaking beauty of bora bora during wwii trips and this significant group of islands, here is the complete travel guide for you. You’ll find every piece of information that you need to know. Let’s start exploring! 


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Was Bora-bora Involved in World War 2?

No battle directly took place on the main island. But, yes, it is somehow involved in World War ii history. During the war, the United States chose Bora Bora as the supply base, known as “operation bobcat.

As I have mentioned, its strategic location in the south pacific ocean helped the military to support its operations in the region and protect it against potential military attacks or Japanese attacks.

Over 60 thousand Americans served Between 1942 and 1945. They used to watch over the island 24/7 to protect their island from the enemy’s attack.

It is estimated that the Americans had never had to use those guns or cannons. As you know, the Japanese did not attack the Bora Bora island.

But after the war ended, the authority dismantled or repurposed all the infrastructure and installations (that were present during wartime).

Currently, there are no dedicated museums or world war 2 sites. Yet, you will find or get to see some old bunkers, cannon, WW2 guns, or remnants in remote areas. 

 On that note, you can seek guidance from the locals or knowledgeable guides to visit those areas. 

Bora Bora During Wwii Trips: A Walk to History

If you are more into walking into the trace of history, keep scrolling to learn about the remnants that you will find in the Bora Bora trip.

1. Forgotten WW2 😲 American Cannons in Forest of Fiti’u’u,

Hidden Bora Bora Wwii History- Forgotten Ww2 American Cannons
Hidden Bora Bora WWII History– Forgotten WW2 American Cannons

Though most of the things related to the war have been transferred, some remnants of less visited areas got skipped out. The site with 2 Cannons and an operation room at Tiwi peninsula is one of them.

So first, you have to go to Tiwi Peninsula, and then right on the top of a little hill at the tip of Tiwi, you will see the forgotten guns.

A lady owns the path that leads to your desired location. You will have to pay a certain amount if you want to take that path. 

And crossing all the ways, you finally reach your destination. You will get to see the war remnants you were searching for. One gun facing the Southeast and another in the Northeastern direction.

You can also find the operation room, where the Americans used to watch over the island and beyond. You will also be amazed to see the beautiful view from that zone.

The tallest mountain of Bora Bora is just your sight away from the gun emplacements. I bet you don’t want to miss such beauty.

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2. American Guns on Bora Bora at Faanui District

American Guns Wwii Bora Bora- Bora Bora During Wwii Trips
American Guns on Half Day Island 4WD Guided Tour

While you are at Bora Bora, you can also visit the cannon located near the top of a mountain at the Faanui in Bora-Bora. The guns will surely remind you of the historic era of world war 2 and the American presence.

However, It could take half an hour of hiking. The path is rigged. Thus, if you don’t like hiking, you might want to skip it.

It’s noteworthy that you can take help from Google Maps to find out the location. Besides, local guides are always keen to help you. 

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3. Polynesian Cultural Island Tour in Vaitape

Polynesian Cultural Island Tour In Vaitape
Immersing the Polynesian Cultural

Apart from Bora-Bora’s historical significance, there are numerous reasons to visit this island. You can visit the largest city on Bora Bora to make the most of your tour. 

You can take a helicopter tour from Vaitape to watch around Bora Bora and its marvellous beauty including Mount Otemanu, and the surrounding islands from the bird’s view. 

You can also enjoy taking a tour of the island with your feet in the lagoon and a fantastic view. The Polynesian cultural will astonish you indeed. 

Polynesian Cultural Island Tour In Vaitape
Enjoying romantic Tahiti style lunch with feet on the lagoon

Since you are there at the Bora Bora’s beautiful landscape, you might not want to miss the romantic lunch. On that note, Tahiti style food is a great option to try. A great meal will be the cherry on the cake for sure. 

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Travel Guide to Bora Bora: When and How?

Here is a short travel guide for you on Bora Bora travelling. By following this, you can get to Bora Bora from anywhere in the world.

1. First, Choose your travel dates. The optimal weather to visit there is May to October because it’s the dry season. 

2. Look for flights to Tahiti’s main international airport from your location. It is French Polynesia’s only international airport. You can use online search engines or simply get guidance from a travel agent. 

3. Once you reach Papeete, catch an inter-island flight to Bora Bora. The flight will take approximately 50 minutes. 

4. Now, you will land at BOB or the Bora Bora Airport. From this location, you can get transport to reach your chosen accommodation. 


Finally, get time to relax and enjoy your dream vacation at Bora-Bora. Before planning your trip, remember to check visa requirements, travel restrictions, and health advisories. I hope you have the best of your holidays at the beautiful Bora-Bora island.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the ww2 sites in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora was not directly involved in the world war 2 battles. Thus, there are no specific sites or landmarks related to the war. The island was solely used as the united states supply base for the American military at that time to keep things secure from Japanese invasion (during the course of the war). Besides, there were so many strategic points around the island. Even if the island played a significant role in WW2, no specific site showcases the history directly!

How common are tsunamis in Bora-Bora?

A natural disaster is always unpredictable. The region experiences occasional earthquakes which can potentially trigger tsunamis. Still, Tsunami risks on Bora-Bora island are generally low. It’s always better to have some emergency plans. If you are planning to have a tour at the island, checking for the weather forecast is the best thing you can do. 

What’s the best time to visit Bora-Bora island?

If you want to enjoy your enjoy pleasant outdoor activities and water sports, the dry season is the best time for you. You can walk around the island and enjoy the serene beauty. You might choose the rainy season ( November to April) if you prefer fewer crowds. You can also get the advantage of lower prices due off-season)

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