15 Best Things to Do in Cape Coral Florida (2023 Attraction)

Cape Coral Florida

Things To Do In Cape Coral Florida

Cape Coral is one of the most famous tourist places located in the south part of Florida. The place is popular for its outstanding charm and containing beautiful spots, including sea beaches and forests.

Some spot has a great historical value and also beautiful overlook. The visitors can get the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenario and also to know different things by visiting these places.


Tours & Things to do hand-picked by our insiders


Apart from getting the experience of visiting the spots, you will be able to spend your whole weekend or vacation with your family or friends in these places; your memory will be evergreen, we ensure you that.

Let’s find out the best things to do in Cape Coral:


1. Lakes Park

Lakes Park
lakes park Source

Lakes Park is the first spot on our list among all other tourist spots of Cape Coral. The park is beautifully decorated with gaming materials for kids. The whole park is surrounded by water and boundary.

Every year kids come here with family or neighbours to enjoy the moments together. Even though it was specially made for kids, there are plenty of places for adults. You can have a boat ride or take your dog to walk by the riverside.

You are also able to do fishing in the river or have a swim with your family members in the swimming pool.

Address: 7330 Gladiolus Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33908

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2. Leoma Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens

Leoma Lovegrove Gallery &Amp; Gardens
Leoma Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens Source

A fantastic park for the kids. Decorated with colourful trees and flowers. If you want to give your kid some beautiful moments in a nice environment, this park will be ideal.

There is also an art gallery inside the park where the kids can see different art pieces and develop their creativity.

There are also puppets that the children can play with. As a whole, the park is best for your kid’s entertainment.

Address: 4637 Pine Island Rd, Matlacha, FL 33993

3. Causeway Islands Park

Causeway Islands Park
Causeway Islands Park Source
First Island of our list. Causeway Islands Park is one of Florida’s best Island parks. The Park is located on the west coast of the Causeway Islands. You surely want to see this island’s beautiful look during the sunset.
Sanibel Causeway bridge is another great attraction to tourists. The bridge represents the whole Island and adds a majestic charm to this island park scenario. You can bring your friends or family to have a camping, fishing, or boat riding experience together.


Address: 19931 Sanibel Causeway, Sanibel, FL 33957

4. Rotary Park

Rotary Park
Rotary Park Source

Rotary Park is very common camping or tailgating park in Cape Coral, Florida. Basically a great choice for the kid’s vacation party, That apart, the adults can also get here to have a get-together or cookout party.

The park beautifully decorated with multi-features. You can enjoy the crowded part or choose to have some lonely time sitting at the waterfront alone or with someone.

Trees surround the whole park. The waterfront looks dazzling during the sunset. You don’t want to miss this, believe me.

Address: 1340-1372 Rose Garden Rd, Cape Coral, FL 33914


5. San Carlos Bay

San Carlos Bay
San Carlos Bay Source

San Carlos Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches preserves you could ever imagine. The blue water is the pure reflection of the sky. Green forests surround the island. The white sand is a great view and the crystal water will bring happiness out of your heart.

You can experience boating. High hills surround the bay with green trees. Just imagine you are passing the water with your boat and there are hills on both sides of you. Isn’t it an outstanding feeling?

Just don’t hesitate to pay a visit to this beautiful place.


6. Coral Oaks Golf Course

Coral Oaks Golf Course
Coral Oaks Golf Course Source

Great place for golf lovers. You will be able to play golf in this lucrative environment and also can have a bath in the swimming pool. The full club is decorated with different kinds of plants and the garden is well maintained regularly.

The golf court is surrounded by trees which gives a beautiful look and increases the interest in the game. You will always remember the experience of visiting this place for the outstanding features including the swimming pool, convention hall, meeting hall, garden, and golf court.

The resort is well decorated and finely organized, making a great atmosphere for the game. Don’t hesitate to pay a visit if you love to play an outdoor match with your pal.

Address: 1800 NW 28th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33993


7. Yacht Club Public Beach

Yacht Club Public Beach
yacht club public beach Source

Yacht Club Public Beach is easy to access to ten thousand sea beaches in the Gulf of Mexico. You can be a proud visitor to the most beautiful Gulf in the world. A park is a small place inside the beach.

Unlike other beaches, it is located just beside the town. The shore comes and falls in from of the sand just beside the buildings.

The beach seems like a beautiful scenario just like a movie scene. You can enjoy being a para, maybe with friends or maybe alone or you can also hire a yacht by spending a little bit of dollar and enjoy your ride. Don’t worry there will be a professional trainer to help you out.


8. Jungle Golf Ft. Myers

Junglegolf Ft. Myers
JungleGolf Ft. Myers Source

JungleGolf Ft. Myers Park will give you a taste of visiting a green village with a lot of trees in a pile and well-formed forest. The park has a particular playground for the kids. There are some walking paths where there are trees on two sides of the pathway.

The park will make you feel like you are in a small Disney land if you enter the park’s inner area. We guarantee you will love to hear the birds’ chirping while walking inside the forest.

Bring your friends along with you if you love to have an adventure together, you will surely pass a great time on your vacation, we ensure you.

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Address: 17710 San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

9. Camelot Park

Camelot Park
Camelot Park Source

Camelot Park is a very common camping or tailgating park in Cape Coral, Florida. Basically a great choice for the kid’s vacation party, That apart, the adults can also get here to have a get-together or cookout party.

The park beautifully decorated with multi-features. You can enjoy the crowded part or you can choose to have some lonely time sitting at the waterfront alone or with someone. The kids will love the decoration with fancy sports rides.

Trees surround the whole park. The waterfront looks dazzling during the sunset. You don’t want to miss this, believe me.

Address: 1718 SW 52nd Terrace, Cape Coral, FL 33914


10. Saratoga Lake Park

Saratoga Lake Park
Saratoga Lake Park Source

The picture of Saratoga Lake Park you are looking at above is able to describe how beautiful the place is for visiting during your vacation. This is unlike the other regional park that contains many features that are not usually held by many other parks.

It is famous for its bicycle riding route and the forest where the route has entered to give a stunning look. A lake is located just near the park. Will will have the chance of fishing. That makes it an ideal example of killing two birds with the same stone.

You will also get the advantage of the beauty more closely by hiring a boat and get into the water. A place is worthy of a visit on your vacation.

Address: 170 SE 4th Terrace, Cape Coral, FL 33990


11. Midpoint Memorial Bridge

Midpoint Memorial Bridge
Midpoint Memorial Bridge Source

The Midpoint Memorial bridge is located in the Midpoint river in Cape Coral, Florida. The river is just like an ordinary river but its blue water will charm your mind. The bridge is fully active 24/7.

As it is located in a busy town so you can pass some lonely time here like the other tourist places we mentioned before. But it will be a great spot for photography. Summer will be the best time to visit the spot.

The bridge looks stunning in the sunlight. Don’t miss the charm of this spot, you can pay a small visit to it by just keeping your car standing while passing by the bridge.

Address: Midpoint Bridge, Fort Myers, FL 33901


12. Reflections Park

Reflections Park
Reflections Park Source

It is almost similar to the other beach Parks in feature, but reflections Park is far more beautiful in beauty and charm. The resthouse, the narrow path inside the forest, makes it a dazzling beauty.

There is a resthouse that is a perfect place for sitting down or gossiping with your friends. Also, you can bring your family and your kids along with you, this could be a great vacation.

The Park does not have many rare species of trees like Spanish River Park, yet it is worth visiting due to its amazing beauty of the ocean and the forest together.

Address: 300 Green Way Blvd, Lake Mary, FL 32746


13. Matlacha Pass Bridge

Matlacha Pass Bridge
Matlacha Pass Bridge Source

Basically, Matlacha Pass Bridge is a perfect place to come and visit when you want to spend some time in the beautiful outdoors. Sometimes the couples also visit the park to spend a little bit of time alone.

The bridge is decorated with a swimming pool and picnic spots. Numerous statues are also built to increase the attraction of the visitors.
On one side of the park, you can see hills that make the beauty far more superior. The park also contains resorts and resting places. It’s not bad to have a cup of tea standing on the resort’s balcony than the sun is setting into the horizon.

Address: Pine Island Rd, Matlacha, FL 33993


14. Galt Island

Galt Island
Galt Island Source

Galt Island is located on the northeast side of Florida. A treed area covers a vast area of Galt Island. It is a part of the lake chain of the Gulf of Mexico. No information about fish has been found in the record.

The Lake is located 2.5 miles away from Cape Coral. This island is trendy for being a great tourist spot. You can have a fishing time, but before you go fishing, just don’t forget to take permission from the fish and wildlife department.

Galt Island is also a gift of nature where you can go for your annual vacation with your family or beloved ones. The whole area is bordered by some small lakes from Winter Heaven’s lake chains. So you get multiple experiences in one visit.

St James City, FL 33956

15. Little Pine Island

Little Pine Island
Little Pine Island Source

You won’t know how supreme the beauty of nature is if you don’t visit Little Pine Island. A mind-boggling place for nature lovers. Trees, hills, and lands cover the full lake with grasses.

Little Pine Island’s prime interest is the water bay that joins the two side parts of the lake. You may do fishing if you want to. The Lake looks fantastic in the evening when the sun is about to set and the red reflection falls into the blue water.

Winter is the best season to visit the lake when the trees have full of green leaves. A place worthy of visiting with friends, family, and loved ones.

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