Bora Bora Facts: Interesting Facts About Bora Bora French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a dreamy place to spend a vacation on. People from all around the world come here to feel nature. Table of Contents Show 1 Is Bora Bora a Country? 2 What Are the Fauna and Flora of Bora Bora? -Volcanic Origin 3 When is the Best Time to Visit Bora Bora to…

Interesting Facts About Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is a dreamy place to spend a vacation on. People from all around the world come here to feel nature.

However, Bora Bora is more than just a visiting place. There have some interesting Bora Bora facts that will end up amusing you. 

Bora Bora is an Island, and the language there is Tahitian. But there has no B in the Tahitian language itself. They call it Pora Pora. Here you will get the highest quality black pearls available.

Most of the people living in this place are young and are of the age of 20. The tattoo is considered to be scary in Bora Bora.

From the history to the lifestyle, everything is unique around Bora Bora. If you are planning to visit there, give a quick check to learn facts about bora bora.

Is Bora Bora a Country?

Bora Bora island
Beautiful Sunny Day on Bora Bora Island

No, Bora Bora is not a country; it’s an island and a sign of beauty. This island is a small part of French Polynesia, which is another tiny part of France.

French Polynesia is also known as Tahiti. It is made up of 118 countries. Its location is between South Pacific Ocean Australia and South Australia. 

France has the power of semi-autonomy of Bora Bora. So, it follows the law and order decided by France and is not free. Before, the island was an American military supply base.

For the French Polynesia people, Bora Bora is nothing. They don’t have any letter B and call the island “Pora.” The rest of the world calls this beautiful island a part of France, “Bora Bora.” 

What Are the Fauna and Flora of Bora Bora? -Volcanic Origin

Bora is filled with nature’s love. It has abundant tropical trees, plants, and flowers all around the island. Regarding the appearance, it is hard to relate the beauty of society island with an extinct volcano.

However, its history says Bora Bora has a volcanic origin. The island is filled with mountains that hold a bare black rock over high points.

the Fauna and Flora of Bora Bora
Mont Pahia of Bora Bora

It was centered on two active volcanoes; “Mount Pahia” and “Mount Otemanu.” These two indicate the volcanic origin of the island.

The volcanic origin, which happened million years ago, holds an impact on this land till now. Because of the volcanic ground, it doesn’t carry any native mammals.

Now, there have human activities, and some non-native species are also showing up here. People are bringing horses, sheep, cats, and dogs from other areas here.

Mount Otemanu bora bora
Mount Otemanu of Bora Bora

However, the marine life here is versatile. It has red snapper, lemon sharks, or jackfish, which are rare in other areas.


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You can see here black wings petals, white teens, eagles, mantra Ray, plankton, or specific swallow. All these origins and impacts on the land are called flora and fauna.

When is the Best Time to Visit Bora Bora to Meet Sharks?

Bora Bora Facts: Snorkeling with sharks
Meeting sharks up-close and personal during Bora Bora Lagoon Cruise

May to October is the perfect time to visit Bora Bora. Although Bora is all green, white sand, and blue water the whole year, may October is ideal for some other reason. During those months, Bora Bora is sunny and dry.

If you’re heading toward Bora Bora, it’s a must that you will be eager to explore marine life. And May to October is the bright time of the year.

It is the time when sharks arrive in the lagoon. It beautifies the lagoon, and you can participate in water sports at that time only in Bora Bora.

This place offers a lot of fun activities, including sharks. There has snorkeling, Scuba diving, maria beach, coral, and resorts that go more active this time.

You can watch them, swim with them and even play with them (under professional Seville). If you want to explore this fun and adventurous side of Bora Bora, Visit any time between May and October.  

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How Do I Get to Bora Bora Island?

How one can get to Bora Bora will depend on their location. However, reaching Bora Bora is the thing you better know.

It has an airport named “Faa’a international Airport” situated in Tahiti. It is located in the main gateway of French Polynesia. 

From wherever you start flying, the plane will land at this airport. It is not the end. From there, you need to take a flight to Bora Bora which will take around 45 minutes only.

If you want to skip flying, here it has another marine path. You can take a boat that can take about 3 hours to reach Bora Bora island.

Alternatively, you can pick ferries. Around Tahiti, here you will find many travel companies offering ferries and boats to reach you in Bora.

To Who Belongs Bora Bora?- History Facts & Population of Bora Bora

As Bora Bora is an island, it is not attached to any land. But this is a part of France. Because of that, Bora Bora officially belongs to France.

However, the cultures of France people and Bora Bora people are glorious but different.

Bora Bora is a tiny island which is about 30.55 km. Its population is only 10,000 with the locals. That’s another reason Bora bOtra nature is not harmed.

The people there are grateful for the beauty of the island. There are three villages of locals; vaitape, Anau, and Faanui. 

Bora Bora people carry the supreme culture. This place has cultural events going on all year. Here they celebrate Taura Varua, Heiva, and other school festivals. It has a touch of Polynesian culture that makes it more vibrant and exciting.

Food of Bora Bora

food of bora bora
Interesting making of Tahitian food

Bora Bora food has a fusion of its culture. It is versatile and holds multiple cuisines. Moreover, they are really into fish items.

In every platter of Bora Bora, you will find at least one item made with delicious fish. Also, the place is blessed with mouthwatering juicy fruits and vegetables.

It is true that on your entire holiday of Bora Bora, you will get to eat healthy and nutritious food with great taste.

If you are a seafood lover, this is heaven for you. You can experience delicious seafood in unique places. Bora Bors offers dinners, brunches, and breakfasts in stunning places.

If you want to try fusion foods, they have world-famous cocktails on beaches. 

Food In Bora Bora
Dinner at famous bloody marry restaurant in Bora Bora

These are some traditional Tahiti food you can try there

Poisson Cru (raw fish): it is a popular Tahitian dish made with raw fish. Here the fish is marinated in lime juice and coconut milk. This dish is known to e Tahitian national food and is immensely loved by the French people. This dish is served with side vegetables Of Tahiti. 

Firi Firi: Firi Firi is small donut-like balls made from grated coconut and flour.  This is basically a dessert that is served with coffee. Tahitian people love eating this dessert on weekend mornings as breakfast. 

Ika Mata: Ika Mata is a dish made with tuna fillet and raw vegetables. The dish is garnished with fresh herbs and chopped mint. The fish is cooked in chopped fish and with the refreshing flavor of lemon juice.

Mahi-mahi: Mahi Mahi is another mouth-watering dish of Tahiti. It is made with coryphaena hippurus which is known to be small saltwater fish. This dish is served with coconut rice and maple syrup/ mango salad.

Tama’ara’a: This is a traditional dessert made with fresh vegetables of bora as; papaya or banana. It iss baked with coconut milk, sugar, and vanilla to create a rich and flavorful treat.

7 Interesting Bora Bora Facts

This Bora Bora island in French Polynesia is more than just a holiday destination. Because of its versatile culture and distinct location, this island has many fun facts that can astonish you.

Things that are regular for part of the world mean some other things over there. Don’t get confused! Stick here to learn interesting facts about Bora Bora:

1. Bora Bora Was Discovered by Captain Cook

bora bora facts
Ariel view of Bora Bora Island

In the year 1979, Captain Cook discovered Bora Bora. It was the time of the Pearl Harbor attack when the US military first used it as its supply base. For their transportation requirements, Bora Boar Airport was established then.

Later, after years of development, it came under the territory of France. Other islands of the French Polynesian territory include Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, and Taha’a.

Among all, Bora Bora is known to be the second largest one after Raiatea. 

2. The Island of Bora Bora Does Not Have Any Public Transport

Bora Bora is entirely prohibited from public transport
Getting around Bora Bora

Yes, this is true that Bora Bora is entirely prohibited from public transport. That doesn’t mean they travel by walking only. Here you will get bicycles, scooters, cars, boats, and cruises for rent.

The thing behind this fact is Bora Bora is too tiny for public transport, and t might create chaos for no reason.  

3. Coral Reefs of Bora Bora Are Eye-opening

Coral Reefs of Bora Bora
Coral Reefs of Bora Bora while snorkling

Bora Bora coral reefs are stunning and popular all over the world. Coral gardens are open for snorkeling as well. Here you can dive and play with corals as well. Even the resorts also have rehabilitation arrangements for Corals. 

4. Flowers Have Deep Relation With Asking Out 

bora bora facts: single women carry flowers behind their right ears.
A single lady carrying flowers behind the right ear

Here, in Bora Bora, flowers are more than just a symbol of beauty. Here in Bora Bora, people use flowers to solve the confusion of dating. The single women carry flowers behind their right ears.

And the married women or tokens wear it behind their left ears. It is just a polite way of telling people that the woman is not interested in dating as she’s committed. 

5. Tattoos are Considered To Be Scary

Well, you will find a lot of tattoo parlors around Bora Bora. But this art is known to be scary over there. In the prior tie, the tattoo was considered to show people’s position in society. It is believed that tattoo is formed by the son of their God of creation. 

6. All Are Pronouncing It Wrong in Tahitian Language

The place is known as Bora Bora to the world. But, the surprise is that B in their local language is mute. That’s why people over there call it Pora. However, in official documents, they mention Bora Bora internationally. 

7. Black Pearl of Tahiti

Black Pearl of Tahiti
Original Black Pearl of Tahiti

The Tahitian pearl is a famous piece of nature worldwide. Tahitian pearl market is abundant with its special black pearls. These pearls are free from all imperfections, unlike other pearls. These black pearls are cultivated in bora bora. These pearls are immensely traded here.

Final Thoughts On Facts About Bora Bora

Bora Bora is an exciting place filled with the most beautiful locations in the entire world. It has Matria Beach, Motu islet, manta rays, and other exciting sea mamas.

You will get to do fun activities with sharks, dolphins, turtles, corals, and all. Bora Bora resorts are another reason to visit the island.

Apart from the beauty, this island has all interesting things with its history, facts, and culture. Here you have learned fun facts about bora.

If you want to know more about Bora, it’s time to pick it as your next holiday destination.

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