11 Cool and Unusual Things To Do In Athens, GA

Athens is a classic city in north Georgia. It is known for its antebellum architectural design. It is also famous for its civil war history. Table of Contents Show 1 1. The Athens Institute For Contemporary Art 2 2. The History Of The Georgia Museum of Art 3 3. Athens, Georgia Food Tours 4 4.…

Double-barreled cannon

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Athens is a classic city in north Georgia. It is known for its antebellum architectural design. It is also famous for its civil war history.

The Taylor Grady House, the home of an early-19th- century lawyer, is a historic landmark. There are lot of fun thing you can do when you visit Athens Georgia.

The home is located on the south side of Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway. The former headquarters of the Underground Railroad sits atop the hill on the south side of the city. It is one of only a few remaining Civil War-era houses left in the U.S.

This city is also known for its beaches. One of the oldest beaches in the country is located in Athens. It is known as the Gulf Coast Beaches but was named the world’s best beach by Travel & Leisure Magazine in 2004.

This is one of the most popular beaches in the area and is considered one of the best beaches in the U.S. because of its calm and clear waters, clean white sand, and quiet serenity.

Also if you are currently located in Athens you can search for “Things to Do in Athens GA” and you will find an Amazing place near your location.

Athens is home to many historical sites, monuments, museums, and art galleries. The National Archaeological Museum of Ancient Greece features a large collection of artifacts from Greece’s ancient past.

The Pindar Museum features an extensive collection of Greek sculptures. The Arcadian Gallery houses thousands of ancient Greek pottery shards. Also located in Athens are the Athens Polytechnic Institute, The Arcadia Botanical Gardens, Athens Public Library, and The Athenian Museum.


The Athens Institute For Contemporary Art

1. The Athens Institute For Contemporary Art

The Athens Institute for Modern Art is an independent non-profit organization, a 501c3 art gallery in Athens, Ga, USA. It has been since 1975 and is located at 675 N. Jackson Street, Athens GA.


Things to Do in Athens The History Of The Georgia Museum Of Art
Athens things to do – Georgia Museum

2. The History Of The Georgia Museum of Art

The Georgia Museum of Art, which opened in 1875, is an internationally-acclaimed art museum located in Athens, Georgia, home to the University of Georgia – Augusta.

The museum is both a public and an academic museum, as well as the official art gallery of the state of Georgia since 1982. This article is meant to help you know more about the history and works of the Georgia Museum. Enjoy!

Athens, Georgia Food Tours

3. Athens, Georgia Food Tours

Discover the sights and sounds of Savannah on this guided, walking food tour. Learn about the city’s fascinating history, elegant architecture, and unique culture.


Tours & Things to do hand-picked by our insiders


The Inman Park Food Tour is guided by an Inman Park resident who knows the history, architecture, street art, and culture of the neighborhood. It’s an easy 2.5-mile walk with six food tastings and plenty of time to sit along the way.

On this mouthwatering week-long culinary trip, we’ll explore the birthplace of wine: Georgia. Expect a one-of-a-kind, multi-day trip filled with wine tastings, cooking.

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Double-barreled cannon

4. History of the Double Barrel Cannon

The double-barreled cannon, known as the “Great Dam” was an experiment by the Union Army in the Civil War. The double-barreled cannon was an experimental weapon originally designed for war and remains a prominent historic landmark in Athens, Georgia today.

Although originally designed for war, the original cannon never participated in combat.


The Birchmore Trail in Athens

5. The Birchmore Trail in Athens – A Treetops Adventure

The Birchmore Trail in Athens is very popular with both locals and tourists alike.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing walk on a warm summer day or a challenging trek up to the summit of the mountains you will find something to do here.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, there is something for everyone here.

The Georgia Museum Of Natural History

6. The Georgia Museum Of Natural History

Georgia Museum of Natural History offers a wide range of activities for every age group and lifestyle, including tours of exhibits, events, and educational programs for children and adults alike.

Visitors can also enjoy hands-on educational activities like science, history, nature, and archaeology. The Georgia Museum of Natural History provides information on everything from dinosaurs to the history of Georgia.

Georgia is home to many beautiful natural areas and preserves, including the Atlantic Flyway. It also contains a variety of historical collections, which tell the story of Georgia from the ancient past to the present day.


The Georgia Museum has exhibited in all subject matters including human anatomy, botany, earth sciences, zoology, geology, and archeology. The Museum of Natural History houses one of the largest collections of dinosaur bones in the world.

It has a large collection of fossils from all over the world. There are also a variety of educational exhibits that will satisfy even the youngest of children.


The Georgia Museum of Natural History has an annual summer program called “The Great Migration,” which takes place each August. This program gives children an opportunity to see how families return to their homes after a long time away.

The Georgia Aquarium has several interesting exhibits to take in, including the “Pond of the Sea.” There are also exciting educational displays that children will love to explore. The Georgia Aquarium also hosts special events and entertainment to entertain all ages.

The Georgia Theatre

7. Atlanta, Georgia’s The Georgia Theatre

Atlanta, Georgia’s The Georgia Theatre is a well-known live music venue, concert hall, and events space in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Georgia Theatre has hosted thousands of concerts and other events. Some popular local artists who have played the Georgia Theatre include The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rufus Wainwright, Neil Young, AC/DC, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, and many more.

Many other popular national and international artists have also played at the Theatre including David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Dire Straits, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and many others.

Many music shows are available for concerts at the Georgia Theatre. There are concerts on weekdays and weekends.

The Georgia Theatre also offers shows that are scheduled around other major events. This includes concerts on the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

There are many other shows available each month.

The Georgia Theatre has many attractions and activities for people of all ages. There are many different types of shows to see and many different types of entertainment.

There are many different types of shows and entertainment to watch and experience at the Georgia Theatre. The Georgia Theatre has been a favorite for people of all ages for over a century.

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The Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens Georgia

8. The Lyndon House Arts Center in Athens Georgia

If you have been in Athens, Georgia recently and haven’t noticed a lot of new buildings or art around, you’re not alone.

It is estimated that there are over four hundred art galleries and museums in Athens, Georgia. Most of the Athens art galleries and museums are in the downtown area of Athens, Georgia, which is the central location of the city of Athens.

A lot of these galleries and museums feature Greek artwork that is displayed in a variety of sizes and styles.

In addition to being located in the downtown area of Athens, Georgia the various Athens art galleries and museums also feature work by local artists that have won major awards at major national and regional art competitions.

Many of the Athens art galleries and museums are open to the public on a daily basis so that anyone in the area can see art.


The Lyndon House Arts Center is one of the many Athens art galleries and museums that have expanded throughout the city. This gallery features a variety of different exhibits, exhibitions, and exhibits that feature both local and international artists.

Many of the featured artists are from Greece and other European countries that include Russia, Poland, and Romania.

The Lyndon House Arts Center is also home to some of the most famous artists in the country including Richard Serra, Robert Rauschenberg, and Tom Wesselmann.


There are many other places in Athens, Georgia that you might want to check out as well for visiting the famous Lyndon House Arts Center.

You can find many great stores that have local art in the Athens, Georgia area. The Athens art galleries and museums and the surrounding area have plenty of things to offer you when you visit the city of Athens, Georgia.

You can find some really unique and special pieces that can be hung in your home or office to add to your decor.

Morton Theatre

9. Atlanta History

The Morton Theatre, situated in downtown Athens, Georgia on 195 West Washington Street, was among the earliest vaudeville theaters in the country built, owned, and operated by a black man: Monroe Morton.

Its place was aptly dubbed by the Athens Banner-Herald as “the Hot Corner.” Known for its exotic and entertaining shows that featured acts ranging from circus performers to musicians and artists of all kinds, it quickly became known as “The Big E.”

Sandy Creek Nature Center in Athens

10. Sandy Creek Nature Center in Athens

The Sandy Creek Nature Center is a privately owned nature center located in Athens, Georgia. The Sandy Creek Nature Center was an educational facility for the Athens area for decades.

Currently, according to the proposed development plan, there is a need for more professional management. According to the plan, the center will be closed for two years while it undergoes its renovations.

This means that those who currently live in Athens will not be able to use the center. However, some of its benefits may still be in place if the center’s location was changed. The center’s location is near Athens International Airport.


The nature center offers a variety of activities for children, including nature activities such as bird watching. During the summer months, the center features family activities like swimming, canoeing, biking, horseback riding, and hiking.

In addition, the center offers a variety of natural resources and programs such as nature programs, education and research, and other types of activities for kids. A large portion of the center’s curriculum is based on evolution and science.

There are also courses such as photography, mathematics, history, and English. There are also classes related to environmental issues and conservation. The nature center also has a concession stand selling fresh fruit, vegetables, and other local produce.


Those who live in the Athens area have mixed feelings about the potential closing of the Sandy Creek Nature Center in Athens. While they see the benefits of having a place to learn and play, they are concerned about the effect that closing the facility will have on the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency does not regulate nature centers. The Atlanta Georgia Developmental Service is responsible for this regulation. There is no information available on the proposed development plan about how the construction will impact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ regulations.

Many people who live in the Atlanta area have expressed concern over the possibility of their city being left without a natural center. It may be hard to find another place to go for child-friendly learning, recreational activities, or natural resources.

Heirlooms Cafe and Fresh Market at Georgia

11. Heirlooms Cafe and Fresh Market at Georgia

Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market are located at Heirloom Market in Georgia. It is Derby day! So, we have put on some vintage sundress and pulled out Aunt Janet’s closet to find that hat that we have long been longing for.

What could be more perfect than to enjoy the great weather we are experiencing as we kick back and celebrate a successful Heirlooms Weekend at Georgia’s favorite family-friendly cafe.


As you walk through Heirloom Market at Georgia, you will find a huge variety of items to choose from including local produce, baked goods, coffee shop, tea, hot dogs, salads, sandwiches, desserts, homemade pies, and more.

As you peruse through the produce section you will find items that you simply love, like locally caught fish, honey, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and more. There are also some really nice souvenirs to take home from your visit.

Among the items, you can pick up include an authentic cheeseburger, local donuts, or even some delicious pretzels.

If you want to stay warm this year while sipping on a cup of Java in the comfort of your home, you may wish to consider ordering a cup of hot cocoa. You can also make your own ice cream and other sorbets at Heirlooms Cafe and Fresh Market as well.


In addition to being a delicious place to eat, Heirloom is a place where people gather to celebrate special occasions as well. If you are looking for a romantic date, you may want to consider spending Saturday evening with someone special at Georgia’s favorite family-owned cafe.

With this special occasion come special food items that will make your next anniversary, wedding, or birthday even better! You can choose from some incredible appetizers and desserts for this special occasion.

The menu is varied and includes different types of pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, and more, so there is something for everyone!

State Botanical Garden Milledge Ave, Athens, GA

12. Botanical Garden of Georgia

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia is a botanical garden of 313 acres in the United States, with a conservatory operated by the University of Georgia. It is located at 2450 South Milledge Avenue, Athens, Georgia.

football stadium athens ga

13. Sanford Stadium

If you like football games then you must visit Sanford Stadium as the on-campus playing venue for football at the University of Georgia in AthensGeorgia, United States (also known as UGA).

farmers market athens ga

14. Farmers Market Athens GA

The Athens Farmers Market exists to foster a dynamic economic and educational connection between community members, farmers, and artisans by providing a marketplace for food grown locally using sustainable farming methods and for locally produced handcrafted goods and prepared foods. Farmers Marke Location.

20 Fun Facts About Athens, GA

  1. Athens is the birthplace of America’s first garden club
  2. The world’s only double-barreled cannon was built in Athens and is displayed on the grounds of City Hall. The prototype was a spectacular failure in test firings and was never used in combat.
  3. The University of Georgia is America’s first state chartered university.
  4. Athens native Fred Birchmore was the first man to bicycle around the world.
  5. Athens resident Ben Epps was the first Southern Aviator. He successfully designed, built, and flew the first airplane in Georgia in 1907.
  6. The Morton Theatre is one of the first vaudeville theaters in the U.S. that was built, owned, and operated by an African American, Monroe Bowers “Pink” Morton. Source
  7. Athens is home to “The Tree That Owns Itself”, a white oak tree that was willed eight feet of land on all sides around its base by its previous owner.
  8. Athens is famous for its music scene, fostering remarkable music groups such as the B-52s and REM.
  9. Athens has a historic downtown area with Victorian-era buildings, shops, restaurants, and bars.
  10. Athens has a variety of antebellum structures that were spared from Sherman’s “March to the Sea” during the Civil War.
  11. Athens became the smallest municipality in America to develop a far-reaching wireless cloud in late 2002.
  12. Athens is home to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, which covers 313 acres and features 11 botanical and horticultural collections.
  13. Athens has a vibrant street art scene, with murals and graffiti covering many walls and buildings around the city.
  14. Athens hosts the annual Twilight Criterium, a bicycle race that attracts thousands of spectators and participants every spring.
  15. Athens is nicknamed “The Classic City” because of its neoclassical architecture and its name derived from the ancient Greek city of Athens. Source
  16. Athens has a low cost of living and was named by Fortune magazine as the number one retirement destination.
  17. Athens has a sunny weather with an average of 218 sunny days per year.
  18. Athens has a rich culinary culture, with restaurants serving dishes such as shrimp and grits, fried green tomatoes, barbecue, and peach cobbler.
  19. Athens has a thriving craft beer industry, with breweries such as Terrapin Beer Company, Creature Comforts Brewing Company, and Southern Brewing Company.
  20. Athens has a diverse and inclusive community, with events such as the Athens Pride Festival, the Hot Corner Celebration and Soul Food Festival, and the LatinxFest.

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